Tuk Tuk, Glasgow City Centre

​​​​Photo by Samad | Interior of Tuk Tuk As a Malaysian living in Scotland, I have times when I'm just craving food that is jam packed with all kinds of spices and flavours. With that in mind, a couple of friends and I went over to the Indian street food restaurant, Tuk Tuk, along the hustle and bustle of Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow city centre. ​​​​Photo by Samad | This is what Tuk Tuk looks like from the outside. ​​​​Photo by Samad | A reminder to bring your own booze! Fi

Flying Monkey, Bussorah Street

Flying Monkey is an Indian establishment which comes across as fun and quirky compared to other Indian restaurants which tend to be very relatively formal in its atmosphere. While they are not trying to be fusion, they do take traditional Indian food and add their modern twist to it - serving it in the style of tapas. The dishes come from different parts of India. So be sure to try a whole variety of their dishes, making this place a good one for you to bring your mates to. I

The Spice Kitchen, Wisma SP Setia

Whenever I travel, I make sure to always try as many food places as possible (then hit the gym like a madwoman for weeks after returning from my trip). The Spice Kitchen is one of those places that I tried because my friend recommended it. The irony is that she's this beautiful Indian girl who doesn't like Indian food except for this one - so obviously, I had to try it! There she is, this beautiful Indian girl, with a heart of gold, browsing through the menu, not knowing that