New head bartender and new drinks @ Smoke & Mirrors

After a long hiatus, I was glad to visit one of my favourite bars in Singapore. Smoke & Mirrors is a rooftop bar at National Gallery Singapore, just a stone's throw away from the Central Business District. This cosy spot is the first place that comes to mind whenever I have overseas guests visiting — especially with its magnificent views of the Singapore skyline I was greeted by the new head bartender Jorge Conde upon my arrival. Originally a graphic designer by trade, this f

The Dragon Chamber, Circular Road

I've always been a fan of mystery shows, where one would need to find a secret door hidden behind a bookcase (or a secret wall) to enter an even more secret room. That's why speakeasy bars and restaurants are always my favourite to go to. I absolutely love and enjoy the thrill of discovering a whole new room behind an innocent facade. This is the case with The Dragon Chamber, a brand new speakeasy that opened up at the end of boat quay (along Circular Road) - previously locat

Druggists, Tyrwhitt Road

When my friend first told me he'd be taking me to a place called Druggists, I heard "druggies" and I had imagined a hippie, patchouli-scented hole somewhere in a dodgy alley with Rastafarian-looking staff, Bob Marley playing in the background - I think we all know where I'm going with this. But of course, in that Singaporean drawl, "druggists" came out sounding like "druggies". I saw the sign from afar and still assumed it would be very different from what it was. I was pleas