Shawarma King, Bangsar Telawi

Whenever you think of Shawarma, do you think of thick cuts of juicy meats in a wrap, sauces dripping everywhere? Yes? Well, then you’ve got the exact idea of what a Malaysian shawarma is. Yes, Shawarma King serves up Malaysianised shawarma. The real thing back in the Middle East tends to be a bit drier, co-owner Sarah, says. But you gotta give the people what they want. This is one of the few shawarma places outside of downtown KL and of course, it’s located in the bustling heart of Bangsar’s Telawi area. The little shop lot is unassuming, very welcoming, and gives off a very homely vibe. Sure, you’ll probably come out of the place smelling a little like the meal you just had - but you wear

Wine & Chef @ Keong Siak Road

Nestled amongst heritage shop houses located at one of the most trendiest places to dine along Keong Siak Road lies a quaint Italian kitchen. Wine & Chef is helmed by Chef Darence Wee, previously from the renowned Les Amis group, who has 23 years of culinary experience up his sleeves. He has curated an exciting new menu using premium Asian ingredients that he incorporates into his hearty Italian fare. Diners are also able to access a wide range of Italian boutique wines with more than 140 lables to choose from and comes at such an affordable price starting from $7++ per glass! We started our meal with a Gorgonzola & Italian Ciabatta ($9). This comprises a chuck of blue cheese with a smooth t

Malaysian Food Festival @ Four Points by Sheraton Puchong

Varieties of Food in Malaysia food Festival @ 4points Puchong | Photo by Melvin Gan In Malaysia, we have variety of selection for food due to our melting pot of cultures. As a Malaysian, whenever I don’t have access to my comfort food, I tend to crave it and miss it. Sometimes, it’s hard to access all our favourite food in one single place (RIP Asia Cafe and Ming Tien food courts). But thankfully, places like Four Points by Sheraton Puchong have swooped in to bring us the Malaysian Food Festival from 20 August till 20th November. Varieties of laksa | Photo by Melvin Gan If you’re a laksa aficionado, then you’re going to want to try their Assam laksa to start your meal off with. Whetting the

Chui Huay Lim @ Chui Huay Lim Club, Newton

Chinese culture and cuisine brings a variety of traditional cooking that dates back centuries. Inside the 170 year old Chui Huay Lim Club you will find a Teochew restaurant that preserves culinary tradition, presenting authentic dishes and using only the freshest ingredients. From now till the 30th of November, a limited edition menu will be served as part of the 7th Anniversary Celebrations available on top of the regular menu. The colossal building on Keng Lee Road exudes a rich heritage of history and culture with the lanterns lighting up the grand entrance. Before our meal started we had a customary tea ceremony session to cleanse our palates. This is an art that is still alive up till t

The Great Brew Fest Malaysia: Learning How To Pair Your Beer With Food

We recently attended the launch of The Great Brew Fest Malaysia by Heineken Malaysia, and perhaps it’s because I’m not a huge beer drinker myself, but I just realised that there are so many types of beers out there - and that’s not including craft beer! So The Great Brew Fest Malaysia really opened my eyes up to the many variations of beer and better still, the way beers and ciders influence our tastebuds when pairing it with food! We learned how to pour beer the right way - and different beers have different pouring techniques. And we got to sample the all new Tiger Amber lager. What a treat! But most importantly, the takeaway from the evening of drinks and food was the ultimate schooling

Unagiya Ichinoji Dining, Suntec City, Eat At Seven

Die-hard unagi fans: rejoice, you’re in for a treat! Early this year, Unagiya Ichinoji launched its first outlet in Singapore (which you can take a look here), and just recently they unveiled their second outlet at Suntec City’s Eat At Seven! If you’ve been following us on our Instagram page @foodievstheworld, you’d have caught a glimpse on what’s it like on our Instagram Stories 😉. (Click here to follow us!) Not only are they offering a spread of unagi dishes -- they have an expanded menu unlike its first outlet at Robinson Quay -- featuring sashimi, sushi, deep-fried dishes and hot plates just to name a few. But we are here for a main reason: to their specialty unagi of course! First up,

Perk Coffee Malaysia

If you know me, I'm an avid coffee drinker; be it in the form of a classic espresso, French press or traditional filtered-style. It can be daunting at times when you wake up in the morning and realize that you've ran out of coffee. You then have to make your way out of the house just to get your fix from your local coffee bar. However, I think I have found a solution to this. Introducing Perk! Perk is a specialty coffee brand founded by 2 coffee lovers, Paul and Serena. Having met and lived in Africa, they started their coffee journey in Kenya by developing an appreciation of its delicious and fruity coffee grown in the beautiful highland plantations in the country. They are a fully online-b

Jamaica Blue @ The Robertson, KL

One of Australia's most successful retail franchise companies, Jamaica Blue is now in newly developed commercial cum residences The Robertson, Kuala Lumpur. Jamaica Blue seeks to deliver truly unique contemporary cafe experience, with exclusive premium products and award-winning coffee. It believes in sourcing the best of ingredients which are fresh and locally-sourced. We started off our brunch here with Jamaica Blue's award-winning signature blend coffee. We had a cup of long black (RM6.90) and a cup of latte (RM9.90). Both coffees are medium roasted and made with 100% Arabica beans sourced from six of the world's most renowned coffee regions. Both the coffees tasted creamy with a delicate

