The Good Co., Bangsar

Smoothie bowls have been trending in a huge way in the eat clean scene all around Malaysia. As the millennials continue to find more creative ways to supplement their healthy lifestyles, foodies like me get to enjoy yummy, yet diet-friendly dishes. We decided to head down to The Good Co in Bangsar one morning for a mid-week pick-me-up in the form of what could possibly be the best smoothie bowls in KL. The healthy, colourful bowl of goodness can be enjoyed any time of the day but personally, I find it best consumed on a sunny morning. Weekends will definitely be less tranquil because of the weekend brunch crowd, but this is the perfect place to head to for brunch. Not to neglect the caffeine

Izy Restaurant & Bar, Club St

Japanese dining is continuously evolving in the fast-paced society that is Singapore, to keep relevant to its increasingly sophisticated market. Izy Restaurant & Bar at Club Street is not new to the scene but it continues to cater to palates of all levels. The modern restobar serves up only the best Japanese cuisine while specialising in sakes and Asian-inspired cocktails. Izy hosts up to 25 patrons at its long sprawling bar, which allows for diners to have a good view of some kitchen action by the chefs. Hidden at the back of the restaurant is Cache, a Japanese speakeasy that is popular among the Tanjong Pagar crowd. Cache creates some of the best Japanese-inspired cocktails. All its cockta

Hotel Jen's Prawn Extravaganza, Orchard Gateway

It seems like there have been many seafood buffets recently in local hotels. It must be the season! We have seen the Hokkaido Harvest at Mandarin Orchard and Holiday Inn Atrium’s seafood fest. Now, Hotel Jen@Orchard Gateway is also offering diners a feast with 4 different types of prawns. From 3rd October to 1st December 2016, Makan@Jen is inviting patrons to their Prawn Extravaganza, where you will get to savour prawns from around the world, and of course, cooked in different styles too. We got the privilege of sampling these gorgeous crustaceans one evening. The prawns were all placed near the entrance of the restaurant, and it certainly piqued our appetites upon arrival. The prawns were p

Mexican Gourmet Dinner by INTI

I was recently treated to a lovely Mexican gourmet dinner hosted and prepared by the young, aspiring chefs of INTI's school of hospitality and culinary art. I have never been to a dinner prepared by students from a culinary school before, so I was not entirely sure what to expect. I even made sure to manage my expectations before going to the dinner. But I was pleasantly surprised by the experience and let’s just say they definitely broke some high scores here. Entering the Akira Restaurant at Inti’s Subang Campus we were greeted by students dressed in suits and formal serving uniforms. The venue was beautifully presented, with tableware elegantly laid out and peppered with a few cute sombre

Oberstrasse, Lavender

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and I was craving a good brunch. So I decided to head to this cafe located in Lavender. If you’re looking for one of the best places for brunch in Singapore, look no further than Oberstrasse. Oberstrasse is located in Kitchener Complex, just behind Lavender MRT (V Hotel exit). They’re known for their yummy German/Swiss style food and affordable prices. I started with a side of luncheon fries ($5.50). It was the epitome of sinful. I couldn’t stop eating it. What’s a good brunch without some porky goodness, amiright? Then, to add on to my already sinful lunch, I had the Bernese rosti ($13). Fried rosti – crispy on the outside and soft on the inside – served wit

Woogo Smoothies, Paradigm Mall

With the opening of their third outlet within a month, Woogo Smoothies is the latest addition to the Malaysian juice/smoothie business. And we must say, we were pretty impressed with their flavour offerings! Woogo has outlets in Sunway Pyramid and Wisma Central. But for their recent opening in Paradigm Mall, Woogo invited the team over to sample their range of smoothies and juices. The brand hails from Taiwan and is a play on the Chinese words 五哥 (wu ge), which translates to five brothers in English. We loved almost all of Woogo’s smoothie flavours that we tasted, and there are many more that we would like to try. The consistency of the drinks is just right – there have been times elsewhere

