MTree Hotel, Puchong

As far as hotels go... what would you consider a good hotel? One that has decent business facilities? Or an infinity pool? Or good food? Depending on your needs as a traveller, you might want all three or maybe even more. For business travellers, functionality and practicality take precedence over other factors. When we went to M Hotel for our staycation, we went as a group of friends hoping to enjoy our public holiday in a nice hotel and that's exactly what we did. We arrived at about noon on the public holiday, just in time to check in and enjoy lunch. Checking in at the concierge was a joyful experience and one that we had not experienced at many other hotels. MTree Hotel, being as new as

Aloha Cycle Club, Plaza Damas

If, like me, after a while you get bored of just going to the gym and doing the same ol' routines and you just want to change it up a little, you ought to consider spinning. It was my first time trying out spin cycling and I am glad that I went to Aloha Cycle for my first class. The instructor for the day was Katrina and she is one of the most enigmatic instructors I have ever come across. You settle yourself on a bike after being equipped with proper fitting shoes and then you're given a set of weights. Don't be fooled by the light weights. Even if you do weight training (like I sometimes do) a 0.5kg pair can test your endurance in a high intensity setting. I took the 1kg pair and reminded

Kaf Coffee, Glasgow

Photo by Kaf Coffee | Minimalist store front Kaf Coffee is a Scandinavian-style cafe and bakery located in Hyndland, West End towards Partick. It’s a small space that packs a huge punch in minimalist interiors, delicious breakfast plates and well-made milk coffees and brews. Photo by Samad | Scandi plates; top one is vegan and bottom, normal As a lady that brunches (very often), I made it a point to visit Kaf for their Scandi-brunch plates consisting of crispy bacon, slices of cheese, freshly baked sourdough bread, baked potatoes, grilled cherry tomatoes, soft-boiled eggs, homemade hummus, some fruits and a bowl of yoghurt with berries and homemade granola! HUGE meal, isn’t it? Well, it’s th

Neroteca, Bukit Ceylon

Every once in a while, you'll stumble upon an F&B establishment that will completely blow your mind. We did, and it's none other than Neroteca @ Bukit Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur. Tucked within the Seri Bukit Ceylon Residence, Neroteca is a charming little Italian restaurant with a warm and cosy ambiance. I wouldn't call it fine dining as it feels more like a place of comfort to feast on hearty and delicious Italian cuisine. You will be spoilt for choice as they have a wide range starters, mains and even desserts to choose from. Starting off our meal, we sampled their Deli Neroteca (RM117), a platter comprising of an assortment of cold cuts and cheese accompanied with antipasti and schiacciata. I r

Superfoods, Verve Suites Mont Kiara

Evidently, healthier options for food have been met with much enthusiasm. After the success of Goodness Greens, La Juiceria have opened up two new outlets under a new brand - Superfoods. One is located in Verve Suites, Mont Kiara and the other at Avenue K. You will recognise the interior and menu here as it carries the exact same outlook as Goodness Greens and La Juiceria. Get your premium smoothies here too for only RM10.99 each - affordable and healthy. We got to try the watermelon slush, the Dr. Protein, the Mangga Millionaire and the Chocoloco which allowed us to indulge in a really nice and thick smoothie, without feeling too guilty! As for the dishes, since the menu has expanded quite

Bakery 47, Glasgow

Photo by Baker47 | Shop front on a sunny day! Bakery47 is a down-to-earth artisan bakery located on Victoria Road on the southside of Glasgow. Owned by talented bakers, Sam and Anna, this bakery opened as an idea and project to build relationships with the local community of creators, makers and Glaswegians, through their love of food and baked goods. Photo by Samad | The sleek and homey interior of the bakery The bakery is one of my most favourite spots for breakfast here in Glasgow. The space is cozy, warm and welcoming, somehow giving off that very comforting atmosphere, especially upon entering when the scent of freshly baked rye bread, fig cakes and baguettes hits you right in the fac

Guenpin Fugu & Snow Crab

With over 96 outlets in Japan, Guenpin’s first foray in bringing fugu (puffer fish) outside of Japan, that is safe for consumption (and not to mention delicious), is in none other than Singapore to be its first overseas market. Since the preparation of fugu is a serious matter, as another person’s life is at your hands, chefs go through many rigorous years of training before they are legally allowed to serve the fish to customers. We can only imagine that the task of having exporting it out of the country would be equally daunting, as the fish has to be free from all toxins before entering Singapore. Personally, I believe they did a great job in preserving the freshness of the fish in the ex

