Wing Wing, Pavilion KL

Earlier this year, we stumbled upon a fried chicken joint called Wing Wing in London (click here to our review) and we absolutely loved it! It's not your regular ol' fried chicken restaurant as the menu is inspired by the famous Korean chimaek (which literally means fried chicken and beer). Korean-style fried chicken has been gaining traction in Malaysia recently with its crispy batter accompanied by an array of specialty sauces that go tremendously well with the fried chicke

3 cheap pizza spots in London

London is a super expensive city, we all know that. So in order to save some money while balancing your need to eat out, you're gonna need to find some eating spots that fill up that hungry belly at a cheaper price point. Don't worry, I got you covered! And what better way to satisfy your hunger than affordable and delicious pizzas! Here are 3 cheap spots I can recommend to you in the centre of London: 1) Pizza Union, Spitafields Next to the busy Liverpool Street, you can fi

Shoreditch Secret Food Tours, Shoreditch, London

During a bright and sunny spring day in the big city, we were invited to join the Secret Food Tours in Shoreditch, London to visit iconic food spots around Bricklane and learn about the history behind how these foods came about in the area. First stop was the famous Beigel Bake! Funny story; the original Beigel Bake (the one with the yellow sign) is actually two doors down from the one with the white sign (pictured below). However, many years ago, the brothers who were runnin

Blixen, Old Spitalfields Market, London

Photo by Samad | Interior of Blixen In Spitafields, there are a number of eating spots that you can try and sometimes, without doing any research, I tend to fall into the trap of wanting to try a place because the interior design impresses me. Well Blixen was one of them, however I can't say that I'm entirely impressed by the food we tried for lunch. ​Photo by Samad | Mozzarella Burrata, Chicory, Fennel, Orange and Pecan Nuts (£8.00/£16.00) So I'm gonna start by sharing m

St John Bar & Restaurant Smithfield, London

Photo by Samad | The bar area Photo by Samad | Red wine at the start of our night (about £6.00 each)! I have a friend in London who was raving all about this place called St. John in Clerkenwell and how they have amazing roasted bone marrow and I was like "whaaaaat, gotta try that". I have never had a dish dedicated solely to bone marrow ever, unless they're being used for beef stock in ramen or Malay Malaysians sup tulang (bone soup) so I was incredibly excited to know wha

Balthazar Boulangerie, Covent Garden, London

Photo by Samad | Facade of Balthazar Boulangerie While wandering around the touristy parts of Covent Garden, I came across a spot called Balthazar. Curious, I Googled it and I luckily saw that it had good reviews. Without a second thought, we entered to check out what they hype was all about. Balthazar is apparently known for their brunches but, we weren’t keen on spending too much time in the restaurant so instead, we opted for the equally impressive looking boulangerie ne

Crosstown Doughnuts, Shoreditch, London

Photo by Samad | Interior of Crosstown Doughnuts! While in London, you can often find me venturing out through the quaint, busy and very hipster streets of Shoreditch, discovering street art while nibbling on a trendy piece of pastry made famous by Instagram. This time, my cravings directed me towards doughtnuts and luckily for me, Shoreditch delivered. Along London's most hipster street, Brick Lane, you'll find Crosstown Doughnuts inconspicuously located next to other fu

Maltby Street Market, London

Photo by Samad | View of the street Street markets have become a widespread across every corner of the big bustling city of London, ranging from touristic ones like the Borough Market to slightly smaller and less busy ones like the Maltby Street Market in the LASSCO Ropewalk. I visited the Maltby Street Market because I wanted to avoid the crowds. Much to my relief, the market wasn't as jam packed as others I've been to, which made my whole experience a lot more comfortable

Sambrook's Free Brewery Tour, Battersea London

Photo by Samad | Entrance towards the taproom So I'm back with another educational experience, this time involving one of London's oldest craft beer breweries, Sambrook's Brewery. Settled by the river in Battersea, London, is a moderately sized building where Sambrook's beer is made and (fun fact) was once the location where the first seasons of Thomas the Tank Engine were filmed and created. Note: the brewery is 15 minutes walking distance from Clapham Junction Subway S

Tea Tasting with Good & Proper Tea, London

So I was invited by the wonderful people of Good & Proper Tea to attend a tea tasting in their quaint tea bar in Leather Lane. First off, loving the interior! The owner of the tea bar, who was also hosting the event, mentioned that she opened this up as a way to introduce a new hot spot for tea lovers and wanted it to have similar cafe vibes as all the hip coffee places in London, and I think they did a good job. Moving on, a little bit of background about Good & Proper Tea.

