Golden Valley, Melawati Mall

We were recently invited to Golden Valley at Melawati Mall. The last visit we had to Golden Valley, the restaurant was still located in TTDI. But that outlet has since closed down and it now only has one outlet in Melawati Mall. Sporting a similar interior, the restaurant is bright, well-decorated and welcoming. It looks like a classic Chinese restaurant, feels like a Chinese restaurant, but the best part of this Chinese restaurant is that it is pork-free! Not only so - but the owners of the restaurants only buy from halal suppliers. So everyone can dine at this establishment without worries. Most of the staff are even Malay, so you can rest assured. We had a huge feast of seafood the last t

Top 6 New Things To Do In Genting Highlands

A couple of weeks back, we got to do a really fun staycation at Grand Ion Delemen Hotel, Genting Highlands. Genting Highlands is being quickly developed into an entertainment hub up in the cooling mountains and to meet the demand of growing tourists, many new hotels have begun to pop up. Grand Ion Delemen has actually been open for the past 3 years but it has been kept a little known secret spot - mainly because it’s tucked away in a different part of Genting Highlands. If you’re familiar with the Amber Court road, that is where Grand Ion Delemen is located. It has been developed into a modern, futuristic hotel with many amenities that appeal to families and younger travellers. What I liked

Fairy Tales Cafe, Grand Ion Delemen, Genting Highlands

The Fairy Tales Cafe up at Grand Ion Delemen Hotel, Genting Highlands is every Instagrammer's dream. Set in an al fresco space, the lush gardenscape is whimsical in every way from its bright pink flower wall to its high tea set. The first thing you will notice about the Fairy Tales Cafe is that it gives off a very Alice In Wonderland vibe. You do feel like you're about the have tea with the Red Queen. And it is a lovely feeling, especially with the cooling breeze and fresh air you get in this half indoor/outdoor cafe. I love that the whole place gives you the urge to bring out your flamingo mallet for a game of croquet on the lawn. It must be the chequered table cloths! The tea menu is actua

Sushiro, Tiong Bahru Plaza

If you love kaiten-sushi (“conveyor-belt sushi”), you will be delighted to know that Japan’s top-reigning kaiten-sushi restaurant, Sushiro, has recently launched in Singapore at Tiong Bahru Plaza! With a perpetual fondness for all things Japanese (plus Sushiro has such a prominent reputation in Japan), we were definitely excited to see what Sushiro has in store for us for its initial local launch. A stunning preview of what Sushiro has to offer. Sushiro's seating capacity of 162, showcasing the kaiten and automated delivery system. As the first outlet in Southeast Asia, the Singapore outlet will be offering a colossal selection of 100 different sushi and side dishes, which is a feat in itsel

Hot Pot @ Chuanxi Ba Zi, Sunway Velocity

Sunway Velocity Mall is a popular spot for many hot pot cuisines. Here to join the ever growing craze for Chinese hotpot, Chuanxi Bazi has brought the authentic taste of Sichuan to us. The flagship store located in Sunway Visio Tower stands at an impressive 3600 sq ft with three private rooms and the capacity to accommodate up to a hundred and fifty hungry guests. I visited their grand launch to check out what they have to offer. Old Chinese inspired interior design I tried the yin and yang that is the restaurant’s signature Sichuan Spicy “Ma La” Broth (RM40) and savoury Tomato Broth (RM32). For those who can’t take the heat and numbing sensation, the tomato broth is a great substitute for t

El Mero Mero, Chijmes

"El Mero Mero" – Mexican slang for “the main man” or “the go-to guy”. Just as its name implies, El Mero Mero is the go-to place for authentic Mexican gastronomy. The restaurant opened its doors 5 years ago, but it's recently introduced a sexy new menu showcasing traditional flavour combinations (with a twist on modern food trends). El Mero Mero hopes to educate Singaporeans that Mexican food is not just about tacos and burritos served out of a food truck. Freshly painted walls, marble tables and tropical plants placed around the dining area brings a vibrant atmosphere and la-vida (life) feel as you walk into the refurbished restaurant. The brains behind this concept is Alejandro Blanco, Mexi

Benja Chicken, the World's First Brown Rice Fed-Chicken

The world's first brown rice-fed chicken, Benja Chicken from Thailand is now available in Singapore. Benja chicken is no ordinary chicken. It's more tender, juicy and has an exquisite flavour profile compared to conventional chicken. In Thailand, Michelin-starred restaurants such as Saneh Jaan, Paste and Siam Wisdom prefer Benja Chicken due to its rich and bold natural flavours. Benja Chicken is 100% natural and hormone/antibiotics free. The chicken are fed only selected brown rice grains rich in Gamma-Aminobutyric acid, antioxidants, and vitamins B3, B6 and B9. In addition, Benja Chicken takes pride in its animal welfare mission. You can be assured that the chickens aren't mistreated, and a

The Source Bulk Foods, Cluny Court

Imagine a store where you can buy all sorts of premium whole foods and healthy (or decadent) snacks, but in any amount you want. Introducing The Source Bulk Foods. All the way from Australia, the store in Cluny Court, a stone’s throw away from Botanic Gardens MRT, carries more than 350 different products. This includes plenty of pantry staples and tasty treats. The big selling point is you’re able to buy only as you need. For example, if you need to buy only 100g of rice, you can. The store promotes a zero waste goal to support sustainable living. There are three steps to buying anything from The Source: Grab a bag and write the product code of the product you want. Fill up the bag with as m

11 Best Mooncakes in Singapore to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is upon us once again, which means it’s time for mooncakes! Like every year, all the hotels, restaurants and shops are trying to outdo each other in a battle for the most creative mooncakes and outlandish packaging possible. From the timeless classics to the innovative creations, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite places to get your mooncakes from this year. Old Seng Choong For baked mooncakes, there’s two new flavours to savour — the Red Lotus Paste with Bakwa and the Chilled Yam with Pumpkin Snowskin, should be on top of your shopping list. The old favourite Wu Ren with Bakwa also returns by popular demand. Get the Four Heavenly Kings - Premium box ($168.80). In

Mrs Pho, Vivocity

I’ve heard a lot of rave reviews for Mrs Pho for its authentic Vietnamese fare, so I jumped at the chance to visit the new Mrs Pho outlet in Vivocity. Its third outlet in Singapore and first-ever in a shopping mall, the new Mrs Pho brings the same rustic “street market” decor along with a streamlined menu. There are some exclusive dishes at Vivocity from “Mrs Pho” herself, the mother of restaurant founder Hoang. Like this plate of Mamma’s Chicken Ham ($4.90) slices, which was gobbled up so quickly I was worried that there wasn’t enough to go around. These are sliced minced chicken marinated with spices, steamed in banana leaf then fried to give it that extra juicy flavour. This traditional V