Tablescape Restaurant & Bar, Grand Park City Hotel

Tablescape Restaurant & Bar is the perfect date night spot with your special someone. Serving a European menu inspired by classical cuisine and helmed by new Executive Chef Armando Aristarco, I was looking forward to an excellent dining experience I hear many have enjoyed. The restaurant is located inside the five star Grand Park City Hotel, in what was a century-old conservation shophouse renewed with contemporary interiors and modern furnishings — the inspiration behind the

Three Buns, Robertson Quay

Not many burgers have the ability to truly blow my mind, the last time that happened was when I tried Hans Im Glück when it first came to Singapore last year. I couldn’t be happier to find another burger joint that was able to take my breath away the way Three Buns by Potato Head did. Three Buns isn’t new to the scene, their award-winning burgers have been in Singapore for a few years at Potato Head, but this is their first stand-alone burger place in Singapore, and with it,

Fat Cat, The Intermark

I'm a super big fan of rice bowls, so Fat Cat at The Intermark is actually quite the perfect lunch spot for me to head to (if I worked in the building!). You might recognise the brand name from its first outlet located ay Sunway Geo. Fat Cat at The Intermark has a similar menu from its sister outlet in Sunway, except that it also offers a vegetarian noodle bowl! (which we will get into in detail a little later) This quick bites, lunch spot is the perfect place to grab a meal

Almorzar Kitchen, Damansara Jaya

Established in 2016, Almorzar Kitchen at the mature and evolving Damansara Jaya neighbourhood brings a modern fusion dining experience to diners looking for something special while still maintaining familiar and delicious touches that Asian dishes are known for. As soon as you step into the establishment, you are surrounded by pieces of art carefully placed in the restaurant with every single one telling their own story. Nature is clearly the main theme, in line with their go

The Mockingbird, Damansara City Mall

Sitting down at The Mockingbird, you are momentarily transported to a beach oasis in the Hamptons. With the cool beachy woven lamps, fairy lights strung across the ceiling, stylish rattan chairs, wooden swings, and the pop of green from the tropical leaves that are printed on the pillows and walls - you almost feel like you're on holiday. Paired with an ice cold fruity mocktail, and smooth sultry music playing in the background, you are in paradise! Not only does The Mockingb

Yakiniku Toraji, Isetan The Japan Store

Having heard so much about the interesting items (with eye-popping price tags!) you can find at Isetan The Japan Store, not much buzz was on the food there. So when I discovered we were invited to dine at Yakiniku Toraji, I jumped at the chance to be on the premium restaurant floor called The Table. 'Yakiniku' is a Japanese term for grilled meat and as its name suggest, Yakiniku Toraji serves grilled meat in generous thick cuts. It is a Korean-Japanese fusion restaurant that

Tiki Taka Menu Revamp, Medan Damansara

Tiki Taka is still one of my favourite places to go to for pintxos and tapas. I always like trying a little bit of everything, so the small servings at Tiki Taka is ideal and perfect for sharing! Plus, their new menu makes me want to try EVERYTHING! I feel that this time around, Tika Taka's menu gravitates a bit more to the Asian flavours, which I personally love. I love Chef Carrie Scully's creativity when it comes to transforming a typical Malaysian dish into something more

Li, Damansara Jaya

What I like about many of these new hipster places popping up here and there in the Klang Valley is that quite a number of them are opened by very young entrepreneurs. Li at Damansara Jaya is one of such establishments. Opened by 3 budding entrepreneurs and chefs about a year ago, this casual dining place has fast grown into one of the most interesting cafes around. Li means power or strength or effort in Mandarin and you can see that much effort has been put into the place.

Cinnamon's Fusion Cuisine, Kota Kemuning

Cinnamon's Fusion Cuisine is the kind of friendly neighbourhood restaurant that you keep going back to. With their Malaysian classics as well as their slightly more adventurous fusion dishes, there's something for everyone. Not to mention, their delicious offerings are also priced reasonably! The highlight of our tasting was Cinnamon's Briyani. We tried their Bamboo Chicken Briyani (RM18.90) that is served in a bamboo container. You actually witness the Briyani being tapped o

