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Knowhere @ Bangsar

We are back again at Knowhere, Bangsar. And the last time one of us was here, it was pretty darn good. But personally, this was my first time dining at Knowhere. I was excited to try some main dishes as I the food menu itself was rather enticing. I was introduced to the prawn garlic tomato salsa (RM28) first. The prawns came and were rather large, but I didn't find them very fresh. The tomato salsa that accompanied it was quite mild to, but there was a strong garlicky flavour

Mangiiare Dine and Bar, Bangsar

Tucked away in a little corner along Lorong Kurau, Bangsar, Mangiiare Dine and Bar is a welcoming sight, with it's open aired store front and cosy interior. The intimate restaurant, with less than ten tables downstairs and a bar and private dining area upstairs, has a casual atmosphere, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind. Paired with sumptuous modern Italian food, and a glass of wine, it is the perfect recipe for a good night out. Mangiiare has a number of tradit

Knowhere, Bangsar

We recently dropped by Knowhere in Bangsar. You can't really miss it because it is facing the main Jalan Maarof road and its logo kind of stands out, welcoming everyone to give it a try. Also it’s hilarious when Waze announces that you’ve arrived at “Knowhere”. And I can imagine conversations going: “Where are you going tonight?” “Knowhere.” Quirky name aside, I love the interior of the place. The string fairy lights give it a dreamy feel and we love the keyhole wall mural th

Gajaa @ 8, Bangsar

Indian cuisine is one that is rich, not only in taste, but also in culture. While to many of us in Malaysia, Indian food is Indian food, there exists so many distinctive qualities between Northern and Southern Indian cuisine. We recently tried Gajaa @ 8, which boasts royal Southern Indian food. Gaja, which is elephant, is the defining character of the place. With elephant designs adorning the interior and velvet armchairs as seats, the restaurant gives off a slight upscale vi

Shawarma King, Bangsar Telawi

Whenever you think of Shawarma, do you think of thick cuts of juicy meats in a wrap, sauces dripping everywhere? Yes? Well, then you’ve got the exact idea of what a Malaysian shawarma is. Yes, Shawarma King serves up Malaysianised shawarma. The real thing back in the Middle East tends to be a bit drier, co-owner Sarah, says. But you gotta give the people what they want. This is one of the few shawarma places outside of downtown KL and of course, it’s located in the bustling h

Bella by BIG Sunday Brunch, Lorong Kurau

Recently, in the midst of the Chinese New Year madness, we went for a quiet brunch at Bella by BIG. It was one of my first few times to Lorong Kurau to eat and my first visit to Bella. I love it when old shophouses are turned into restaurants like this, because it just has such a vintage charm to it and the layout is often stunning. Bella is no different. It is an eclectic mix of nature and modern interior design without forgetting to keep to its original structure. Upon ente

Bisou Bake Shop, Bangsar Village

Photo by Melvin | Varieties of cakes at Bisou Bake Shop You may think the facade of Bisou Bake Shop reminds you a little of a traditional British setting, where you would sit down for a cup of tea. And you're absolutely right. Its old-fashion charm is a juxtaposition against the modernity of Bangsar Village, but it absolutely works. Bisou Bake Shop has actually been around since 2006 and maintains its allure until today. Photo by Melvin | Varieties of cupcakes in Bisou Bake S

La Juiceria Superfoods Signature, Nadi Bangsar

La Juiceria’s new outlet in Nadi Bangsar is seriously on-point! I am in love with their stunning chrome and marble details, neon signs, lush greenery and lots of natural light. It is perfect for a business meeting, lunch with family, or just a casual get-together with friends. It also features an adorable play area for young foodies to entertain themselves. Having opened its doors only on January 1, La Juiceria Superfoods Signature has already garnered quite the crowd. It is

W1, Bangsar

Photo by Samad | The facade of W1 from Jalan Telawi 2 So when you hear about British restaurants, what's the first thing that pops up into your mind? I ALWAYS think of fish and chips, and the occasional haggis, however we were pleasantly surprised by the dinner served to us at W1 located in busy Bangsar, a British-London style restaurant offering London-styled dishes with an Asian twist. Here's a fun fact! The owner of the restaurant told us that he chose the name W1 because

