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Mama San @ Suria KLCC

Originated from Bali, Indonesia and founded by world renowned Chef Will Meyrick, Mama San KLCC is not hard to miss with its location situated at a prime spot facing a tourist hotspot – The musical fountain. Mama San KLCC serves an array of palatable and robust mix of Southeast Asian flavours. Apart from that, Mama San practices a family oriented dining with having its portion and menu designed for communal sharing. Being in a tropical country and having to battle constant hea

Bali & Spice, Da Men Mall USJ

Matt calls this the hipster version of Ole Ole Bali because of all the indie songs playing over the radio and my sheer excitement at recognising all the songs. But I beg to differ. I thought Bali & Spice was a really classy joint with great Balinese cuisine. It was our first visit to Da:Men mall and we were both pleasantly surprised to see how modern and upscale the mall is, considering the upcoming neighbourhood. This is the pisang bakar (RM13) - warm, grilled caramelised ba

Review: Naughty Nuri's

The highly anticipated restaurant from Bali made its way to Hartamas and despite having been open for quite a while now, it still commands a strong crowd. I only recently tried it with a couple of friends so we could order more dishes. We had their signature rack of pork ribs, a non-halal mee goreng, a bacon and mango salad and some bacon and cheese croquettes. The pork ribs were both tasty and tender and worth every cent! The mee goreng, on the other hand, not so much. The b

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