The Replacement Lodge + Kitchen: The Ultimate #InstagramGoals Bed & Breakfast

You wouldn't instantly think of JB as a staycation destination... but if you're living in Singapore, JB is just across the causeway and really, quite convenient to access. And if you're entering Malaysia through the Causeway Link and other public buses, you get out at the CIQ building. You don't need to rent a car to get around the hottest spots in JB and now with Grab and Uber, you won't need to fight with the local taxi touts trying to make a quick buck off you. But if you don't want to deal with the traffic around JB, walking is also an option you can consider. The Replacement Lodge + Kitchen is a popular haunt for many Singaporeans during the weekend for brunch, but did you know tha

Zucchini Bros, Dunedin New Zealand

Italian cuisine is becoming more and more popular, and we have found another goodie in Dunedin. Zucchini Bros, like all great Italian restaurants, specialise in pizza and pasta. Our meal today consisted of two pastas, two pizzas and two desserts. We started off the meal with the chicken, mushroom and crème on penne ($19). The dish was smooth, rich and creamy, packed full of flavour. Mouthwatering! If you are into creamy pastas, this is your go-to! But if you prefer your pastas a little less heavy on the cream, I still recommend you order a plate to share with the table just to try a bite. Trust me, it’ll be worth it! The ravioli with tomato sauce ($19.50) was no match for this creamy delight

Cinnamon's Fusion Cuisine, Kota Kemuning

Cinnamon's Fusion Cuisine is the kind of friendly neighbourhood restaurant that you keep going back to. With their Malaysian classics as well as their slightly more adventurous fusion dishes, there's something for everyone. Not to mention, their delicious offerings are also priced reasonably! The highlight of our tasting was Cinnamon's Briyani. We tried their Bamboo Chicken Briyani (RM18.90) that is served in a bamboo container. You actually witness the Briyani being tapped out of the bamboo container in front of you, adding to the eating experience. The Briyani was packed full of flavour, something the head chef and owner is infinitely proud of. "You don't need to add curry to it, there's e

Faculty of Caffeine, Johor Bahru

JB's food scene never ceases to surprise me. It's been a while (10 years to be exact) since I've actually went down and explored this city and its foodie offerings. Imagine the excitement I experienced when we were invited to a whole foodie staycation here. We got to check out a coffee + breakfast specialty cafe right in the heart of JB's bustling heritage site. Faculty of Caffeine is established by a young chap named Edward, who is also the owner of the ever popular The Replacement Lodge + Kitchen cafe (our review here) that is frequent haunt among KL and Singapore visitors. Located unsuspectingly in between old heritage shop houses in JB's 'Little India' area on Jalan Trus, it's is hidden

Basilico's Seasonal Menu at Regent Hotel Singapore

Basilico presents their all new summer and autumn dinner menus! As the season changes in Italy, Head Chef Luca Beccalli brings the change into his restaurant, affording us the privilege to try out different seasonal dishes. Basilico offers both á la carte and buffet options, which can seat up to 200 guests (indoor, including two private dining rooms which can seat up to 10 guests each). Basilico has launched their year-long "Flavour of the Seasons" Basilissimo dinner series, from Winter dishes (January - March), and from June 20th, we get to try the Summer specials! After which, you'll get to try Autumn, from September 26th to January 1st. Tavolo Degli Antipasti is a buffet spread which incl

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, Johor Bahru

Hotel Jen is really the place to be if you're visiting JB from Singapore or KL. The weekend we decided to drive down to JB, Hotel Jen was bustling with families and travellers from both major cities. It's no surprise that this hotel is one of the more popular ones - just look at that stunning view of Puteri Harbour. We were privileged enough to be invited for a tasting session of their menu - just a few dishes to sample. Our menu for the evening was specially curated by the chef and we even had it printed out and placed at our seats. What a great way to start the meal! We were then served warm bread while waiting for our appetisers. Though the outdoor dining area was booked out for the night

Yuba Hut, Heartland Mall Hougang

If you are looking for a place where you can get modern Japanese fusion cuisine for reasonable prices, Yuba Hut is it. Worry not if the location seems too far, Yuba Hut has partnered with Foodpanda to deliver the Japanese goodness right to your doorstep! But if you're willing to make the trip there, it will be worth it to try the food fresh and hot. A must try are their sushi concoctions. Get started with something rich like the Cream Cheese Mentaiko Salmon ($9.90/4 pieces), which was out of this world! I didn't think cream cheese would go so well with mentaiko but Yuba Hut's Chef has proven me wrong. It was flavourful and it's definitely something I would order again when I come back! Anoth