Joy St, Bangsar

Hipster cafes, local mamak restaurants and entertaining bars. The Bangsar we know today has become a prominent place for popular eateries, making it an ideal spot to hang out with good company. Now, if you, like me, enjoy catching up with friends over some good desserts, there is a joyful shop in mind that I would love to introduce you to — Joy St! Joy St is a happy gelato shop that cheerfully calls out to all sweet tooth alike. Tucked in the busy streets of Bangsar, the shop

Cocodash by Cocoraw, Bangsar

When I first heard about Cocodash and Cocoraw, I was excited to give it a try. In summary, Cocodash & Cocoraw produce local artisanal chocolate at affordable prices. Right now, in its only physical store at Cziplee, Telawi Bangsar, Cocodash serves chocolatey drinks to go and quick snacks. Customers can also purchase their amazing chocolate here to take away. Drinks are made fresh for you. The combination of the chocolate, milk and ice (for hotter days) is a winning combinatio

Upperhouse Kitchen and Dessert Bar, Bangsar

It's no secret that I have a bit of a sweet tooth, and Upperhouse Kitchen and Dessert Bar certainly satisfies my sugary cravings. As you walk up the stairs to (the very aptly named) Upperhouse, you are greeted by a large open space with lots of natural sunlight. There's art on the walls and a play corner for kids, it just radiates cheer! Mirroring the vibe of the space, Upperhouse's desserts is simply happiness on a plate. I am a chocolate lover, so it is no surprise that my

Fittie Sense, Bangsar

Fittie Sense is the latest addition to Bangsar, Telawi's wide choice of food establishments. This is one place that all the health nuts will flock to for its clean menu. But that's not the only thing that is clean about the place. The whole aesthetic is also very clean and incorporates much of nature with plenty of sunlight from the sunroof. Fittie Sense makes their own kefir probiotic soda, which is great for the digestive system! But they also sell (kefir) smoothies, tea an

Vineria.It, Bangsar Shopping Centre

This was my first visit to Vineria.It, but we were dining with another pair of influencer friends who had tried this place before. They said when they last visited Vineria.It, the food was impressive and much to rave about. So we had our hopes up when we walked in. We were seated immediately but considering it was 7PM on a Saturday night in Bangsar, the place was still rather quiet. Like all Italian places, serves bread upon being seated. The meal started off alrea

Marmalade, Bangsar Village 2

Marmalade has revamped their entire space from the tired yellow and white interior to a fresh tropical vibe. This is a space where you can catch up with your friends over brunch and also a good place to bring your kids to have a relaxed midweek lunch. There were five of us dining at Marmalade that afternoon and we had plenty to eat. We started off with a couple of starters. The first was a roasted pumpkin soup - part of their soup of the day menu. I personally enjoyed the roa

Portofino, Bangsar

Portofino is one of my favourite Italian places in Kuala Lumpur because even though it is opened by two Italians, they try to incorporate as much local flair into their dishes as possible without losing the Italian essence of things. They’ve also got a killer wine menu. Recently, they brought in a vino expert from Verona – the hometown of Romeo and Juliet. And while the story of the star-crossed lovers may not have ended very well, my love story with the wines at Portofino de

The Good Co., Bangsar

Smoothie bowls have been trending in a huge way in the eat clean scene all around Malaysia. As the millennials continue to find more creative ways to supplement their healthy lifestyles, foodies like me get to enjoy yummy, yet diet-friendly dishes. We decided to head down to The Good Co in Bangsar one morning for a mid-week pick-me-up in the form of what could possibly be the best smoothie bowls in KL. The healthy, colourful bowl of goodness can be enjoyed any time of the day

Pince & Pints, Jalan Telawi

Pince & Pints opened in October last year at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, following the success of their first branch in Singapore. Nestled in the heart of the busiest part of Bangsar, Pince & Pints is a specialty restaurant (they only serve lobster-based dishes!) that has a very brief menu with only four dishes offered – grilled or steamed live whole lobster, lobster roll, chilli lobster, and lobster noodles. Each dish is cooked with one whole live lobster weighing approximately

Portofino, Bangsar Lucky Garden

By Anna Kong It is hard to find authentic Italian places outside of Europe and some might argue, America, but there is an authentic cucina italiana right under our noses here in Bangsar. We visited Portofino in Bangsar's Lucky Garden last week. We were invited by Chef Keli and Luca, the Italian owners of the simple, casual family dining establishment. Starting his training at the tender age of 14, Chef Keli had already been a chef for 9 years at reputable Michelin-star restau

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