Healthy Zero-calorie Noodles from Tamoya Udon

I know most of you out there who are on a diet would typically avoid carbohydrates (carbs for short), such as rice and noodles. But fret not, when you’re over at Tamoya Udon! This is our third time here to Tamoya Udon and this time, they're introducing these miracle Bijin Noodles that have virtually zero carbs and zero calories. (Check out our previous reviews on Tamoya Udon here and here) These Japanese Shirataki Noodles are also known as beauty noodles and made from konjac root. So, they’re also vegan friendly and gluten-free! And with Tamoya Udon’s new Bijin Noodle series, you can now enjoy it in four uber-yummy flavours. Let’s start with my favourite one, the Beef Kake ($11.80). The beau

Origin Bar, Shangri-La Hotel

If only learning more about Singapore’s history and heritage was as fun as it is at Origin Bar, Shangri-La’s swanky new watering hole. Deep emerald greens walls, dark woods furniture and low amber lights deck the lush interior, which was inspired by train stations from a bygone era of men in top hats and ladies in long flowy dresses, it truly felt like stepping back in time. With a distinct cocktail menu inspired by five different districts, Orchard, Chinatown, Little India, Boat Quay and Marina Bay, bar manager Adam Bursik will take you on a journey to discover and celebrate the unique characteristics of various neighbourhoods in Singapore. Orchard I started with their namesake, Origin ($22

Six Senses Duxton hotel special opening offer

Here’s another hotel to add to your list of staycation places: Six Senses Duxton! The hotel is due to open its doors on 15 April 2018, but you can already start booking your rooms online now. The best thing is, Six Senses Duxton will be giving out a 15% discount on the Best Available Rate as way to say “hello” to new customers, up till 30 June 2018. The offer also includes breakfast for up to two guests, welcome amenities and unlimited wifi access. The first of Six Senses hotels in Singapore, the Six Senses Duxton is located in the heart of Chinatown, where Singapore’s heritage comes to life. Speaking of heritage, Six Senses Duxton features a diverse mix of Chinese, Malay and European elemen

Bucked Out Seafood Market Buffet, Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Seafood lovers, rejoice! Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur now has a new seafood buffet that is sure to make you salivate. The Bucked Out Seafood Market at Gobo Chit Chat is certainly the freshest catch in town, where you can "catch" your own seafood for dinner. But don't worry, you don't have to get your hands dirty, you simply just pick and choose the seafood you want to eat. This unique buffet allows customers to chose from their wide selection of fresh seafood, fill it in a bucket, and pass it over to the chefs to cook the selection in your preferred sauce. I must say, it was nice to be able to choose exactly what you want and how much of it you want. I was definitely spoilt for choice with the

Tea Tasting with Good & Proper Tea, London

So I was invited by the wonderful people of Good & Proper Tea to attend a tea tasting in their quaint tea bar in Leather Lane. First off, loving the interior! The owner of the tea bar, who was also hosting the event, mentioned that she opened this up as a way to introduce a new hot spot for tea lovers and wanted it to have similar cafe vibes as all the hip coffee places in London, and I think they did a good job. Moving on, a little bit of background about Good & Proper Tea. Emilie, the founder of the business, opened it up in 2012 by running a Kickstarter campaign, which then led to the business launching via a Tea Bar Van! This van would travel around to festivals, events, etc. and this wa

Cadbury Extends Partnership with The Premier League in Malaysia

What does chocolate have in common with football, you might ask? Cadbury, the world’s best-selling confectionery brand under Mondelēz International has partnered with England’s most prestigious football authority, The Premier League. And now, this partnership has been extended to the football-crazy nation of Malaysia! Besides the fact that both are highly enjoyable (and addictive), they create joyous moments in people from all walks of life; regardless of race, gender and background. The Premier League partnership that was first announced in the UK back in 2017, builds on Cadbury’s history of iconic sports partnerships including its sponsorship of the London Olympics in 2012. “The long-term

Kouzu, Bangsar

As you enter the corner lot in which Kouzu sits, you are greeted by a large dragon. It is not a scary dragon, but rather one that is beautifully painted on a stretch of Kouzu's wall. It sits next to paintings of Mount Fuji, Sakura flowers, koi fish and a geisha. The spectacular graffiti wall certainly does make an impression, and it sets the tone of Kouzu being artistically modern while still holding onto Japanese culture. Opened just a month ago, Kouzu is the latest Japanese tapas, or Japas, restaurant to hit Bangsar. If you are wondering what is Japas, it is modern Japanese dishes that are made to share. On top of that, Kouzu offers sushi, yakitori, donburi, salads, soups, pastas and pizza