A taste of Family Kitchen with Sherson

There's something wholesome and warm about being served a homecooked meal. Perhaps it is because you know that only fresh ingredients are used and no artificial flavourings or preservatives are going into the food. Or maybe you just appreciate the love and effort that goes into making the dish. Whatever the reason, Malaysian celebrity chef Sherson Lian and his mother Ann Lian's cooking takes you to a happy place. I had the great privilege of sampling some of their cooking last week. Although I didn’t manage to meet them in person, I guess their delicious cooking is the next best thing! In conjunction with Ramadan, Sherson and Ann prepared a special Malay-style feast to be delivered to my off

The Replacement Lodge + Kitchen: Night at Replacement Dinner Tapas

For a while now, The Replacement Lodge + Kitchen has been known for their brunch menu, commanding strong crowds, often with many needing to queue to enter the gorgeous cafe during peak hours. There's no surprise there because not only is the cafe blessed with natural lighting, the food and drinks are spectacular. Not to mention, every nook and cranny of the place has been thoughtfully decorated to pique every Instagrammer's fancy. But in an equally gorgeous setting is Night at The Replacement. It is the popular cafe's dinner service which serves some of the best fusion tapas and craft beers. Do not miss the craft beers here, they are really good and cater to any tastebuds. Definitely go for

Singapore’s first-ever doggie & owner retreat staycation: Bark-A-Tree

Doggie owners out there! Haven't you always wanted to enjoy a nice getaway with your beloved fur kid? I know I always have! It's just that most hotels in Singapore have a strict no pets policy and for some hotels, you would have to pay a hefty sum to bring your pet along. From the people behind Hope For Animals, a new project called Bark-A-Tree arises that aims to tie in with hotels and resorts, such as Punggol Ranch to let you and your dogs enjoy a sensational weekend getaway. This 14-16 July, bring your four-legged furry pal on a treat to a quaint countryside themed resort at Punggol Ranch that is just a breeze walk away from the beach! This would be the perfect opportunity for you to bond

Duende Cafe, Perth

Spanish tapas is becoming a trend in many of Perth's food outlets. The eclectic menu of small plates that changes seasonally and relies on fresh ingredients provides diners with an option that is hard to refuse. This style of dining is intimate, somewhat cheaper, there is more variety, and less wastage, said the owner of Duende Cafe when asked why he chooses to serve tapas. Upon arriving at the cafe, we were welcomed by the majestic oval bar that was the centre of attention, smack in the middle of the cafe. With light pop music playing in the background, this laid back setting would be a place one can dine to escape the hustle and bustle of the day. The vibe at Duende Cafe during the day is

Signature@The Roof x Perrier-Jouët

It is not every day we are indulged by good food and champagne on the top floor of a high-rise building. I was definitely pampered with two champagne variations from Perrier-Jouët that was paired with Signature @The Roof's latest menu. To mark this special evening, The Roof transformed itself from its usual trendy gastro-lounge to a botanical wonderland, drawing inspiration from Perrier-Jouët's classy Japanese anemone design that is featured on its bottles. The dainty Japnese anemone flower is the perfect symbol for the champagne maker, as both champagnes we tasted were floral and delicate in flavour. Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut was my personal favourite. It is flavoursome and well-balanced, an

The Replacement Lodge + Kitchen: Staycation in JB

JB is a great staycation destination for Singaporeans and as such, even though we drove down from KL, we decided to check out The Replacement Lodge and Kitchen so we could share its beauty with our Singaporean readers. From the outside, the shophouse looks pretty unassuming, with The Replacement Kitchen downstairs serving really great food for both brunch and dinner. As you enter through the door just next to the cafe to climb up the stairs, you know you're in for a treat. We stayed here for two nights and on our first day/night, we got the whole lodge to ourselves. There are two Skylight rooms, which we found to be the cosiest set up for two. Just look at how gorgeous the room is! Ver

