Our top 5 favourite places to eat in Singapore for 2017

Another year has come to an end again and throughout the year, our team has been to many many places to eat. And out of the them, here are some of our favourites (in no particular order): 1. PROVISIONS, Dempsey We've been to Provisions twice and each time has been amazing. We especially love the skewers that have been marinated and grilled with love, as well as the unique cocktails here. And we always feel right at home here with warm welcomes from Chef Justin. 2. Audace, Jal

CHAR, Jalan Besar

Have you ever struggled to find a communal dining place with great ambience that serves Chinese roasts? Enter CHAR, a restaurant that not only offers traditional Chinese roasts with a twist, but also a stellar selection of Cantonese food to pair with. The Passionfruit Prawn Ball ($22) was a choice starter with its crisp deep-fried prawns and creamy passionfruit dressing. The surprise element of passionfruit pearls and red peppers complimented the dish, resulting in a delightf

Salted Egg Prata Bomb at Big Street, Jalan Besar

We heard about the salted egg prata bomb here at Big Street and just had to try it for ourselves. I didn't expect the establishment I'd sit down in to enjoy this sinful treat to be quite as classy and atas as Big Street. But I guess having salted egg in prata should have tipped me off a little. The salted egg prata bomb is every bit as decadent as you'd imagine it to be. Break open the crispy outer shell to reveal a rush of liquid gold on the inside, just waiting to gush out.