Monstrous and fun-tastic Japanese meals by Kaiju Kaiju

From the good people who brought you unique AI-generated wraps, Wrapbstrd and one of Singapore's most sought after vegan burger, Love Handle Burgers, Ebb and Flow group is proud to bring Singapore a brand new fun-tastic Japanese concept – Kaiju Kaiju. Kaiju which literally means "strange beast" in Japanese is where Kaiju Kaiju got its myriad of fun and beastly menu offerings that uses wholesome Japanese ingredients to satisfy your monstrous Japanese food cravings. Start off your meal with Kaiju Kaiju's Gyudora ($20) which consists of Wagyu short ribs (MB5), fried mushroom seasoned with home made truffle tare, rakkyo pickles, wasabi, served with a generous portion of rich and fragrant beef f

Mama J's confinement food for mummies

A recently launched confinement food supplier has really caught our attention, so we'd like to share more to all the soon-to-be mummies & mummies out there. Mama J's Confinement Food SG (@confinementfoodsg) has a variety of confinement food dishes in which all the dishes are packed with nutrients and sufficient for mummies to recover from giving birth. A little fact about Mama J's confinement food SG;  Mama J is a retired nanny and babysitter with more than 20 years of experience! All mummies that have gone through her 1-on-1 confinement period emerged healthier and said it was a stress-free 30 days for them. Mama J makes her own rice wine (takes ONE month to ferment before using!) which is