Taipan, Superstar Libra Star Cruises Malaysia

The thing about going on cruises is the whole luxurious feel of it. And while not all of us would enjoy having fine dining everyday while on board, it is nice to be offered the option. Onboard the Superstar Libra, there are so many food choices for you to choose from, from casual dining at Blue Lagoon to a classier set up like Taipan. Taipan is your go-to spot when you're looking to have a big dinner with the family - especially Chinese families, since this is one of the only non-halal restaurants on the ship. You simply can't say no to their crispy suckling pig - one that comes with all the trappings of a good suckling pig, the sweet sauce and the thin popiah wraps. And something the older

Kosnica, Duxton Rd

Among the many bars and restaurants that are located on Duxton road, you can find this little café right at the corner of the street... and their specialty? Desserts incorporating one of nature’s best foods - honey. First up, I tried their Hibiscus Tea. Personally, I tend to prefer more intense teas as this hibiscus tea had a very mild floral, berry-like flavour. For those of you who have never tried hibiscus before, you may like it if you love eating berries. What’s great about their teas is that they are all organic, for those who are particularly conscious on their choice of teas, this would be something to consider trying. Next up was their Honey Yuzunade (S$8.60). Instead of using sugar

PAUL, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

My boyfriend lived in France for a number of years, so he was absolutely thrilled to hear the news of his favourite patisserie coming to Kuala Lumpur. PAUL opened its doors last month in Pavilion, so we just had to visit to see if the pastries are as good as he remembers. PAUL is separated into two parts, the main outlet displays the baked goods and has limited seating. The main dining area right outside the outlet, it's hard to miss! We visited the outlet at around 11.45am on a weekday and got a table easy enough. But by 12.30pm, the tables were starting to really fill up. Other than the pastries and desserts they are famous for, PAUL also serves up a number of savoury options. Since PAUL i

Burger & Lobster, SkyAvenue Genting Highlands

Of course, when in Genting, one has to drop by the brand new Skyavenue to check out the glittering casino and the expansive F&B offerings. Burger & Lobster is one of the most well known brands to come to Skyavenue's impressive lineup of establishments. Having been to the one in London, I definitely had my expectations set up but knowing that it would be a completely different experience, I braced myself for the worst. I shouldn't have because as of March this year, I have to say, the quality of the food you get here is still worth making the trip for. The casual dining experience is enhanced by the fact that you are tasting the famed dishes from the comfort of your own country. The lobsters

Misato Japanese Restaurant

Misato is a contemporary and chic Japanese restaurant where you can experience a whole lot of creativity in Japanese cuisine. Misato is located in the heart of Singapore, near the Somerset MRT. The restaurant is gorgeous and without a doubt, as they spent $400,000 on their custom made furniture and tableware! We started off with a Chawanmushi ($4.90) which was very smooth and appetising. We've tried many chawanmushi dishes before and most commonly it comes out overcooked, but this one proved to be perfectly cooked. We were also served a matcha ice blended drink ($8.80). The powder they use here is imported from Japan. It wasn't too sweet and went well with the food served. It was served with

Pezzo & Crave Jemput Makan This Ramadan

It’s that time of the year again, where our Muslim family and friends are observing the holy month, and we're here to share more ideas from both Pezzo and Crave on what you can get for them for iftar. You know pizza is a sure winner when it comes to breaking fast in a big group. Try out their Satay Rendang Pizza (S$5.20/slice), which comes with a gooey mozzarella chees, at the same time you can taste a meaty sweetness from the rendang. If you're the kind of person who needs rice, the Hot & Spicy Nasi Lemak Squid set ($8.90) is one way to go. What I like about the squid is that it tastes almost like calamari and it’s not chewy at all as you can cut right through it. The individual rice grains

Gemersik Selera @The Mill Cafe, Grand Millennium Hotel KL

Living in the tropics of Southeast Asia, we have the privilege of indulging in a wide range of Malay traditional foods especially during the month of Ramadan. The fasting month is here which is the holy month observed by Muslims. This is a great time for families and friends to get together to "buka puasa" (break-fast) after fasting for the whole day. We entered into a vast dining room with aromas of different flavours floating in the air. The servers were clothed in traditional Malay garments and the classical live entertainment uplifted the atmosphere as if we were walking into a home anticipating a great feast ahead. After tasting a wide range of dishes, this is what we thought stood out