Pierre Ledent Chocolate, Mercato Cafe

How can anyone say no to good chocolate? The foodie team recently had an inside sneak peek into how the perfect iced and hot chocolate are made. My favourite part of this review was that I could savour them after the demonstration. The Mercato Cafe is located inside Pavilion KL. It took me a while to locate it, and found that the easiest way to get there was going up the escalator in the Mercato supermarket. Before we go on, here's a little introduction on the mastermind behind the luxury chocolate served in Mercato Cafe. Pierre Ledent is a reputable and multi-award winning luxury chocolatier from Belgium. Winning the Belgiun National Arts Award twice in a row, Pierre has also once won the t

Luscious by Lisa T, One Mont Kiara

After the first wave of cupcake shops (think Wondermilk, Twelve Cupcakes), cupcakes had almost become the forgotten dessert/snack (what with options like bingsu, macarons and the like). But clearly, cupcakes have not totally gone out of fashion. And Luscious by Lisa T in One Mont Kiara is here to ensure it stays in style. We were greeted by the Chief Eating Office (CEO) Lisa T herself as she welcomed us into her bespoke store. Walking in feels as though you have been transported into a land full of sweet desires. The moment we entered into the store, we stepped onto a cupcake dance floor illuminated with different colours. Looking up, we saw custom made ice cream and cupcake shaped lights.

Greenwood Pizza Bar, Perth

The perfect marriage of toppings, pizza dough and buttery melting cheese in your mouth. If you're looking for some quality gourmet pizza in Perth with the above description, you have to try Greenwood's Pizza. Tucked away in the neighbourhood of Greenwood, this family-run take away/delivery shack offers 13 unique variety of pizzas and a selection of sides since its inception in 1986. We were greeted by a group of cheerful staff despite their packed outlet. My family and I brought back the pizzas that we were fortunate enough to sample, specially hand picked by owner Allan Lawrie himself. The pizza's come in three sizes; large $20, family $27 and the jumbo size priced at $38 (popular for its s

Superfood Brand Kinmemai to Launch in Singapore Mid-June 2017

With over six decades of research and development, Kinmemai produces a successful line of rice that goes well with both the health-conscious and the gourmands. White rice is a staple amongst many Asian countries, but it also has been identified as one of the top concerns that leads to the increased risk of diseases, such as diabetes. This style of consumption leads to the overload of rice starch, that creates an imbalance of blood sugar. How Kinmemai differentiates itself from other rice brands, is that while conventional methods of processing generally strips the external layer of the grain (also known as the sub-aleurone layer) which contains many of the nutritional components such as B1,

Kuala Lumpur Oyster Festival 2017

The crowd at the Kuala Lumpur Oyster Festival was bustling last Sunday. Adults were laughing over food and wine, children playing, chefs cooking, and music playing merrily in the background. What better way to spend a Sunday! Held at Southern Rock Seafood at Bangsar's Jalan Kemuja, it was a fun-filled street party with face painting activities for the kids, poetry reading, music and exciting oyster shucking competitions. It was my first time witnessing an oyster shucking competition, and I must say, it is quite exciting! Competitors must race to shuck a dozen oysters. They are judged on its appearance, having the mussel intact, and ensuring it is totally severed from the shell. It is amazing

Tsubohachi New Menu 2017, Publika

For the month of July, Tsubohachi is celebrating its 2nd year anniversary and will be giving away prizes worth up to RM15,000! It's called the "Fukubiki" contest. Spin for a chance to win. Customers will get a chance to spin with a minimum total bill of RM120 excluding promotional items. The higher the bill, the more chances you get to win. The GRAND PRIZE is trip to Osaka, Japan for 2! Mechanics of the contest: - Period: 1st July to 31st July - Only value of non promotional items will be eligible for the contest. - All food items or prizes will not be allowed for takeaway and can only be used in the next visit - Total bill tier: RM120 and above, you will be entitled to one spin RM350 and ab