Three Buns, Robertson Quay

Not many burgers have the ability to truly blow my mind, the last time that happened was when I tried Hans Im Glück when it first came to Singapore last year. I couldn’t be happier to find another burger joint that was able to take my breath away the way Three Buns by Potato Head did. Three Buns isn’t new to the scene, their award-winning burgers have been in Singapore for a few years at Potato Head, but this is their first stand-alone burger place in Singapore, and with it, a few new burgers exclusively at Robertson Quay. Potato Head family ethos of “Good Times, Do Good” is represented throughout the restaurant. The walls and tables are made of recycled woods, the choice of limiting single-

Wood & Wheat, Tropicana Avenue

Wood & Wheat at Tropicana Avenue serves wood-fried oven pizzas that you’ll be drawn to just by hearing about the flavours. Now, before you slam fusion pizzas, you ought to give it a taste. Pizzas at Wood & Wheat are interesting because of the very Asianised flavours and ingredients. Though the theme itself might make you feel like you’re in a very Western diner-esque place. Casual dining at its best, the dishes are served in paper cups and wooden blocks. You can find comfort food sides here like their chicken fingers (RM12) and garlick fries (RM8). The sides aren’t much to shout about, so let’s move on to the pizzas. The main highlight here is their pizzas, of course. The thick crusted, fres

How to use MealPal in Singapore to get cheaper everyday meals

If you have been following us on Instagram, you'd notice that we recently gave you a little sneak peek into MealPal. Everyone has been asking "what is MealPal?" and "How do to use MealPal in Singapore?" So read on, and I shall answer your questions. TL;DR subscribe through here for $30 off your first subscription! What is MealPal? And how to use Mealpal in Singapore? MealPal is a monthly food take-away subscription that will allow you to collect up to 15 meals a month for a fixed price for lunch or dinner during weekdays, depending on your choice of subscription. The food must be pre-ordered via the MealPal app with participating restaurant outlets. You'd then pick up your order at your pref

Fat Cat, The Intermark

I'm a super big fan of rice bowls, so Fat Cat at The Intermark is actually quite the perfect lunch spot for me to head to (if I worked in the building!). You might recognise the brand name from its first outlet located ay Sunway Geo. Fat Cat at The Intermark has a similar menu from its sister outlet in Sunway, except that it also offers a vegetarian noodle bowl! (which we will get into in detail a little later) This quick bites, lunch spot is the perfect place to grab a meal during midday or when you're on the way out of the office (for a comfort meal when you get home). They offer their rice bowls and noodle bowls, as well as light snacks and desserts such as their cakes and churros. If you

Mean Mince, Mutiara Damansara

Mean Mince in Mutiara Damansara is the latest burger joint to hit the scene in PJ/KL. You must be wondering, don’t we have enough burgers by now? That’s what we thought, too. But truly, after giving it a second and third thought, is there such a thing as “too much” when it comes to burgers? More options means we get to be more discerning (and fussy) with our burgers! And discerning we were, when we got to Mean Mince. We were served with a nice big tin cup of popcorn - which is a nice snack to munch on while you browse through the artsy menu. We really love the design of their black and white menu with quirky graphics to depict their offerings. We got Min, one of the founders of the place, to

Club Meatballs @ China Square Central

With the gig economy on the rise in Singapore, startups and freelancers are constantly on the lookout for a chilled enough environment to meet, collaborate on ideas and work. Preferably with food around the corner too! This is what Clubco and Club Meatballs have created, a co-working space with all the amenities, starting with packages from $500 a month. The big difference in this membership fee, compared to other co-working spaces, is that you are able to use the equivalent ($500) amount to grab food Club Meatballs Cafe which, is the restaurant and cafe connected to the co-working space. We were invited to a Sunday brunch at the cafe to try out all the delicious new dishes on the menu and o

Underground Coffee, Taman OUG

Hunting for good coffee places in KL can sometimes be mundane. While there are many new cafes that pop up ever so often, only a handful are memorable offering unique menu items for us to try. Underground Coffee @ Taman OUG is one of them. Established in August 2018, they are part of a new breed of cafe offering unique ways to sip your favorite espresso. The cafe currently operates in The Red Chamber; a new and hip speakeasy in the mature neighborhood of OUG, effectively turning this place into a coffee parlor by day and a mysterious cocktail + craft beer establishment by night. Read our review on The Red Chamber here. What makes them unique is that instead of using traditional espresso machi

Santai @Genting Premium Outlet

Often, when you think about going to Genting Premium Outlet, it’s all about shopping, but hey, shopping will get us hungry too. And what should you eat when you’re hungry after a long shopping spree? The next time you’re faced with this decision, try Santai to get your asian food fix from breakfast to dinner. Minion Bun (Salted Egg Yolk Bun) From light snacks to heavy meals, Santai has it all. Like this adorable Minion Bun. The Minion Bun is basically is a Salted Egg Yolk Bun. BBQ Chicken Bun They also have BBQ chicken bun, which is delicious and the warm bun is exactly what we need when the weather is cooling outside! Sichuan Dumpling Noodle After some dim sum breakfast we tried heavier dis