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ATAS, The RuMa Hotel and Residences

Have you ever craved a touch of homely Malaysian flavours while enjoying a sophisticated Western dinner? To have that craving satisfied, look no further than the recently revamped menu at ATAS, the only restaurant in The RuMa Hotel and Residences in the heart of KL city that takes local ingredients to a higher level. The Malay word ‘atas’ is often used to connote something snooty and upper-class. But Executive Chef Tyson Gee, born in Vancouver, Canada and trained in Melbourne

Saychiizu, Mid Valley Megamall

Grilled. Cheese. Sandwich. The ultimate midnight snack. So simple, yet so so so satisfying. We can all safely say that there’s definitely been several occasions where we’ve all crept to the fridge in the wee hours of the night and silently rejoiced as we managed to scrounge together the three basic ingredients to late night happiness; bread, butter, and a whole lot of cheese. Never a disappointing snack. But our home cooking can only take us so far. When we heard about a shop

The Burg, Damansara Utama

In Malaysia and especially in Kuala Lumpur, we’re most definitely not short of the best street food that SouthEast Asia has to offer. From simple goreng pisang to lok-lok to even grilled sambal stingray, the array of midnight cuisines provides variety for any peckish Malaysian looking for a late night snack. Today, we’re introducing you to a new member of the burger community, The Burg Malaysia! Located in Uptown Damansara, this new player offers deliciously crunchy chicken b

Me Famiglia, Kepong

Kepong is known for many things; Bak Kut Teh, family style chinese restaurants, epic traffic jams, and being generally far away from everything. You don’t exactly think of western or european cuisine when it comes to hunting for food in that area. So when we got the invite to try out a little Italian restaurant in Kepong, our interest was definitely piqued. Me Famiglia is a small neighborhood restaurant located in Taman Usahawan Kepong. The business, which started 11 years ag

Ebisu @ Pavilion Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

In the middle of bustling Kuala Lumpur, right at the centre of the Golden Triangle and amidst the crowd of shoppers and tourists, discover one of the most luxurious spots to have Japanese cuisine in the city. Up on the 8th floor of the Pavilion Hotel lies Ebisu, a high-end and elegant Japanese restaurant with beautiful interior and even better food. We were invited for lunch, and here’s what we have to say about it. Note: You can park your vehicles in the hotel car park howev

Positano Ristorante, Publika

It’s been a long time since a new player for Italian food has stepped onto the scene in Kuala Lumpur. We’ve had quite a number of brands in the country that we're familiar with but we’re glad to see that Positano Ristorante (originating from Singapore) has decided to open its doors in KL. Publika is already inundated with so many restaurants but what sets Positano apart from the rest is not only its stellar halal offerings in Italian cuisine but also its ability to elevate st

Ante Christmas Menu 2018

Our favourite restaurant, Ante is back again with its annual tradition of offering a specialised Christmas menu. This year, Ante One Utama and Ante Publika have elevated its standards in porky goodness by introducing OLIVE PORK. For the Christmas set (RM320 for 4 pax), you get a delightful chestnut salad with ricotta and raspberry vinaigrette, crispy skin smoked duck with peach salsa and 4 sets of olive pork steaks! This is more than reasonable considering the quality and qua

The Great Brew Fest Malaysia: Learning How To Pair Your Beer With Food

We recently attended the launch of The Great Brew Fest Malaysia by Heineken Malaysia, and perhaps it’s because I’m not a huge beer drinker myself, but I just realised that there are so many types of beers out there - and that’s not including craft beer! So The Great Brew Fest Malaysia really opened my eyes up to the many variations of beer and better still, the way beers and ciders influence our tastebuds when pairing it with food! We learned how to pour beer the right way

Brasserie Fritz, Bukit Bintang

Whenever we think of High Tea sessions, two things come to mind. It's either a hearty buffet at a hotel, or a swanky three-tier tea set. When we were invited to Brasserie Fritz, we weren't sure what to expect. But as soon as we walked into the building, we could tell it would be a swanky kind of high tea. The kind where you sit down and get pampered for a minimum of two hours. And Brasserie Fritz definitely delivered just that. I'm not typically one for high tea, as desserts

Shook Village Ramadan 2018

It is a common belief that Ramadan buffets are not as good as people make it out to be. But here at J.W. Marriott, Chef Rafizan Abdul Rahim goes above and beyond to deliver delicious food for breaking fast, and you can be sure of it. Of course, typical of any Ramadan buffet, there will be an array of meats. Whether you're looking for lamb, fish, chicken and beef and whether you're looking to have it roasted, stewed, steamed, barbecued, you'll find it here. Everything is to be

