Tiki Taka, Jalan Kasah

After a long day, Tiki Taka is the perfect place to unwind. With its creative cocktails, ice cold beer, array of mouth-watering food and FREE valet parking -- it has all the right ingredients for a good night out! Located in a cozy corner along the very happening Jalan Kasah in Medan Damansara (where parking is notoriously limited), Tiki Taka offers fusion dishes with a creative twist. Inspired by his travels around Europe, owner Hans Gill alongside head Chef Carrie draw inspiration from Barcelona's pintxos and tapas dishes. The idea is for customers to try a little bit of everything and it definitely makes for a fun dining experience. We started off the evening by ordering some pintxos, whi

Working Title, Arab St

When you live in countries as racially diverse as Singapore and Malaysia, it's always good to find places that cater to all dietary needs. I believe Working Title is a pretty decent cafe to head to where there is something for everyone. I was quite hungry before heading to this cafe for dinner, so when I saw burgers on the menu, it got my appetite going. There's a nice "outdoor" lounge area that really reminded me of a cafe I've been to in Ipoh, with murals and stickers on the walls and an almost whimsical feel to it. There are board games available if you'd like to play as well - they even have Cards Against Humanity. Of course, the perfect pairing drink to go with burgers is a milkshake. T

Swiss Butchery, Tanglin Road

By Danial A Swiss Butchery has been around for several years now and has just recently renovated their outlet at Tanglin, with several new offerings. We were delighted to be invited to taste some of their finest products available in the Singapore market. Here are some of the key offerings that you can look forward to in their new outlets. A5 Matsusaka Beef Nicknamed “Queen of Dignity” where only the female cow, grown twice the size of normal cows is slaughtered. Matsusaka beef is the best wagyu in Japan. In fact, it is one of top 3, right after Kobe beef. Swiss Butchery is the only place in Singapore where you can get a grade A5 beef. Due to its really high content of fat, (which contains

Royal Plaza on Scotts, Singapore

Royal Plaza on Scotts is one of the favourite hotels for Malaysians and Bruneians to visit when they are in Singapore for obvious reasons. It is owned by the Sultan of Brunei and is an alcohol-free, pork-free, smoke-free hotel with a halal-certified restaurant. This makes it easy for Muslim visitors to the country because there are not very many halal places around. It is also conveniently located along Orchard Road, right next to T Galleria DFS for duty free, guilt-free shopping. We were first put in a Deluxe room but due to some minor issues with the airconditioning, we were upgraded to a beautiful Premiere room with a bathtub. Both the deluxe rooms and the premiere rooms came with a Nespr

Whisk & Paddle, Tebing Lane

It's still considered one of the more ulu locations in Singapore, perhaps for its inaccessibility. But otherwise, Tebing Lane at Punggol is starting to see several eateries and establishments popping up in its small 'island'. One of which include famous fast food chain, Popeyes. But we went to this secluded lifestyle nook for Whisk & Paddle. It faces the Punggol Waterway and is your typical hipster vintage-inspired cafe that serves up brunch, pastries and desserts. Opt for the outdoor seatings because the view makes it a fantastic location for date nights. We ordered an Ice Flavoured Mocha Latte ($7.50) topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with cocoa powder. Though there was a tad too mu

6 Gym Junkie Must Haves at Juiceworks

After my gym time, I'm typically rather dehydrated and looking for a drink or two to replenish my lost nutrients. And no, I don't mean an alcoholic drink. So, quite often, I turn to Juiceworks to get my post-gym session treat. Since I don't always have my protein shakes with me (like when I have spontaneous gym dates), this is an extremely convenient way to fill my tummy. Here are 6 of my favourite Juiceworks drinks to have at Juiceworks after a good workout: 1. Digesta Aid The name is pretty self-explanatory as it assists with digestion. But it is also a good post-workout drink because it contains banana, which can help boost your energy after working so hard at the gym. 2. Banana Blast Off

Jekyll & Hyde, 49 Tras St

Following the series of cocktail reviews I have been doing lately, I made it a point to try a recommendation by friends. Jekyll & Hyde is minimalist bar and a hidden gem along Tras Street in the central business district. Its interior will make you feel like you've just entered one of the coolest bars in town and you wouldn't be wrong. We came here for a very specific purpose and that is to try Mr Bean, a cocktail made with Singapore's famous lao ban tau huey (tau fu fa, for Malaysians reading this). But as we sat at the bar, we also discovered some really lovely dairy based drinks. A disclaimer before I go into the review of the drinks: I generally do not like dairy based liquers like Baile

