Mie Prefecture Fair, Japan Food Town

Japan Food Town is always takes the spotlight whenever we think of fresh seafood and meat produce from the land of the rising sun, ever since its launch in Singapore. Rang Mang Somen Set ($13) @ Rang Mang Shokudo (#04-54) From 1 to 7 December, Japan Food Town will be running its Mie Perfecture Fair. This event's signature highlight will Mie's famous produce such as the award-winning Matsusaka wagyu beef, Ise-ebi lobsters (Japanese spiny lobsters or king lobsters), and freshly exported oysters. The prices for the Mie Prefecture menus ranges from $9.80 to $280. Touching on a little history about the Mie prefecture. Located in central Japan, Mie is known for their sceneries, beautiful fall foli

4 must-try authentic winter delicacies in Hong Kong this year-end

Clearing your leave at the end of the year? Why not have a winter wonderland Christmas in Hong Kong? Hong Kong is the perfect holiday destination to beat the heat and head for a short winter getaway. When the weather’s cool and the winds are blowing, what better way to keep warm with some comforting traditional Hong Kong food. We narrow down four of the best mix of traditional and modern dining establishments, giving your taste buds a festive flavour adventure fitting for the holiday season. 1. Hot Pot Think simmering pot of broth cooking meat and fish balls in a cold winter evening. All that yummy warmth! That’s why hot pot is a Hong Kong staple during the cold winter months. Get a one-of-a

Delicious dieting for diabetes

Frequently consuming food rich in sugar and carbohydrates can usually cause one's blood sugar or glucose levels to increase, which can lead to diabetes. Diabetes is one of the most rampant diseases in Malaysia among adults. Diabetics usually refrain from eating large meals that may contains rice, pasta, sugar and desserts - unclean carbs. One of the most delicious and easiest way to include healthy food into their diets is through eating fresh vegetables and fruits, that are jam packed with vitamins. While diabetics need to really watch their diet, that doesn't mean that they should totally avoid carbohydrates. Instead, their nutrition plan should include less "dirty" carbohydrates and more

Enorme, PJ Centrestage

Plenty of Western restaurants have been popping up in PJ to keep up with the growing demand of the younger generation. In a neighbourhood that was primarily dominated by the older generation and traditional coffee shop food, new establishments have been setting up to revive the food scene. Enorme at PJ Centrestage is one of those places. Head down here for a chilled out vibe and casual dining. The rest of PJ Centrestage is largely unoccupied for the time being, which makes parking easy. The interior of the restaurant gives off a very modern casual ambience. It is touted to be authentic Italian cuisine. But a recent interview with an Italian chef told me that no matter how authentic a place c

Gourmet Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts

It’s that time of the year again! That’s right Christmas is coming. And Gourmet Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts is inviting you to celebrate with them. The culinary talents from Royal Plaza on Scotts will be whipping up a lavish feast for all. Indulge in the wonderful selection of rotisseries and sweet treats with family and friends during this festive season. What’s Christmas without turkey? Order the traditional roast turkey (S$155), garnished with garlic buttered potatoes, seasonal vegetables, chestnut stuffing, cranberry sauce and giblet sauce. Perfect for those who prefer stronger flavours, the turkey masala (S$155), a North-Indian inspired dish with jeera pulao (cumin rice), marinate

Malis, Siem Reap

During my trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia, I was determined to try a variety of Khmer dishes, which is a cuisine that is relatively uncommon in Malaysia. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by all the delicious food the country had to offer. At another recommendation by my hotel (Central Suite Residence), we patronised Malis Restaurant for dinner during our second night in Siem Reap. Malis Restaurant is located next door to Chanrey Tree Restaurant (another great restaurant), and comparing the two restaurants, Malis is located in a significantly bigger and grander building. Upon entering the magnificent building, we were slightly concerned about whether our meal will leav

Chanrey Tree, Siem Reap

The food scene in Siem Reap is developing as fast as the locale and it's nice to see gorgeous restaurants popping up with stellar offerings to match. During my short trip to Siem Reap earlier this November, I had the privilege of trying some delicious dishes at Chanrey Tree. The restaurant has a certain traditional charm, with gorgeous portrait paintings, wooden furniture and beautiful folded lotus flowers situated around the bungalow. Diners can choose to sit outside in the beautiful garden, or upstairs in an air-conditioned room. My party opted to sit in the air-conditioned room for fear of being bitten by mozzies. (You have to request for a table in the air conditioned room while making y

Okonomi, Publika

The DIY craze started with burgers, moved on to the healthier option of salads and now we can customise sushi, too! It’s only natural that in a day and age where we thrive on instant-gratification and freedom of choice that this culture would carry on into food too. Sushi as it is, is already awesome. But to get to customise it? That’s some next level YAAASSS right there! Okonomi in Publika is where you can go to satisfy your DIY sushi cravings. Make your own sushi and choose from a really expansive range of ingredients and sauces. You can even choose the wrap of the sushi – whether you’d like it in its classic seaweed goodness or a more diet-conscious option of beancurd. But you know, since

The Disgruntled Brasserie, Ann Siang Rd

Located at The Club Hotel on Ann Siang Hill, The Disgruntled Brasserie offers a variety of Modern European dishes that is impressive. The selection spans across many cuisines that it was easy for everyone to pick something they would enjoy. Personally, I like to start my meals with an aperitif and for this brunch experience, I decided to try The Clipperton ($18). While I am not a huge fan of champagne on its own, the addition of Pimm’s, raspberry and of course, the lemon garnish, made it a light and easygoing drink. For starters, I chose to go with the Chicken & Duck Liver Parfait ($18). Foie Gras tends to be salty, unctuous and a little strong for the general Asian palate, yet this parfait

