Graze @ KL Hilton

With the recent revamp and new menu choices, we decided to check out Graze and their latest upgrade. Graze is a modern European brasserie located on the fifth floor of KL Hilton next to Chyna that focuses mainly on French, German and Italian cuisine At a glance, the restaurant has a casual non-pretentious layout with artsy black and white portraits of Europe’s famous landmarks on its walls. Graze is perfect for dates, with its classy, yet intimate and cozy vibes. Provencal Fi

Brotzeit's Karneval Special

While you have the usual four seasons in temperate countries, i.e. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. What you might not know is that in Germany, they have an unofficial “fifth season” also known as Karneval, which translates to Carnival in English. It’s a traditional festival that dates back several centuries to mark the beginning of Lent. And as part of the festivities, Brotzeit is bringing in their special curated menu and specialty beers to celebrate. So head down there n

Hans Im Glück, 362 Orchard Road

Hans Im Glück is a celebrated gourmet burger chain in Germany, with Singapore being their 50th outlet under their belt and their first outlet outside of Europe. Known for their burgers made fresh with healthier ingredients and with a wide variety of options, you’ll be mistaken to dismiss it as just another burger joint. The name Hans Im Glück comes from a popular German fairy tale of the same name, which is a big influence on the lush and whimsical meets modern interior desig