Jigger & Pony, Telok Ayer

My recent trip to Singapore involved a lot of drinking at bars around the central business district - not that there should ever be a reason not to drink in the CBD when I am down in Singapore. I just ventured beyond my usual haunts to try new spots with a friend familiar with the area. Should I end up working in the CBD in Singapore, I believe having been to a couple of new places should give me plenty of choices to go for an after-hours drink (because I anticipate I will direly need to). So, Jigger & Pony is one of the new places I got to try with a friend as she's highly familiar with the area. I love bars, especially if they play good music that isn't too loud and serve up cocktails that

Makan@Jen, Hotel Jen Orchardgateway

Funny story about our review at Hotel Jen... We went to the wrong Hotel Jen at first. We autopiloted towards Hotel Jen in Tanglin because we had been there before and assumed we'd be dining there again. But when we finally made our way to the right Hotel Jen at OrchardGateway, it got our appetites raring to go. Much like their Tanglin location, Hotel Jen at OrchardGateway is also a quirky, modern hotel with a very young and innovative facade. Makan@Jen is the most appropriate name for their restaurant which serves some of the best dishes from around the southeast Asian region. Makan means eat in Malay and once you see the spread here, all you want to do is makan sampai gemuk (eating till you

Aquamarine, Marina Mandarin Hotel

Aquamarine at Marina Mandarin is one of the choice places for those who enjoy buffets but are also looking for a halal-certified place to dine at. It offers the freshest seafood options, it is located at one of the most beautiful hotels in Singapore and there is always plenty of variety as the chefs continue to evolve the menu every few months. It is very well-known for its fresh seafood offerings - where seafood lovers can binge on imported crustaceans and shellfish. But on top of just seafood, there are plenty of meaty dishes for you to choose from. Freshly grilled meats are available upon request and there is also a kebab machine for you to make your own shawarma. What I find unique about

Smoke & Mirrors, National Gallery Singapore

After an amazing omakase lunch at Yàn, we ascended to the rooftop bar of National Gallery. Overlooking the Padang and Marina Bay, we were sitting at one of the most scenic spots in Singapore getting ready to indulge in some of the most creative and gastronomic cocktails at Smoke & Mirrors. The interior of Smoke & Mirrors reminded me of a scene I had watched in a tv series of an old gentlemen's lounge. The bar itself is quite compact but its design is really cool and much like the bean in Chicago. The new cocktail menu, officially launched today, 20th July, at Smoke & Mirrors draws its inspiration from chefs and special ingredients from a culinary aspect. There are three categories of drinks

Yan Omakase Menu, National Gallery Singapore

Generally, the word omakase is used for the Japanese dining experience where the chef of the restaurant picks what you will be eating for the meal. But Yàn at National Gallery Singapore is not a Japanese restaurant. In fact, it is a traditional Cantonese restaurant in a modern setting, incorporating the omakase concept but still keeping essential Chinese ingredients and styles of cooking. Yàn is designed in a very Chinese manner but with modern elements in its decor. It is a very family-friendly place and is popular for Chinese reunion dinners. We hear that for Chinese New Year, reservations open as early as October. Better get your kiasu on and make that reservation early (like the year bef

The Refinery, Lavender

The Refinery is a hidden gem tucked away in Lavender with the typical trappings of a hipster cafe - black industrial chic interior and indie music wafting out of the speakers. They've even got a cute mural on the wall. I love cafes like this - especially when it's quiet and it's a rainy afternoon. I had a really lovely praline coffee - the praline coffee comes in a ball and you pour the warm milk over it to see it melt. Stir the praline and milk and enjoy a beautiful blend of flavoured coffee. My lunch date decided to order salted egg onion rings - talk about having salted egg everything, huh? But this was really good - the onion ring batter was slightly sweet and with the salted egg sauce,