The Majapahit, Arcoris Mont Kiara

The Majapahit is the perfect melting pot of Southeast Asian food, all under one roof and the latest addition to the lineup of F&B outlets at Arcoris Mont Kiara. Not to mention, it’s a gorgeous place with a stunning interior that sets the scenes for dreams of the Instagram community. But all that aside, it’s also a great place to grab a bite if you’re craving Indonesian, Thai or Malaysian food. Marrying the three cultures, The Majapahit offers a wide selection of dishes that c

Tabe Tomo, Plaza Batai

For someone who frequents Plaza Batai almost everyday, I missed out Tabe Tomo on many occasions. Its bright red sign is only noticeable if you’re walking around Ekkamai or Shangri-La. Otherwise, it is easy to miss. But I’m glad it caught my eye and my attention long enough to step in for a review one evening. It was a Saturday evening at 6PM and we were the first ones there, being the super early eaters we are. But of course, by the time we left at 9PM the place was bustling

8 Best Yee Sang In KL 2018

This year, we’ve seen a lot more innovation when it comes to Yee Sang. Most places are starting to use fresh ingredients and healthier alternatives. We were very impressed by some of them that we’ve tried over the past month. Here are the best Yee Sang in KL we’ve tried: 1. Palsaik Korean BBQ What’s special about it: If you love Kimchi you will love that Palsaik adds a hearty portion of kimchi into the mix. Toss that kimchi with their Yee Sang and it makes for a nice sweet an

The Clueless Bride: Choosing Your Wedding Cake

I am not a huge cake person. But I suppose when you're a foodfluencer, you have to "show face" and actually put some effort into getting THE BEST DAMN CAKE ever for your wedding, right? So, again, I am SUPER blessed because my aunt runs one of the best cakeries in town - Little Collins KL! Of course, all bias aside, I do think the cakes from Little Collins are beautiful and I can see that I am not the only one who thinks so! Heck, if the Johor Royalty can order cakes from Lit

Alison Soup House CNY 2018 Set Menu With Fresh Yee Sang

One of my favourite seasons is almost here - CNY! As much as I love Christmas, I think my Chinese side takes over when it comes to seasonal foods. I love CNY food and can never get enough of it! So when Alison Soup House announced that it was introducing a CNY menu, I was excited at the prospect of trying it. First off, in every CNY menu there has to be a Yee Sang platter and Alison Soup House’s features only fresh ingredients. They have beetroot as one of the elements. I’m n

Our top 7 favourites places to eat in Malaysia 2017

As we head on to 2018, here are some of the Malaysia team's favourite makan places in 2017! Head of Malaysia, Victoria Brown's choice: Copper Copper is one of the most standout restaurants of the year. The modern European restaurant uses fresh Malaysian ingredients to create culinary masterpieces that excite the palate. Copper manages to put together unique dishes that leaves a lasting impression on you. Some of Copper’s standout dishes were their Mangosteen and Cured Salmon

Cocodash by Cocoraw, Bangsar

When I first heard about Cocodash and Cocoraw, I was excited to give it a try. In summary, Cocodash & Cocoraw produce local artisanal chocolate at affordable prices. Right now, in its only physical store at Cziplee, Telawi Bangsar, Cocodash serves chocolatey drinks to go and quick snacks. Customers can also purchase their amazing chocolate here to take away. Drinks are made fresh for you. The combination of the chocolate, milk and ice (for hotter days) is a winning combinatio

Nayuta Chocolatasia, ISETAN The Japan Store

The high quality chocolate brand, Nayuta opened its first boutique and cafe in Malaysia in October, in conjunction with the store's 1st Anniversary. The brand name Nayuta means 'Infinite' in Sanskrit. From bean-to-bar to bonbon chocolate, Nayuta is a new chocolate brand using mainly Asia's high quality cacao from selected manufacturing and production sources. The chocolates are made in Malaysia and produced to the highest Japanese standards by means of strict quality control.

Sundaydotruck @ BHP Taman Melawati

On a rainy Tuesday night, a group of food trucks light up the carpark behind BHP and Caltex at Taman Melawati. Faris, the co-owner of Sundaydotruck greets us while his staff are busy setting up and getting ready for service. Sundaydotruck is a family business started by Lina who is Faris' (far right) sister. She experimented with different flavours and textures in her home before venturing out into the foodtruck business. We got to try 6 different flavours that evening and bo

Super Saigon, TTDI

Whenever I want to go for Vietnamese food, I typically wait to go to my favourite joint in Singapore - Mrs Pho. Not for the lack of the many Vietnamese places in Malaysia, though! I just love everything about that place in Singapore. But when we tried Super Saigon, I knew it would be like Mrs Pho - it would easily become my go-to spot for Vietnamese food in KL. The premises are pork free, making it perfect for everyone to try authentic Vietnamese food. How authentic could it

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