Isetan The Japan Store opens up in Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur

October 27th was the grand reveal of the much-awaited ISETAN, the Japan Store. Marketing themselves as “storyteller(s) of authentic Japanese culture through aesthetics deep-rooted in Japan,” this specialty store is one of two to exist in the world, the other being in Paris, France. It was certainly a grand affair. The 5-floor departmental store showcased its best for the opening: each floor offered a variety of shopping options or services, all beautifully and tastefully decorated and presented. The organisers of the evening evidently spent a great deal of time and effort putting everything together for not only was it a treat for the eyes (and a huge temptation to break open the wallets), b

Kit Kat open its first concept in Southeast Asia

Nestle’s KitKat took its tagline, ‘Have a break, have a KitKat‘ to a whole new level. Nestle recently launched a KitKat concept store – the KitKat “Chocolatory” in Midvalley Megamall. This store will give the public the chance to engage with the brand by allowing patrons to create at least 10,000 variations of delicious and mouth-watering KitKat fingers. Patrons can also choose to purchase special editions of KitKat flavours that are not available anywhere else besides this concept store. The KitKat “Chocolatory” gives chocolate lovers the opportunity to create their own custom-made KitKat from a range of 16 premium ingredients such as fiery chili flakes, chewy caramel, senchia kikusui green

Zucchero Patisserie, Melaka

Melaka is becoming increasingly gentrified and who can blame em? They’ve got millions of tourists pouring in annually and that number is increasing year on year. So, of course, new f&b establishments are popping up and offering plenty of variety to both the locals and the visitors. Zucchero Patisserie is one of the newest players on the block, opened just a month ago by Timothy Riddle and his pastry chef partner. The patisserie is a modern cafe with an interior boasting cool tones and stunning desserts. I’ve not seen many places in Malaysia that offer gateaus that are worth trying, but Zucchero Patisserie’s expertise lies in these gorgeous dessserts, so you mustn’t miss it. We had the honour

Cake Boss comes to Malaysia!

You would not expect a shopping mall like Sunway Pyramid to be busy on a Tuesday night. But then again, it isn’t every day that Malaysia welcomes someone like celebrity baker Buddy Valastro aka. Cake Boss to lead an event. There were easily over 2000 people gathering around the Orange Concourse that night and the area was so packed full of fans that I could not even see the stage. But good fortune enabled us to be able to meet the Cake Boss in a private room when he was meeting children from the Make a Wish Foundation. It was certainly heartwarming to see Buddy welcome the children with open arms. Fathul, 12, had wished to own a cooking set and Najihah, 17, to become a pastry chef. Both were

Portofino, Bangsar

Portofino is one of my favourite Italian places in Kuala Lumpur because even though it is opened by two Italians, they try to incorporate as much local flair into their dishes as possible without losing the Italian essence of things. They’ve also got a killer wine menu. Recently, they brought in a vino expert from Verona – the hometown of Romeo and Juliet. And while the story of the star-crossed lovers may not have ended very well, my love story with the wines at Portofino definitely had a happy ending. The Sartori line of wines which include amarone and some select whites, pairs beautifully with the food here at Portofino. If you have the chance to, head down to Portofino to try the Sartori

Redang Station No. 15, Sekinchan

Sekinchan is a beautiful little town just over an hour away from Kuala Lumpur’s bustling city centre. If you’re looking for a quick getaway from KL, this is the place for you to go to. And by quick, I mean, a day-trip from KL or at most one night away. Though there isn’t much to do in this tranquil spot, the beauty of the place lies in its peace and quiet away from the hectic rush of city life. There are paddy fields for you to go to and of course, since it is a beachside town, you can enjoy the seabreeze here, too. Since us Malaysians/Singaporeans love food so much, of course, no trip to Sekinchan is complete without food. And here at Redang Station No. 15, they offer a Sekinchan staple - s

Manja Old Malaya: a cocktail experience like no other

Manja Old Malaya not only has a host of Malaysian-fusion food, but it also has a list of cocktails that has a Malaysian twist. The restaurant has an extensive drinks menu and alcohol selection, but we decided to sample their interesting cocktail list. The rooftop seating area affords patrons a close-up view of the KL Tower and the gorgeous night sky, if the weather permits. The highlight of the night was Manja’s take on an Espresso Martini. The Kopi Ping Martini (RM35) highlights the aromatic and rich flavour of our local coffee. The cocktail is thick and not watered down. It is also perfectly balanced with vodka, kahlua, and Manja’s delicious Kopi Ping ice cream. I’ve had Espresso Martinis

Manja Old Malaya: the gastronomic experience

I have not been this impressed with a new restaurant in awhile. Walking into Manja Old Malaya, we all shared the sentiment. We were under the (mis)impression that it would end up as just another high-end eatery that serves upscale Malaysian food, but it is anything but. Manja, which means 'to pamper' in English, is an apt name for the restaurant. From start to end, we very much pampered! The restaurant is a treat to the eyes as well as the belly! We were cordially introduced to the head chef, a jovial man by the name of Vic. He enthusiastically greets us and gives us a brief introduction to the place. He emphasises that only the freshest, local, quality ingredients are used in Manja. And wit