The Ministry of Wine

The Ministry of Wine, a new player in the ever growing e-commerce wine industry has officially launched this year offering more than 5,000 wine labels, bespoke services and of course, convenience of home delivery of your favourite vino. Their amazing offering caters to a wide audience of Oenophiles (a.k.a. wine lovers); choose from their ultra-premium labels to their affordable but still delicious selections that can be delivered on the same day! Shoppers can browse their e-catalog and search their favourite bottle by country, region, grape variety, vintage, price range and many more. Bespoke services offered include palate profiling that provides recommendations based on personal preference

Pak Jen Gulai Panas, Quill City Mall

Pak Jen is a new establishment opening its doors at Quill City Mall. The restaurant features a traditional northern Malay menu founded by two lads in their early 20s whose roots lie in Kedah. Pak Jen Gulai Panas first opened its doors in December 2017 in Langkawi. And now, they have set their sights into introducing their wholesome traditional northern Malay dishes to Kuala Lumpur. Photo by Melvin | Chef Ismail cooking & sharing session It was our honour to be part of their Grand Opening in Quill City Mall. During the event, we got up close and personal with Chef Ismail also known as Datuk Ismail Ahmad (Malaysia Heritage Chef), who generously shared his gulai panas recipe, and one of his fav

Chocolate Tasting with Cocoa Runners, Prufrock Coffee, London

Photo by Samad | Prufrock Coffee Recently, we were invited to attend a Chocolate Tasting hosted by Cocoa Runners at Prufrock Coffee in London. Before we get into the chocolates, let me first give you a background on who the Cocoa Runners is! So Cocoa Runners is basically a club started by and for chocolate lovers and enthusiasts. They find craft chocolate made by chocolate makers who source out premium chocolate beans directly from small farmers from different parts of the world who value high quality, transparency, value and ethical practices. These makers usually manufacture their bars of chocolate in small batches, to maintain the high standards from creation to delivery to purchase.

5 Off the Beaten Track Places You Have to Visit in Western Australia

Despite it being a fair few weeks since we've come home from Western Australia, not a day goes by that I do not think of all the amazing foods we had there. But consumables aside, WA has more to offer than just great eating experiences. 1) Yeagurup Dunes The Yeagurup Dunes was my absolute favourite location. Imagine riding a (super bumpy) 4-wheeled drive through a dense forest, with towering Karri trees and the slimmest of tracks, only for it to open up to the largest expanse of sand dunes in the southern hemisphere. The beautiful, white, soft sand had been carried by the wind over hundreds of years from the nearest beach, and they swallow up the nearby forests at the rate of 2km per year. A

New Maguro Menu at Shima, Goodwood Park Hotel

The first time we dined in Shima last year and experienced Chef Hoshiba Fumihiko's kaiseki (multi-course) menu we were totally blown away by the quality of ingredients and his immaculately plated dishes. We were excited to be back here again to taste his creations of Maguro (tuna), a festival happening this March celebrating the iconic fish in several culinary variations. If you happen to be a maguro lover, then this menu will certainly tantalise your palate. We started off with the ever glistening toro-sashimi ($35.00). This melted in our mouths, with a rich buttery flavour and it was certainly refreshing. What I liked most about this cut was the bold tangy flavour that came from the toro a

Down To Bones, Taman OUG

Lovers of pork ribs will LOVE Down To Bones, a casual Western eatery at Taman OUG. A bright neon sign welcomes you with the tagline “sek pai guat, hari hari kuat” which roughly translates to “eat ribs, be strong everyday”. I absolutely love the interior of the place, which is a very simple “coffeeshop-like” design with a hint of vintage touches (like an old arcade game at the front and their classic metal stools). The concept here is an open kitchen, which means you get to see, smell and hear your food being cooked. The smoke tends to get around the restaurant quite a bit, but that just adds to your experience here at Down To Bones. We started off our meal with a mushroom soup, which tasted

