Top 11 must-try food in Seoul

If you’re planning a trip to Seoul, like I have recommended in my previous post on the city, I believe winter is a great time to go, especially if you’re coming from a tropical country like Malaysia or Singapore. We experience hot weather enough in our home countries that getting exposed to some winter weather once in a while is a nice treat. It’s also the best time to go because you will have an appetite that is always raring to go! Cold weather makes you hungry and you need to eat more to keep your body warm. So here’s a list of all the food I would recommend you try if you’re heading to Seoul! #1 Street Food: Spicy Fried Chicken Popcorn I found this gem of a snack while at Ewha Women’s Un

The 5 Most Beautiful Things I Witnessed in the US

I came across a lot of magnificent things when I was in America, and I thought I would put together a list of the top 5 most impactful, memorable and beautiful things I saw or experienced while there. This was a tough list to make, with a lot of contenders, but if you're thinking of traveling there soon, I think this is worth a little read. 1. Something Unexpected: The Night Sky in Complete Darkness Being a Kuala Lumpur city girl, my nights growing up have been a medley of lights and traffic sounds. Even the few escapes I've had to my dad's hometown in Perak were with old suburban houses, mountain ranges and a ton of trees. So my first encounter with the night sky in an open desert truly and

Rasa Utara, Berjaya Times Square

With the Ramadhan festive season coming up, many of you out there would be on the look out for some great halal restaurants to buka puasa. We think Rasa Utara over at Berjaya Times Square is very much worth a go for some yummy local Malay cuisine. As Malay cuisines go, the foodie team give this place a thumbs up! We enjoyed not just the tasty food with their flavourful rempah (spices), but we also liked the fact that the dishes were all not too oily. We had a few of Rasa Utara's signature dishes. One of which was the Ayam Goreng Cili Lagenda (RM18.80). Be warned, this dish is only for those who can handle their chili! Deep fried chicken with homemade blended chili paste stir fried slowly for

Chan Yupa Tearoom, Asok Bangkok

High tea is no longer only accessible to the ladies of leisure because it's available through plenty of cafes and tea rooms nowadays. In Bangkok, you don't have to search high and low for it because Chan & Yupa Tearoom will pop up on Instagram for its gorgeous tea sets and ambience. I'll bet people have weddings here because it's such a breathtaking venue in the middle of Asok that makes you feel like you've been transported to a whole different world. Save for the occasional motorcycle zooming past, you could almost forget you're in Bangkok when sitting in the glasshouse looking out into a maze of shrubbery. The interior matches the exterior, in which you feel like you're living in a differ

JW Marriott, Phu Quoc Emerald Bay

JW Marriott opens up in Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, debuting its gorgeous architectural design by Bill Bensley. The famed architect finds inspiration from the culinary and cultural traditions of this Vietnamese tropical beachside destination to create a design for the Marriott brand unlike any other. Few names carry more cachet than Bill Bensley’s when it comes to resort design in Asia. Dubbed as the “king of exotic luxury resorts” by TIME Magazine, Bensley has an impressive portfolio of hotel properties that are unconventional and theatrical with an impeccable attention to detail. Bensley’s latest project, JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, continues to build on his already impressive legacy with

Start junior on a healthy diet with Juice Works

Did you know that Malaysia has one of the highest obesity rate in Asia, with 45.3% of the population being obese? That's a frightening number! In 2014, findings from the British medical journal, The Lancet showed that 49% of our women and 44% of our men were obese. What's more worrying is that obesity among children in Malaysia these days is also on the rise. We must start planning early awareness programmes or interventions to help set our children on healthier nutritional paths. Being obese is not just about being physically bigger than average people, it comes with a whole lot of health issues, such as implications on diabetes, heart problems, certain types of cancer and even depression,

The Murray Hong Kong unveils new design

The Murray, Hong Kong, a Niccolo Hotel has unveiled its new design by Foster + Partners, an award-winning global studio for architecture, urbanism and design. Set to redefine the luxury hospitality scene when it opens in late 2017, the iconic landmark will be transformed into an international luxury hotel, a destination hotel, if we may. Defined by its distinctive three-storey arches and unique recessed windows, the original structure was designed by British modernist architect Ron Phillips in 1969, and is seen as an early pioneer in sustainable and energy efficient design. Led by Colin Ward in Hong Kong and Armstrong Yakubu in London, Partners at Foster + Partners, the new design retains el

