Bar Cicheti, Keong Saik

Spring is here! Although you can’t feel it in Singapore’s year-round sunny weather, you’d get the chance to taste it. Bar Cicheti is introducing a spring menu that pays homage to the sweet and hearty harvests of Italy. The new menu is created as a tribute to the love for spring in Italy of all three partners of Bar Cicheti -- restaurateur Liling Ong, chef Lim Yew Aun and sommelier Ronald Kamiyama. As Singapore’s first homegrown pasta and wine bar, I came expecting handmade pa

Kosnica, Duxton Rd

Among the many bars and restaurants that are located on Duxton road, you can find this little café right at the corner of the street... and their specialty? Desserts incorporating one of nature’s best foods - honey. First up, I tried their Hibiscus Tea. Personally, I tend to prefer more intense teas as this hibiscus tea had a very mild floral, berry-like flavour. For those of you who have never tried hibiscus before, you may like it if you love eating berries. What’s great ab