7 Things You Must Try at Japan Food Town, Wisma Atria

For those who have been to Japan and come home craving for really authentic Japanese cuisine, fret no more. The world’s first Japan Food Town has opened its doors in Singapore's Wisma Atria. The premise includes 16 outlets, a dynamic mix of Japanese food from different prefectures, all to be opened by August 2016. 50% of the ingredients are imported directly from Japan, some on a daily basis, to ensure freshness and to retain consistent flavours in the artisanal food. We were thrilled to be invited to the media launch for Japan Food Town. While touring the man-made land of the rising sun, we were greeted by the rich heritage and culture of Japan, with displays such as Japanese fans, cutlerie

LeVeL33, Marina Bay Financial Centre

LeVeL33 has been one of my favourite places to go to in Singapore for drinks because of the great in-house brewed craft beers and a stunning view of Singapore's CBD and Marina Bay. Located at the Standard Chartered building of the Marina Bay Financial Centre, LeVeL33 is accessible via a private lift and is of course, located on level 33. When I first started frequenting this place about 5 years ago, coming on a Thursday evening would result in a peaceful, chilled out drinking experience with friends. Now, LeVeL33 is a lot more popular with the dinner crowd as well as those who come in for a nightcap. It's one of those happening places now. My hipster side was a little sad to note that. But t

Druggists, Tyrwhitt Road

When my friend first told me he'd be taking me to a place called Druggists, I heard "druggies" and I had imagined a hippie, patchouli-scented hole somewhere in a dodgy alley with Rastafarian-looking staff, Bob Marley playing in the background - I think we all know where I'm going with this. But of course, in that Singaporean drawl, "druggists" came out sounding like "druggies". I saw the sign from afar and still assumed it would be very different from what it was. I was pleasantly surprised to see a very clean, modern-ish place (it's located in the heritage area near Lavender/Jln Besar Stadium so a lot of the original fittings are still in place) and a gorgeous 23-tap lineup of craft beers.

Sacha & Sons, Mandarin Gallery

I think my growing belly is a testament to how much good food I've been having lately - especially in terms of sandwiches and meat dishes. Going around Singapore with different groups of friends has exposed me to a lot of new places to eat that I normally wouldn't know about otherwise. This trip I've gotten to try quite a number of halal-friendly places, including kosher deli Sacha & Sons in Mandarin Gallery. Walking in, it was slightly reminiscent of Katz in New York (yes, this is the second reference I've made to this place within the month). I mean, great delis just have this vibe to it, you know? But of course, being in Mandarin Gallery, this deli has a more upscale feel and a certain no

Sarnies, Telok Ayer

We made a trip to Sarnies one rainy weekday for brunch after hearing friends rave about it for a while now. It was my first time at Telok Ayer, actually. This was before I found out about Park Bench Deli. It's nice to know that the CBD of Singapore is filled with such good food, since I am possibly moving to this beautiful country soon (yay!). The coffee ($4.60) at Sarnies is great, like I had discovered at Pasarbella, of course. I'm not a huge coffee drinker though, but I enjoyed this one very much. Since it was brunch, my brunch partner decided to go with a bacon and egg sarnie ($15) - a crazy huge sandwich packed with bacon and a runny sunny side up in yummy fresh bread. I did a DIY break

Pimp My Salad @ Pasarbella, Suntec Tower One

Pasarbella is like a hipster's dream of a food court come to life. Walk in and find colourful shops selling anything from salad to Vietnamese cuisine. American cuisine, alcohol, and a whole bunch of other choices. You can even pick up a killer cuppa from Sarnies. Which I totally did - no regrets. Love the coffee there. But I was really there to try Pimp My Salad's awesome salads upon the recommendation of one of their super salad makers. If it's one salad place you ought to try in Singapore, I would recommend it be this one. Salads shouldn't be seen as not filling or not tasty - you're probably doing it wrong if your salad isn't the most delicious thing on earth. I chose a slab of cooked sal

The Bao Makers, Horne Rd

Bao Makers reminds me of Baos & Buns in Bangkok which served mantous with various kinds of filling. But Bao Makers has a very Singaporean feel to it, of course, as it's located right in the heart of the heritage area at Jalan Besar. Its industrial chic decor and clean interior is a surefire way of identifying that it is indeed a cafe in Singapore. Facing the Jln Besar stadium, diners can sit by the window to people watch in the afternoons if they so please. Bao Makers have also included an interesting element in their shop - this warm snack vending machine, a blast from the past that they're trying to reincorporate into modern eating in offices. The biggest regret I had that day was not brin