Inamo, Camden London

London is home to many eateries. When it comes to food, we're definitely spoilt for choice. We were absolutely delighted to be invited to Inamo for a food tasting one fine evening. We arrived at Mornington Crescent tube stop (a few stops north of Tottenham Court Road on the Northern Line) after a long day at work to find that Inamo is conveniently located right in front of the tube exit! We passed an outdoor heated garden (perfect for drinks and weekend meals) as we entered t

GinRikSha, Bukit Damansara

Since our first visit to GinRikSha, the place has undergone some light adjustments - to its decor and the food menu! We love the new colourful bicycle wheels, it certainly brightens up the ceilings and matches beautifully with the cheerful walls. The latest addition to the dining area is these three large mirrors too, completing the decor of this casual dining establishment. Since its opening, GinRikSha had only been open for dinner but they are now open for lunch too! This t

Shiga Food Fest @ Lewin Terrace

Known for holding private, intimate events such as wedding receptions, birthdays and family gatherings. Lewin Terrace provides a level of exclusivity and privacy, while maintaining accessibility, just behind the Central Fire Station, and also within the vicinity of the Registry of Marriages. With Chefs Kenji Kiyomoto and Takeshi Kawanishi leading their team of culinary experts, their goal is to bring the food of the Shiga Prefecture into the Singapore market. One of the main

Manja Old Malaya: a cocktail experience like no other

Manja Old Malaya not only has a host of Malaysian-fusion food, but it also has a list of cocktails that has a Malaysian twist. The restaurant has an extensive drinks menu and alcohol selection, but we decided to sample their interesting cocktail list. The rooftop seating area affords patrons a close-up view of the KL Tower and the gorgeous night sky, if the weather permits. The highlight of the night was Manja’s take on an Espresso Martini. The Kopi Ping Martini (RM35) highli

Manja Old Malaya: the gastronomic experience

I have not been this impressed with a new restaurant in awhile. Walking into Manja Old Malaya, we all shared the sentiment. We were under the (mis)impression that it would end up as just another high-end eatery that serves upscale Malaysian food, but it is anything but. Manja, which means 'to pamper' in English, is an apt name for the restaurant. From start to end, we very much pampered! The restaurant is a treat to the eyes as well as the belly! We were cordially introduced

Botanica Deli, Bangsar South

I think my generation (the Gen-Y, if you hadn't already figured that it from following this website) is starting to move towards the health food trend and overall fitness. Of course, there have been quite a number of "healthy cafes" popping up. I've been to a number already and generally quite like them. So when Botanica Deli invited me to their newly opened cafe within the first week of opening, I was quite excited to try it. The owners are from Singapore, and also engaged a

Privé, Asian Civilisations Museum

A visit to the Asian Civilisations Museum is a great way to learn about the history of our own country in trade and culture. But a walkthrough the permanent exhibition and learning so much about the history of our civilisation can work up a decent appetite. Or even if you want to fuel up before heading into an exhibition... Which is why Prive at ACM is such a strategic location for the chain of restaurants. Its first outlet is the popular one at Keppel Bay, frequented by many

Timbre @ The Row, Jalan Doraisamy

Having spent my university years in Singapore, I am familiar with the name Timbre, which is synonymous with good live music and great drinks. It's also got a surprisingly extensive food menu to make this place the perfect spot to drop by after work for a bite, and stay for the live music and drinks. Start by ordering from an iPad - because shouting your order to the waiter over the live music is just plain rude. Drinks first, of course. Pick from a myriad of alcoholic and non

Ruyi & Lyn, Bangsar Shopping Centre

The perfect setting for birthdays and special occasions, Ruyi & Lyn's modern twist on fusion fare is a quick favourite for the Gen-Y crowd looking to impress their friends. It's classy, the food lives up to the high standards that is carried across the Oriental Restaurant Group and of course, it's got the Instagram factor. Guests are treated to pickled radish and tomatoes for starters. The menu lights up like a Kindle e-book reader in the dim setting of Ruyi & Lyn. You walked

Proof, Signature Suites, Sri Hartamas

This Aussie inspired rooftop cafe is Proof that great things happen when you have passionate chefs running a kitchen. Not only is the cafe brightly lit from natural sunlight, it is also very well-decorated with little pieces like this coffee brewing contraption above strewn around the cafe. Beans are sourced from Australia to give that authentic Melbourne cafe taste. Jia Yuan, one of the partners and chefs of the place, explains that Malaysians tend to like their coffee very