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Rediscover Classic Cantonese Delights with this limited-time-only menu@Min Jiang,Goodwood park hotel

Min Jiang Restaurant has launched an 8 Hands Culinary Showcase: A Rediscovery of Cantonese Classics Menu that will only be available from the 18th-25th May 2022. This limited-time-only menu is the brainchild of four veteran Chinese chefs – Chan Kwok, Chin Hon Yin, Chung Ho Shi, and Min Jiang’s very own Chan Hwan Kee. The menu features rarely seen traditional Hong Kong-style Cantonese dishes that date back at least three decades and is elevated with a modern touch. This exqui

Traditional bakes with a modern twist at The Hainan Story Bakery in Bukit Panjang

If you love bread, this is for you. The Hainan Story first popped up on my radar when I happened to stroll past its dining area in Hillion Mall – it soon became my go-to for a quick meal, given its vicinity to my residence. This old school diner has expanded its concept to include The Hainan Story Bakery, a standalone Hainanese bakery for bread lovers in Bukit Panjang. Expect locally-inspired flavours with Hainanese influence, when you browse the bakes and breads here – think

Smokin’ good woodfired meats at OMMA Korean Charcoal BBQ in Bukit Timah

Korean BBQ, or KBBQ as we affectionately call it, isn’t a very new concept in Singapore. But at OMMA Korean Charcoal BBQ, you get something different – they are Singapore’s first wood-fire KBBQ, with a selection of five different types of firewood. Not to be mistaken for the well-established O.Bba Jjajang (they’re actually right next door), this new KBBQ joint at Bukit Timah opts for smokeless charcoal rather than the usual gas fire. Choose from wood chips such as applewood,

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