Muhibbah Makan Place, Shah Alam

Eating out or dining out, is not only just about the taste in the food but rather the whole experience of it, from the moment one enters the restaurant to the point the food gets served until you leave. And it is a great experience to dine at Muhibah Makan. Even though it is a food court, or also known as a Medan Selera of Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam, they have tried to make the dining experience here as easy and comfortable as possible. The environment is clean and vibrant, perfect for afternoon family lunch outings. I had the opportunity to have a chat with the chefs and their hearts are really for promoting the fusion of cultures incorporated in Malaysian food today - which includes Mal

Marmalade, Bangsar Village 2

Marmalade has revamped their entire space from the tired yellow and white interior to a fresh tropical vibe. This is a space where you can catch up with your friends over brunch and also a good place to bring your kids to have a relaxed midweek lunch. There were five of us dining at Marmalade that afternoon and we had plenty to eat. We started off with a couple of starters. The first was a roasted pumpkin soup - part of their soup of the day menu. I personally enjoyed the roasted pumpkin soup of the day (RM18). The addition of garlic to the broth really lifted the flavours. It took me back to my childhood days when I would wait outside the kitchen dying for that chunky soup simmering on the

Superstar Libra Songkran Cruise by Star Cruises Malaysia

If you haven't heard, cruising is the new in thing for millennials. It's The Ship paved the way for partying on board cruise ships. And recently, we had one hell of an epic adventure on the Superstar Libra, Star Cruises for their SONGKRAN cruise! That's right... We partied into the sunset as we sailed away from the International Port of Penang and into the night. The Superstar Libra cruises from Penang to Phuket, then Krabi, then back to Penang on a 4D3N round trip. We were booked into a double room (of which we spent little time in because we were too busy partying on the top deck!). It's always best to get a room with a window so you get to enjoy the sunrise, sunsets and gorgeous sea views

Chicken Up, Subang Jaya

Before you make a trip to Chicken Up, you should know this: it is hugely popular! So you'll have to get there early to get a table and if you're dining in a big group, be sure to make a reservation. Chicken Up is a great addition to Subang's already-thriving and diverse food scene. It's in a strategic location, which might be a contributing factor to its crowds but beyond that, I believe its pull lies in the food. The best way to enjoy the food here at Chicken Up is to come with at least 3 other friends! It's not one of those places that couples should dine at alone because you'll want to try everything on the menu and it is best shared among friends and loved ones. The first thing we tried

PARKROYAL Ultimate Crab Feast Buffet

Back by popular demand, PARKROYAL on Beach Road is once again bringing forth their crab-tastic buffet. From now until the 28th of June, 2017, enjoy a large variety of crab and seafood-based dishes, prepared as both local to international cuisine. The first dish we tried was the Curry Flavoured Crabmeat Pie Tee. And this was the best way to get the ball rolling in our opinion. Crispy crust, generous amount of crab, great curry flavour, not too spicy and served with a dollop of mayonnaise that combines all those flavours perfectly. And still, you can taste the actual crab underneath all of that. So yums. Though not a crab dish, the Prawn Mee Soup we tried had an amazing aroma and was enough to

J&D Espresso, Pavilion KL

J&D Espresso used to be one of the few brunch places to go to in the Klang Valley before the proliferation of brunch places happened. They are, what I would call, one of the pioneers. Their first branch opened up in Bandar Utama many moons ago while their newest branch in Pavilion Elite is a recent addition. Taking on a very different approach here, J&D Espresso Pavilion Elite gives off a slightly more upscale vibe - clearly to fit in with its surroundings. But it is done in a tasteful, minimalist way. They've revamped the menu for both outlets and now, brunch-goers can enjoy a whole new array of dishes. Easily one of the most popular dishes here at J&D is their bacon and egg pancakes (RM25)