Padi Box Homestay & Cafe, Sekinchan

Recently, the foodievstheworld team took a short drive to Sekinchan, about an hour’s drive away from the KL City Centre. Sekinchan is one of the best short getaways from KL, as it is a really laidback town, with gorgeous paddy fields and it’s also by the sea, so you can enjoy the beach, if you want. While we were driving past the picturesque paddy fields, a cluster of colourful containers caught our eye and we decided to detour into the paddy fields to check it out. And purely by chance, we found Padi Box, a homestay and cafe in Sekinchan. Homestays are common in Sekinchan, but this seems to be one of the newer ones in the area. The friendly folks at Padi Box told us that they’ve only opened

Cafe Capricorn, PJ Old Town

I was just driving around PJ old town area one night, aimlessly, not quite sure what I was doing. I’m sure we’ve all had those nights… anyway, I chanced upon this vintage cafe/furniture shop? I decided to pop in and grab a quick dinner and I was hoping to also get some work done. It was already 7:40pm by the time I entered the cafe and I asked if they were still open. They cheerfully said yes but they’d be closing at 8. I asked if it was okay for me to order food and they happily obliged. I love it when places have good service. It’s really what distinguishes one cafe from another. Though they food options were limited, as they tout themselves to be a coffee and tea place, I saw enough items

Juice Works: A fresh way to fight cancer

Juice Works Malaysia, in conjunction with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, has launched its "Juice Works Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign" to highlight the importance of maintaining a healthy dietary lifestyle by consuming fruits and vegetables. While exercising and partaking healthy activities are important, one should also ensure that the body ingests proper and optimal nutrition that can help build strength and boost the immune system. This is especially vital for cancer patients to better tolerate the side effects of cancer treatments, expedite recovery process and decrease chances of infection. It is proven that cancer-fighting foods such as fruits, vegetables, fish and fiber can less

KL Better Beer Festival 2016

The Better Beer Festival is back again for its 5th installation in Publika. Taking over the White Box area as well as the Square, the Better Beer Festival featured some of the best local food, brought to us by Tiffin and of course, craft beers from all around the world. The event was well-organised with special talks and workshops being conducted throughout the day indoors - while you sip on cold brews. I only made it on the second day of the event and found myself among a group of beer enthusiasts. It was truly an event with no gimmicks, no slogans, simply just better beer! And indeed, better beer was what everyone was there for. There were beers from as far as Scotland and as near as our n

The Big Cheese, Da Men Mall USJ

I’ve been going to Da Men Mall in USJ quite a bit recently. They’ve got plenty of food offerings here worth trying. The Big Cheese is one of them. Under the Sarnies group from Singapore, The Big Cheese is the sister outlet to Weiner. While Weiner sells some of the best gourmet hotdogs I’ve ever tried, The Big Cheese serves up the most sinfully good grilled cheese toasties. Indeed, love fades but cheese is forever. And my love for cheese will never die. #cheeseforlyf Sarnies is known for their amazing coffees. I've never hesitated to have coffee when I'm at Sarnies. So I had to get a coffee while I was at The Big Cheese even though it was already evening time and I'm highly sensitive to caffe

Châteraisé, Publika

I had chanced upon this while walking around Isetan, One Utama one day but it was already closing hours and they had stopped serving customers. So when I passed by the Publika branch, I knew I had to go in and indulge in some sweet treats. They've got the famous baked cheese tarts here that everyone's been going crazy about recently. Each tart goes for RM7.50 and it's not bad, though I still prefer Tokyo Secret's for some reason. All the beautiful cakes are freshly and directly imported from Japan but are still surprisingly affordable. Then you've got this whole array of fluffy sponge cakes and cream puffs that are to die for. And they've even got mochi cakes! There are now tables for you t

A'Roma Dinings, Taman Paramount

After visiting Italy twice in the last couple of years, I really fell in love with the country and everything about it. Especially the food. They say the fastest way to a (wo)man's heart is through the stomach and I couldn't agree more. The Taman Paramount area has always had good food and recently years have seen more modern cafes and restaurants popping up. Though the neighbourhood is still primarily inhabited by the older Chinese generation, you'll find flocks of younger people frequenting the area during their weekend food hunts. The brothers behind A'Roma Dinings have clearly put much thought into the place. The interior is a great testament to how much effort they've committed to makin

The Spice Kitchen, Wisma SP Setia

Whenever I travel, I make sure to always try as many food places as possible (then hit the gym like a madwoman for weeks after returning from my trip). The Spice Kitchen is one of those places that I tried because my friend recommended it. The irony is that she's this beautiful Indian girl who doesn't like Indian food except for this one - so obviously, I had to try it! There she is, this beautiful Indian girl, with a heart of gold, browsing through the menu, not knowing that she will be featured here on my website. (Heh, sorry, boo) The funny thing about Spice Kitchen is that they consider themselves Indian-Chinese-Thai. What a combination! But they make it work to their advantage and more.

