Xiaolongkan Hotpot, KL

With the whole COVID situation going on, it has been a long time since we have last gone out for a meal in the process of keeping ourselves safe. But just because we can‘t (or don’t want to) go out, it doesn’t mean we can’t have our favourite foods with us at home. For many, this favourite food would be hotpot! And boy oh boy, we have lots of options for that. But most recently, we got to try Xiaolongkan hotpot from the comfort of our homes. I really loved the way Xiaolongkan packed everything so neatly AND beautifully into boxes, even taking presentation into consideration though we are dining from home. They have a huge variety of dishes to choose from - from the ever-popular 3-second bean

Gami Chicken, Pavilion

While many of us are still staying home because of this MCO, there are new restaurants and food joints to be explored outside. But since I have a baby at home now, going out is not preferred. thankfully, though Gami Chicken in Pavilion just launched, they already do delivery! I love fried chicken - I can have it for lunch or for dinner (and sometimes for breakfast too). It’s a classic crowd favourite and we were very lucky to have LOADS of Gami Chicken‘s fried chicken wings as well as spare ribs delivered to us over the weekend. I highly recommend the spare ribs, by the way! Those were absolutely addictive - one is definitely not enough. Of course, like any Korean meal, it would not be compl

Lean & Rush, Nu Sentral

With circumstances being as it is right now, health and safety is more important than ever. Prioritising our health is part of the whole “new norm” we need to adjust to. So if you’re already back to work (especially for those who work around Sentral area) and you’re looking for something quick and healthy, Lean & Rush is the latest go-to for you. Lean & Rush is all about making sure you get healthy, balanced meals despite being in a rush. This salad bar/sandwich cafe serves up gorgeous salad bowls where you can choose your base (greens/brown rice/quinoa +RM2) and enjoy it with tasty protein toppings. We hear the tricoloured quinoa is a must-try! We got to try their smoked salmon bowl (RM19.9

Send love and food with Knots & Gifts

Knots & Gifts is founded by Rubina Tiyu, a self made entrepreneur, who started off her business in wedding planning (Inside the Knot), but had to venture into a one stop e-commerce gifting platform due to the virus outbreak. Rubina has put her talents to good use by starting Knots & Gifts to spread joy (and by joy, i mean food). Knots & Gifts sent over a lovely hamper which consists of fresh beautiful flowers - Omakase Flowers from Petals & Foliage; Ground Coffee from GK Ground Kopi, and Brownies from Patisserie G. These are not all the partners that Knots & Gifts has partnered with. They have combined freshly baked goods from Singapore's top patisseries, exquisite beverages and even cocktai

Island-wide Delivery by Kota 88 Restaurant

The pandemic might've ruined our chance to savour authentic delicacies abroad, but we are glad Kota 88 has an array of authentic Indo-Chinese food to keep our Indonesian food cravings satisfied. Kota 88 serves Masakan Tionghoa Indonesia (Chinese Indonesian Cuisine), which is a mix of Chinese dishes with local Indonesian culinary characteristics, and is situated in a quaint little neighborhood along East Coast Road. Kota 88 is also one of the first Indo-Chinese restaurant in Singapore and is currently available for islandwide-delivery via Grabfood and Deliveroo. Whet your appetite with Kota88's Sate Babi (Assorted Pork Satay, $15.88). The Chinese-Indonesian style pork satay comes in 10 stick