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The Salted Plum, Suntec City

Famed for its Southern-Taiwanese dishes, The Salted Plum has opened up its second outlet in Suntec City. As compared to its first outlet in Boat Quay/Circular Road area, the Suntec outlet is more spacious and sports a fun, street-esque ambience, a self-service system and new outlet-exclusive dishes. But of course, the popular signatures from the Circular Road outlet will also be found here at Suntec, such as the Lu Rou 2.0 ($15). Why 2.0 you ask? Because this is a further enh

Yun Nans, Jewel Changi Airport

When it comes to deciding where to eat in Jewel, you’re practically spoilt for choice. But if you are leaning towards Chinese cuisine, give Yun Nans on the 2nd floor a try if you haven’t tried the food there. Yun Nans, or its original name Yun Hai Yao (云海肴) is the largest Yunnan restaurant chain over 150 restaurants in China, but its Jewel outlet marks the first time the chain has opened its doors internationally. It aims to showcase Yunnan-cuisine, using fresh ingredients im

Autumn & winter themed dishes @ Chengdu, Amoy Street

Winter is coming! And Chengdu is coming up with some seasonal dishes that are sure to tantalise your taste buds. This is our second trip back to Chengdu and during our first trip here, we were thoroughly impressed and this place has got to be one of the only Szechuan Chinese restaurants that I would set foot in (and come back again)! Before we get started on my thoughts on the new menu, I would like to mention that Szechuan food is typically pretty spicy. It could either be "

Mid-Autumn Delights @ Toh Yuen Restaurant, Hilton Petaling Jaya

It is that time of the year again, where the mooncakes come out and families come together. Mid-Autumn festival is an annual celebration on the 15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese calendar. This year, Mid-Autumn festival falls on September 24. The festival is about togetherness and reunion, and families would usually share mooncakes among family members and friends during the festival as a show of unity. At Hilton Petaling Jaya, Toh Yuen Restaurant has launched a new del

Dim Sum and Wine Pairing @ Royal Canton

Dim sum and wine may not be first thing that comes to your mind when you think of wine pairings, but let me tell you, it works. Royal Canton and Delia Wines made this harmonious match happen, and it was a truly indulgent experience. Who knew French wines tasted so good with Chinese cuisine?! Every first Sunday of the month, Royal Canton will play host to an indulgent dim sum brunch paired with spectacular premium French wines priced at RM168++ per pax, from 11.30am to 3pm. Se

Qi House of Sichuan, Marina Bay Financial Centre

Have you ever wondered what an active volcano would be like at the tip of your tongue? A hot fiery adventure awaits you at Qi, House of Sichuan! Qi has opened in the middle of the CBD area, right at the Marina Bay Financial Centre. Located conveniently beside its "sister" restaurant Forbidden Duck which we've just visited recently, Qi has its roots in Wan Chai, Hong Kong for over 3 years. (If you're curious about Forbidden Duck, you may click this link here.) Qi has cumul

Forbidden Duck, Marina Bay Financial Centre

As I took my seat at a table in Forbidden Duck, the newest F&B spot in the Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC), I instantly felt like I was back in Hong Kong. The interior of Forbidden Duck screams posh modern Hong Kong and like most family-friendly Chinese restaurants, there are private rooms you can book to have a more intimate gathering. Being from a Cantonese heritage myself, I was very excited and anxious to try out the food here. And hearing that they were serving my all

Imperial Feast, Boon Lay

Dine like a king – or like important politicians and foreign ambassadors – over at Imperial Feast! Commonly known as the Guo Yan, the imperial feast traditionally features a myriad of legendary cooking techniques from all over imperial China, showcasing the best that Chinese cuisine has to offer. And Imperial Feast has come up with picket-friendly prices for everyone to enjoy! The dishes at Imperial Feast are skilfully prepared by award-winning Chef Wu Hai Feng, who has hoste

New Dimsum & Peking Duck Set at Dragon Bowl

We’re back again at Dragon Bowl for the third time and once again, they have not failed to impress us with their culinary awesomeness. This time, Dragon Bowl is introducing 7 new dimsum dishes, while also bringing back the 30% off on ALL DIM SUM! And not just that, Dragon Bowl is bringing you their awesome Peking Duck Served 4 Ways ($98 for whole duck; $58 for half duck). Here’s how you know that none of the duck has gone to waste! Let’s first take a look at the dimsum dishes

Royal Canton Chinese New Year Set, DC Mall

You can't help but to feel like you have stepped into a grand oriental palace as you enter Royal Canton. With its ornamental blue and white porcelain, gorgeous oriental art lining the walls, wooden bird cages, glowing Chinese lanterns, and classical oriental music - Royal Canton is one of the most beautiful Chinese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. It also makes the perfect setting for your Chinese New Year lunch or dinner! Royal Canton has a number of different Chinese New Year s

Dragon Bowl, Aperia Mall

This is the second time Dragon Bowl is treating us to their amazing Cantonese food. This time, we dined at its Aperia Mall outlet. We started off with some festive offerings for the upcoming Lunar New Year. This festive season, Dragon Bowl offers its customers with a unique gastronomic experience that is unlike the standard contemporary Cantonese cuisine. This time of year, customers can enjoy Dragon Bowl's specially curated value-for-money Fortune Package ($288 for regular a

Dragon Bowl, Marina Square

Let me tell you guys a little about my all-time favourite Chinese restaurant here in Singapore, Dragon Bowl. Being from a Cantonese background, I tend to always gravitate towards Cantonese-style cuisines and Dragon Bowl definitely serves it up amazingly. I would always come here for some comforting food when I’m feeling down or when I want to celebrate my birthday. The great thing about Dragon Bowl is that it’s an all-time friendly place that’s also perfect for those family d

CHAR, Jalan Besar

Have you ever struggled to find a communal dining place with great ambience that serves Chinese roasts? Enter CHAR, a restaurant that not only offers traditional Chinese roasts with a twist, but also a stellar selection of Cantonese food to pair with. The Passionfruit Prawn Ball ($22) was a choice starter with its crisp deep-fried prawns and creamy passionfruit dressing. The surprise element of passionfruit pearls and red peppers complimented the dish, resulting in a delightf

Catering for functions at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, KL

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre has always been a prime location to host many corporate events or exhibitions. However, what many of us may not know is that they also boast a full-fledged kitchen to cater for functions! The venue was impressive and very elegant. We were thus excited to sample their new 8 course Chinese menu which comprises: Five Happiness Combination Platter Seafood Chowder with Silken Beancurd and Enoki Mushroom Roasted Sesame Chicken with Five Spice Salt Dee

BakBak, Circular Rd

How far would you go for a bowl of amazing Bak Kut Teh? Apparently, not very far as BakBak is one of the newest Bak Kut Teh restaurants to open along the shophouses at Circular Road! This is perfect as it is located right in the central area of Singapore and so we headed down to see what was in store for us. Inheriting the legacy of the famous Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh (that has been around for close to four decades), Bakbak has created and adopted the modern, popular trend of T

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