16 Auspicious Dining Options this Lunar New Year 2020

When boxes of mandarin oranges go up for sale at your local supermarket, familiar music takes over your local shopping mall and red decorations are put up overnight, it can only mean one thing ­– the Lunar New Year is here! And with the prosperous celebrations comes the delicious food during reunion dinner with friends and family. If you’re stumped picking out a dining spot this Lunar New Year, here’s X auspicious dining options that’s sure to satisfy everyone. Park Hotel Clarke Quay The Park Hotel Clarke Quay celebrates the Year of the Rat with a specially curated menu crafted by the hotel's banquet chef, James Wong. Opt for the 8-course Ultimate Success Menu ($768++ per table of 9 to 10 pa

Celebrate the Year of the Rat at Park Hotel Clarke Quay

The Park Hotel Clarke Quay celebrates the Year of the Rat with a specially curated menu crafted by the hotel's banquet chef, James Wong. The chef, with 40 years’ experience under his belt, challenges himself to come up with brand new dishes for the hotel’s Lunar New Year dinners every year, inspired by how he would cook up a reunion dinner feast for his own family. We sampled the 8-course Ultimate Success Menu ($768++ per table of 9 to 10 pax), which features some of Chef James’ interesting ideas on Lunar New Year dishes. There’s no better way to kickstart a Lunar New Year dinner than by tossing yu sheng. Normally you will be served the Prosperity Tuna Yu Sheng, but I highly recommend you ge

Chinese New Year @ Mitzo, Grand Park Orchard

Celebrate the beginning of an auspicious year of the rat with two of Mitzo's must-have Chinese New Year special – The Premium Abalone "Yu sheng" (S$158++ for up to 8 pax, S $258++ for up to 14 pax) and Classic "Peng Cai" (S$298++ for a table of 4, S$588++ for a table of 8, and S$78++ per additional person). Executive Chef Nicky Ng has prepared the Premium Abalone Yu Sheng with a generous portion of abalone and is surrounded by a colorful mix of greens, carrots, radish, red cabbage and an unique blend of sauce. Alternatively, Mitzo also offers a vegetarian-friendly option, Mitzo Fruit Yu Sheng (S$108++ for up to 8 pax, S$168++ for up to 14 pax), that consist of a refreshing combination of tro

Best of Miyazaki Prefecture @ Sushi Tei, Singapore

Sushi Tei is bringing the best of Miyazaki prefecture to Singapore for a limited time. This is the first exclusive partnership between the Miyazaki prefecture and Sushi Tei to showcase Miyazaki's beautiful and wholesome produce in a one-of-a-kind winter menu. This winter menu includes Miyazaki's trademark dish – Fried Mehikari ($9.80). The Fried Mehikari is a Greeneye fish tempura that is naturally found in the waters of Miyazaki. The fish was fresh, and it had a unique bold flavour combined with a slightly sweet taste. The Fried Mehikari was definitely the perfect starter in the exclusive Miyazaki menu. Miyazaki also has a popular dish loved by its locals, the Nanban Chicken (S$10.80). This

Concubine @ Chinatown KL

Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's rejuvenated Chinatown, Concubine is rich with KL's history on the dark underworld trade – think secret mahjong nights, gang lord reunions, opium smokers, prostitution and sketchy merchants. This restaurant-cum-bar is decorated with murals and art installations that aims to give you an idea of the old days in KL. If you’re looking for a new Insta-worthy spot, Concubine is the place to go! The concept for Concubine is inspired by unapologetic women who played a pivotal role in the old Chinese empire. But far from portraying the concubines of that era, Concubine KL wants to empower the modern, independent and strong-willed woman that we admire today. Unfor

Artichoke, Middle Road

Hidden from the main street of Middle Road is Artichoke, proudly the least authentic Middle Eastern restaurant in town. It’s absolutely eccentric — from the huge Step Brothers movie poster on one corner to the mishmash of stickers and artwork adorning the walls, it makes you feel like you’re in your cool friend’s room, the cool friend being Chef Bjorn Chen. Chef Bjorn is probably the coolest chef you’ll ever meet — his honest, zany out-there personality rubs on you. After a while you’ll be sharing laughs while enjoying the awesome music direct from Chef Bjorn’s playlist. The food here takes Middle Eastern cuisine as the starting point, then is modified/adjusted/manhandled by Chef Bjorn and h

Sand Bar, Sentosa Siloso Beach

We recently dropped by the newly revamped Sand Bar at Siloso Beach, Sentosa. You won’t be able to miss it as it’s the first stop along the Siloso Beach stretch plus it is pretty eye-catching with its bright turquoise facade. The beachside resto-bar is made up of three main areas. One is a casual al fresco dining area with benches for those who want to be close to the water but remain out of the sun. There is also a section with beanbags for those who want to be up close to the water and beach activities. And there is the Oasis - for those who want their privacy but also can’t get enough of sun, sand and sea. Food-wise, Sand Bar offers an array of incredibly affordable meals, starting from on

Aomori Fair @ Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe

Japanese cuisine is intricate, meticulous and has a wide variety of dishes and flavour profiles depending which region its from. Last year, Sun with Moon launched the Aomori fair and had an overwhelming response from the Singapore publicans, hence they have brought if back for the 2nd time showcasing its best regional delicacies. The star of this year's menu is the Apios Americana - a legume plant with edible tubers that is one for the top 3 superfoods in the world! Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe has collaborated with Aomori City Council and Mutsu City Council in Japan to bring in the freshest produce to Singapore. Before the meal started we had a delicious cocktail entitled ‘Ringogin

Social Place @ The Forum Shopping Mall

The Social Place, a well established Hong Kong restaurant since 2014 has finally opened its first outlet in Singapore at The Forum Shopping Mall, Orchard Road. The restaurant’s team of expert chefs have put together a modern spin on dim sum and traditional Chinese dishes. They take pride in offering customers food that tastes divine and plated with finesse. Enter the dining hall and you will be taken aback by the beautiful interior design reminiscent of old Hong Kong – a theme of blue-grey and gold fixtures, marble-topped tables, as well as the vintage pattern flooring decorated with mahjong tiles on the wall. These elements give off an atmosphere of tradition and modernity. This vibrant an