Bibimbap, Glasgow

Photo by Samad | Bibimbap facade So recently in Glasgow, we've been experiencing very cold winters and even heavy snow fall, to the point that the whole country seems like it's shut down. For me, when it's freezing outside, I often look for hearty meals that can warm me up, which means I'll be looking for spicy soups, and lots of it! Glasgow, being a small-to-medium sized city itself, has plenty of foodie spots to choose from, however the selections of Asian cuisines still lack a bit of diversity and options. You're definitely not short of typical Indian food nor Chinese (although some Chinese restaurants are quire fusion), so you can imagine my sheer excitement when I saw that a restauran

New Dimsum & Peking Duck Set at Dragon Bowl

We’re back again at Dragon Bowl for the third time and once again, they have not failed to impress us with their culinary awesomeness. This time, Dragon Bowl is introducing 7 new dimsum dishes, while also bringing back the 30% off on ALL DIM SUM! And not just that, Dragon Bowl is bringing you their awesome Peking Duck Served 4 Ways ($98 for whole duck; $58 for half duck). Here’s how you know that none of the duck has gone to waste! Let’s first take a look at the dimsum dishes. First, we had the Steamed Crystal Prawn Roll ($4.80), filled with a colourful medley of ingredients all wrapped up in a clear wrap and steamed to a perfection. This dimsum comes with a sauce, which means you’ve got to

Platform, Glasgow

Photo from Platform Official Facebook Page | Platform signage! Photo by Samad | The cool interior ​ Hooray! After much anticipation over the passed few months, Platform has finally opened up in the Arches to fellow Glasgwegians over the first weekend of March! Platform is another street food space located right in the centre of the city, under Glasgow Central Station. The space is magnificent! I remember the Arches only as a nightclub, so seeing the space being used for something else other than drinking and dancing was a pleasant surprise. It's a massive area and can fit hundreds of people and I think location wise, it's very strategic. One great thing is that, compared to the other n

7 Tips To Conquer Shanghai Disneyland Like A Pro

I eat, breathe and live Disney! So on a recent trip to Shanghai, I of course jumped at the opportunity to spend a day at Disneyland. Theme park enthusiasts will likely have their own personal preference on how to best navigate this environment, but for the less experienced, I will share with you Shanghai Disneyland tips to conquer it like a pro! 1. Shanghai Disneyland Tips: Remember to bring your passport. When visiting Shanghai Disneyland, the most important thing to remember is your passport! Without it you won’t be able to set foot in the park. This applies to all tourists that do not have a Chinese ID; and is true for visiting any attraction in China. Many places require you to provide y

Letsgetwise Scam: Bloggers Beware!

We got an odd email today (read below). My first instinct told me it was a scam. But I didn’t want to assume off the bat. So I did some quick research. The email promises $100 paid through PayPal just for posting an article on our website. Sounds easy enough? Hilarious that people would even think bloggers make such easy money. Newsflash — we don’t. We work hella hard and in cases such as ours, we don’t even make a cent from our work most of the time. We live on passion and free food, full disclaimer. Anyway, I just did a quick search of the company based off the email they sent. And this is what I found. It’s ridiculous that #1, they boast about wanting to introduce a team. Yet show these g

Ginza Kamo Soba Kyudaime Keisuke, Holland Village

When I crave for Japanese food, I think of sushi or a piping hot bowl of pork-broth ramen. Although one may not associate duck with Japanese cuisine, Japanese “Ramen King” Keisuke Takeda may just change your mind. Ginza Kamo Soba Kyudaime Keisuke, that recently opened, brings the marriage of Japanese cuisine and duck to its customers with two variations duck broth -- spicy miso, tsukemen (dipping noodles) -- along with a mazesoba (dry ramen) variation. Upon stepping into Kamo Soba Keisuke, I immediately felt at home with its cosy traditional Japanese chashitsu (tea houses) concept. Despite the fact that it may not accommodate a large number of customers at once, its ambiance brings your dini

4 Types of Food All Malaysian Foodies Must Try In South of Western Australia

If Western Australia has not been on your bucket list, it's time to put it there. The region around Margaret River has been described as the "Food Bowl of Australia" -- producing more than half the country's fruits, vegetables, meats, seafoods, and wines. There is no doubt that this is the prime place to visit if you really and truly want to taste the best that Australia has to offer. So if you're looking for the best food to try in Western Australia, this is the list for you. And taste we did, from Albany all the way up to Fremantle, the group of us hugged the most southwest shoreline of the great Down Under, eating and tasting our way North, while enjoying the most incredible sights and in