Fittie Sense, Bangsar

Fittie Sense is the latest addition to Bangsar, Telawi's wide choice of food establishments. This is one place that all the health nuts will flock to for its clean menu. But that's not the only thing that is clean about the place. The whole aesthetic is also very clean and incorporates much of nature with plenty of sunlight from the sunroof. Fittie Sense makes their own kefir probiotic soda, which is great for the digestive system! But they also sell (kefir) smoothies, tea and coffee if you're looking for something more mainstream. We tried the Fittie chai latte (RM10) and one their kefir smoothies, the Fittie Digestion Smoothie (RM14). The first thing we got to try here was their "zoodles",

Kam's Roast, Pacific Plaza

If you're ever in town and you're looking for some good Asian food to dig into, Kam's Roast is a good choice as it is located at Pacific Plaza (directly opposite from Scotts Square). Though it is not your typical big Chinese restaurant, it gives off a really cosy feel and at times can come off a little crowded, but that is the charm of it all. It will make you feel as if we are eating in Hong Kong. So even if you can't go to the original Kam's in Hong Kong (which boasts a Michelin star, by the way) Kam's Roast Singapore brings Hong Kong's most famous roast meats to our shores. The Hong Kong outlet was awarded the Michelin Star in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 editions of Michelin Guide Hong Kong &

Inamo, Camden London

London is home to many eateries. When it comes to food, we're definitely spoilt for choice. We were absolutely delighted to be invited to Inamo for a food tasting one fine evening. We arrived at Mornington Crescent tube stop (a few stops north of Tottenham Court Road on the Northern Line) after a long day at work to find that Inamo is conveniently located right in front of the tube exit! We passed an outdoor heated garden (perfect for drinks and weekend meals) as we entered the beautifully modern restaurant. Inamo is famous for its interactive dining concept - you get to order your food through their iPad or even on a giant menu projected onto your table! The interactive interface also allow

Egmont St Eatery, Wellington New Zealand

In the heart of a city where good food is part of its culture, Egmont St Eatery has definitely earned its place. Many come here for a casual meal and that was what we were here for too. As I saw the facade of the simple establishment, I loved the straightforward and sleek layout, which felt both sophisticated and inviting. With a constantly changing menu, Egmont St Eatery is always looking for creative ways to use the best produce of the season. You can enjoy your meals with caffeine or a selection of drinks from the bar. Today we ordered off the brunch menu, starting with Roast on Toast ($22). Harissa lamb, pickled blueberries and a fried egg, topped with polenta bread. It’s always satisfyi

Blue Lagoon, Superstar Libra Star Cruises

Whenever us Asians travel, especially abroad to Western countries, our palates will long for a taste of home. Thankfully, if you’re cruising with Superstar Cruises out of Malaysia, your local cravings will always be satisfied. On my first time onboard the Superstar Libra by Star Cruises, I did not know what to expect food-wise. My last experience onboard another cruise ship had me going from one Western restaurant to another (don’t get me wrong, I love Western food - sometimes I even crave for it more than Asian cuisine, but I do need my Asian fix!). But my experience onboard Superstar Libra was a total 180 of that. Our first meal onboard, before the ship had even left the port, was lunch. W

Piccoli Lotti, Damansara Kim

With plenty of artisanal ice cream parlours available all over town, it's easy to look past new ones that pop up. But Piccoli Lotti should not be dismissed. It's gelatos that come in really unique flavours is something worth making a trip to Damansara Kim for. It just opened yesterday and we dropped by to show some support to the local entrepreneur, Nge Seng. Piccoli Lotti means made in small batches and that's what they do here. The gelato is made in small batches - making it limited. So be quick to try all of their flavours that are popular in demand. The range of ice creams offered here may not be as wide as other places but you can be sure that you'll find something that suits your palat

Tut's Egyptian Eatery, One Utama

Malaysians are super blessed with having all kinds of cuisine from all over the world open up in our country. We can say that we have almost every kind of cuisine in Malaysia. Now, with Tut’s Egyptian Eatery opening up its doors in One Utama, we can say that we have authentic Egyptian food here too. Tut’s Egyptian Eatery just opened up this week in One Utama’s New Wing and we were very excited to try their offerings. Before we went, Tim made a joke that I should bring my mummy along for the review… Joke or not, I took him pretty literally. So we made our way to One Utama one weekday for lunch and for the first time in our lives, sunk our teeth into authentic, original Egyptian food. We reall