Chocolate Tasting with Cocoa Runners, Prufrock Coffee, London

Photo by Samad | Prufrock Coffee Recently, we were invited to attend a Chocolate Tasting hosted by Cocoa Runners at Prufrock Coffee in London. Before we get into the chocolates, let me first give you a background on who the Cocoa Runners is! So Cocoa Runners is basically a club started by and for chocolate lovers and enthusiasts. They find craft chocolate made by chocolate makers who source out premium chocolate beans directly from small farmers from different parts of the

Guasacaca, London

After several years of selling in food markets around the city, David Gutiérrez set up Guasacaca’s first permanent stall in Elephant & Castle’s Mercato Metropolitano. In this converted industrial site, (home to other street food stalls, local producers, and even an Italian grocery store) Guasacaca’s modest stall came to life just a few months ago. The atmosphere of this large indoor food market is lively, yet relaxing, and is a fantastic place for a drink and some food with a

W1, Bangsar

Photo by Samad | The facade of W1 from Jalan Telawi 2 So when you hear about British restaurants, what's the first thing that pops up into your mind? I ALWAYS think of fish and chips, and the occasional haggis, however we were pleasantly surprised by the dinner served to us at W1 located in busy Bangsar, a British-London style restaurant offering London-styled dishes with an Asian twist. Here's a fun fact! The owner of the restaurant told us that he chose the name W1 because

Wing Wing, London

I love fried chicken and have been hunting all over London for some finger lickin' chicken. I found a restaurant called, Wing Wing, located in Bloomsbury (30 Woburn Place). inspired by Korean chimaek joints. They are just a 10 minute walk from Euston or 17 min walk from Holborn. We arrived, extremely hot from taking the tube, and were glad to step into the airconditioned Wing Wing. The restaurant is painted mainly black and has a cool and modern vibe. They are also famous for

Where the Pancakes Are, London

Where The Pancakes Are is one of the many establishments in Flat Iron Square, a culinary hub settled among seven old railway arches in between Southwark and London Bridge tube stations. It is one of the very few restaurants in London to focus exclusively on serving pancakes, and has won numerous awards from Time Out and Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch. Patricia Trijbits, the owner of Where The Pancakes Are, has spent time living all over the world, including Holland, Paris, Califor

Thunderbird, Canary Wharf

On the easternmost end of the Giant Robot in Canary Wharf, in a food court called Street Feast, lies the Thunderbird Fried Chicken stand. The brainchild of ex-racer Matt Harris, Thunderbird’s menu is based on his chicken wings that won the 2015 Wing Fest for the best wings in London. The business has since taken off, and exclusively serves wings and fried chicken in multiple forms. The Street Feast food court has an industrial décor yet has a relaxing feel to it. The Thunderb

Dead Dolls House, London

Dead Dolls House is set in a townhouse with a little eerie, Tim Burton-esque vibe that was oddly welcoming. The name itself caused some curiosity as I approached the restaurant. A waitress seated us at a rather bizarre table - it faced the wall, preventing me from even viewing the restaurant and the decor. I asked to be seated at a different table. Apart from its awkward positioning, the table's chairs were awfully dirty. It had suspicious brown patches all over it, and a ran

Sutton & Sons, London

I absolutely love a good old fish and chips. Sutton & Sons is one of the best I have ever had and let me tell you why. They have three branches: Stoke Newington, Islington and Hackney. I visited their Islington branch, which has a casual and laid-back vibe to the restaurant. To start, I tried their 1/2 Dozen Irish Rock Oysters (£8.95) upon recommendation by the wonderful hostess, Arianna. They were salty and sweet with a light and tangy after taste. They were extremely fresh

Clutch Chicken, Bethnal Green, London

We had the pleasure of trying Clutch's own Boozy Brunch. For only £25 you can choose a dish from their brunch menu and enjoy free flows of Bloody Marys, Proseccos or Mimosas! I think this is a very reasonable price of unlimited booze and brunch given that I have had some places charge £22 for just unlimited booze and you'd have to fork out another £12 - £15 for their mains. Their Bloody Mary was my favourite drink out of the three! It was everything you'd want in one and more

Balans Soho Society, Clapham Common, London

Balans Soho Society's collection of restaurants opened up a new spot at Clapham Common and we just had to head down south of the river to check out their lovely restaurant! It has a nice outdoor seating area for customers to take in the summer sunshine and enjoy their meal outside. The interior of the restaurant is beautifully designed by Simon Costin, the famous fashion show set designer, who made his name creating dramatic sets for Alexander McQueen. The Pear and Port Marti