Spice World Hot Pot, Clarke Quay

Despite the scorching weather here in Singapore, you’ll always find lots of people eating hot pot. Most of the big hot pot chains in Singapore even have a constant queue! That is no exception for Spice World Hot Pot in Clarke Quay. And as part of its first anniversary in Singapore, Spice World will be introducing eight new menu items and a fun dessert hot pot. Let’s start with the broths here at Spice World. We had their signature spicy butter mala soup, that comes in a shape

HEYTEA introduces 2 new Bobo Tea this December

The brown sugar bubble milk tea is all everyone is talking about these days in Singapore. And it’s no surprise that HEYTEA, China’s number one contemporary tea connoisseur, is stepping up its game and bring you two new upgraded versions – Brûlée Bobo Tea ($4.50) and Oreo Bobo Tea ($4.80). Launching on 12 December 2018, make your way down to HEYTEA and enjoy a 1-for-1 promo for all Boba Tea for one day only! HEYTEA just opened up in Singapore a month ago and has since seen lon

Tempo Tea Bar New Menu Launch Party, Glasgow

In celebration of this amazing summer and the rare occasion of the glorious sun shining over Glasgow for more than a month now, I wanted to share some exciting news with you about what Tempo Tea Bar and owner, May Gem, has in store for the future of Scotland's favourite bubble tea franchise! Recently, Tempo Tea Bar hosted a Menu Launch/Taste Test Party at the Strathclyde Student Union in conjunction with a fun K-pop dance party. While listening to the latest summer K-Pop hits