Mexican Gourmet Dinner by INTI

I was recently treated to a lovely Mexican gourmet dinner hosted and prepared by the young, aspiring chefs of INTI's school of hospitality and culinary art. I have never been to a dinner prepared by students from a culinary school before, so I was not entirely sure what to expect. I even made sure to manage my expectations before going to the dinner. But I was pleasantly surprised by the experience and let’s just say they definitely broke some high scores here. Entering the A

INTI - A Global Culinary Experience

When it comes to food and food reviews, it is important for a foodie like me to get to know the food that I'm eating, to understand its history and to hear the chef's story. There's nothing better than hearing the passion of an artist ring true through his work and chefs are definitely artists in the kitchen. So when INTI's culinary school invited FVSW to watch their executive chef, chef Eliezer Lopez from Mexico, go head to head with a visiting guest chef Christopher Koetke