Traveller vs the World: Save/Splurge Vietnam Edition

When I was planning my trip to Hanoi, I was overwhelmed by the differing opinions from friends who have previously travelled there. Some said to just wing it and others suggested splurging on certain things. First, here's the quick breakdown of my trip: Day 1 - Depart from KLIA2 at 0630 and arrive in Hanoi at 0855. Explore Hanoi Old Quarter before taking the overnight train to Sapa Valley (Lao Cai). Day 2-3 - Trekking in Sapa Valley and then taking the overnight train back t

5 Foods You Must Eat When In Vietnam

1. Pho - duh! You can't say you've been to Vietnam and experienced its food if you haven't tried pho. Pronounced like fur, pho is a classic Vietnamese soup noodle dish. You can have it either with chicken or beef but the beef is a popular pick. Beef pho is the bomb! It's packed full of fresh herbs and even though the soup base is clear, it's got plenty of taste. There's a strong cilantro taste because the herb is used generously in this dish (as well as many other Vietnamese