Erawan, DC Mall

Erawan reopens in DC Mall, Damansara Heights. It's been a week since they've opened and already they're fully booked for dinner every night. I was familiar with the hype surrounding the place before they opened in DC Mall but never got around to trying it. So since DC Mall's just a stone's throw away from home, I decided to head there for dinner one evening with mother. I didn't realise that we would need reservations already, so we just strolled in. The waitstaff seemed reluctant to release a table for two to us - perhaps because I was underdressed? After a couple of minutes of standing there with 4-5 waitstaff checking one clipboard and making a fuss, we were given a table. (Not a very ple

Da Jia Fa: Best roast duck rice in JB

Nestled under some big trees (such a typical Malaysian description) in an industrial area sits an unassuming coffeeshop-like place that serves what I declare to be the best duck rice in JB and possibly everywhere else in the world. I have been frequenting this place for the past 4 years since it was introduced to me. I fell in love with this mouthwateringly good duck rice here as well as the awesome fuchok. It is hard for me to explain to people why they ought to try this place, but its popularity should speak for itself. Though the stall opens till about 4PM, the roast duck and most of the food is sold out by 1-2PM, depending on the JB crowd. This is especially true on weekends. Do remember

Artistry, Bugis

When I first moved to Singapore, I was excited at the prospect of going cafe-hopping around the island-city. But I soon discovered that my daily work routine prevented me from doing much of that. Thankfully, before the rush of working life in Singapore engulfed me completely, I managed to go around trying a few cafes. Artistry was one of them. One early Sunday morning, we decided to head to Artistry to grab a quick breakfast before heading to service. Since it is in the Bugis area and it was still fairly early, we managed to get a parking spot easily. (But because we're Malaysians and we didn't have the bloody coupons, we kena saman, sigh.) Artistry reminded me of Cafe Studio in Kota Damansa

Roost Juice Bar, Jalan Dhoby JB

Roost Juice Bar is one of those hippie dippie places with refurbished and recycled furniture to make you feel like you've been transported into a different lifetime when you sit down and dine in their establishment. The quirky upstairs gave me this sense that I was on a whimsical movie set. The entire vibe given out by this place made me really feel like I wasn't even in the present. The upstairs is split into an air-conditioned room and the balcony area, which you may sit at to watch the people walking around below. Roost may be known for their juices, but I wasn't in the mood for juice once I saw frozen yogurt on their menu. In sunny, tropical Malaysia, fro-yo is always the answer to a bla

The Usual Place, Jurong East

Tucked away in the unsuspecting, un-gentrified neighbourhood of Jurong East (dear god, it is so out of the way), there's a homely down-to-earth cafe, run by some of the friendliest folks I have ever encountered. The Usual Place, aptly named, could become one of those regular lepak spots for people to get some comfort food at reasonable prices. The cafe's interior is very basic, but not without thought. It carries a minimalist design that makes the place feel larger than it is without losing its cosiness. I had come across the cafe when searching for places to eat nearby home on Instagram (yes, yes, I live that far away...). and I saw the salted egg yolk prawn pasta (S$12.90). I knew I had to

The Barn, Pavilion KL

I first heard about The Barn when they opened in One Mont Kiara and visited it once in that branch. But it was my first time heading to the Pavilion branch when they invited us there for a review of their 1KG Tomahawk steak - a seasonal item on their menu. The Barn is designed in such a way that would appeal to various dining groups - from couples, to families to friends who just want a chilled out place to drink and hang out in. Of course, The Barn's extensive beverage list is appealing to many of the tourists who frequent Pavilion itself. And no good drinking session is without food. Thankfully, The Barn comes with a menu that is equally as extensive as the drinks menu. You will be spoiled