Toriden, The Table @ Isetan the Japan Store

The Table @ Isetan the Japan Store is the perfect go-to place if you're looking for Japanese restaurants that originate from Japan. Toriden is a Michelin star restaurant from Fukuoka Japan specialising in chicken. So if you're looking for beef or pork here, you've come to the wrong place. Chicken is the name of the game and they play it so well here. To maintain its Japanese standards, many of the restaurant managers here are Japanese and many of their ingredients and ware are imported too. We made our way to Toriden one rainy Friday evening - perfect weather to indulge in this kind of food - for a very chicken-centric dinner and since it's the weekend, Kirin beers! We were treated to a coup

Flying Monkey, Bussorah Street

Flying Monkey is an Indian establishment which comes across as fun and quirky compared to other Indian restaurants which tend to be very relatively formal in its atmosphere. While they are not trying to be fusion, they do take traditional Indian food and add their modern twist to it - serving it in the style of tapas. The dishes come from different parts of India. So be sure to try a whole variety of their dishes, making this place a good one for you to bring your mates to. It's also a good go-to place if you are looking for cocktails. We had plenty of dishes at Flying Monkey and it was a great experience. We started off with their bowl of Calamari 65 ($10), which felt like an Indian interpr

Black & White, SS15 Subang

Subang, jammed pack with multiple higher education institutions paired together with college students makes for an excellent location to source for interesting and unique restaurants that each add a different dimension to this bustling area. Enter Black and White, a pork-free, fast-paced restaurant looking to fulfil the longings of the Asian demographic in a quick, easy, affordable manner. Established with the philosophy to bring the wide range of delicious local cuisine Malaysia is known for, they want to cater to both families and individuals: serving their foods in sets or large sharable portions. The first dish that we tasted was the Lai Wong Chicken Rice (RM12.90) which comes with a gen

Schoc Chocolates, Greytown New Zealand

To all the chocoholics out there, if you are ever planning a road tip around New Zealand you will definitely want to drive through Greytown! A charming chocolate boutique can be found in this quaint settlement just pasts the main row of shops. Keep your eyes peeled for a little orange sign jutting out from the pavement. It lacks the grandeur of Charlie’s chocolate factory, but it is well worth the visit! When you walk in the front door, you are immediately greeted by the rich, decadent smell of chocolate! And the first sight you see is a cabinet filled with delicate handcrafted truffles. These individual delicacies can be sold individually or in assortment boxes of 6 to 20 pieces ($16 - $56.

BMS Organics, Midvalley Megamall

Sometimes, we need to seek out clean foods to make up for all the sinful things we put in our bodies. It's important to keep a balanced diet. We cannot always indulge in rich, oily foods. But that doesn't mean we have to have salads everyday. It just means that we have to find a way to eat a little healthier. BMS Organics combines organic groceries with a cafe. So if you're looking to stock up for home and have a decent meal, this can be your go-to place. BMS Organics is known for their beautiful floral teas that come in these clear teapots so you can admire the natural beauty of your drink. We got to try two types of teas when we visited BMS Organics - a rose, dragonfruit and lemon tea as w

5 snacks we love to indulge in

We don't always work together in the same space but when we do we must have snacks. Here's our favourite snacks to have while working! 1. Tealive drinks - whether it's a matcha latte or a jasmine milk tea or our founder's favourite Earl Grey milk tea... there will be some form of Tealive in the workspace. 2. When our founder is feeling hardworking, she will order a few boxes of macarons from @ka.bakes on Instagram and pick it up from SS2. The whole team loves it for its awesome flavours like Earl Grey, Rose and Thai Milk Tea! 3. Korean fried chicken - we don't have any preferences but we love having this to snack on at any time of the day! Brownie points to anyone who brings the soju and ban

Little Collins KL Mother's Day cakes - use "bestmum" promo to get 15% off!

We're about a month away from Mother's Day and if your mum is the kind of lady who loves her desserts and flowers, then you'll be killing two birds with one stone when you give her Little Collins' gorgeous flower cheesecake pots! They come in two variants - raspberry cheesecake and passion fruit cheesecake. Each pot is RM18 and comes packaged nicely for you to present to mummy dearest. Thought the flowers look really real, they're actually piped with buttercream. If you're looking for something to really impress mum this Mother's Day, then why not blow her away with one of Little Collins' petite designer cakes? This year, Little Collins has paired up with two locals to bring you their collab