Get your pick-me-up at MAXX Coffee!

At the west end of Singapore, a popular Indonesian coffee franchise MAXX Coffee unveils its first international outpost at JEM! Despite the ongoing situation, the welcoming social space (with adequate social distancing measures, of course) that MAXX Coffee offers in its newly launched chain may bring much comfort to a cuppa-joe seeker. You can even pair your coffee (or tea) with their selection of coffee and pastries. MAXX Coffee affirms in using only single-origin grade 1 Arabica beans from renowned coffee regions such as Indonesia, Brazil and Colombia, which many coffee lovers adore. Coupled with their serene ambiance and friendly service, it’s not too surprising to find one catching up on

Cooking fresh ingredients from Taste Gourmet Market

I received a Taste(y) Care package from Taste Gourmet Market just in time for me to defrost and whip up a delicious western dinner (and fruits for dessert!) for my family of 8! I have to admit, I've always had bad experiences with delivered groceries, that's why I much prefer going down to the grocery shop/market to hand pick my own ingredients. That way I'd get to personally select the best out of the bunch. Taste Gourmet Market managed to change my sentiment and gave me a rather positive experience as the ingredients sent over met all my expectations. From the vegetables and fruits to the poultry and frozen seafood, everything arrived fresh and well-packed. Here's what i managed to whip up

D.I.Y open faced sandwiches using healthy artisanal bread from Swissbake.

I absolutely love bread and always have a few varieties in my pantry ready for whenever I need to whip up quick meals. The Abend Brot evening bread by Swissbake is a nutritional concept by Dr Pepe that’s based on how the human body processes different food groups, according to the time of the day. The whole idea is to optimise the balance of insulin through a fixed timing for consumption, motivating the body to intensify caloric reduction in the evening. I’ve come up with two simple open sandwiches on how you can consume this magical bread with extraordinarily high protein of 24.5% and low carbohydrate content of only 10.5%. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, hence I lightly to