Huckleberry After Dark, Damansara Heights

If you have ever been to Huckleberry in Damansara Heights, you would know that many people frequent the cafe in the mornings for a pick-me-up latte or their perfect French pastries (possibly the best you can find in Malaysia, because it is professionally prepared by French baker Christophe). The freshly baked bread commands queues and in the beginning, when Huckleberry had first opened, it was a hotspot for locals to head to for brunch. They were only opened till about 6PM in the early days. It's also a dog-friendly cafe, making it popular among the dog-lovers. But as of a couple of months ago, they started offering dinner service too, with a completely new menu. Referencing Huckleberry Finn

Bandits, Bukit Damansara

My first visit to Bandits was when it first opened its doors a couple of years back (I can't recall exactly when...) and it was apparently under a different management (or so I am told). So, when KL Food Hunter's Daniel Ang invited me to try the new Bandits menu with him one weekday afternoon, I was eager to see what it had to offer. The first visit I had there left me rather disappointed but this time, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the new management had introduced a very extensive menu. The dishes are simple, but there is enough variety to keep any kind of diner happy. The decor has changed quite a fair bit, too. It used to be very industrial chic with the makings of a typical hip

Travel Recommends (WiFi Router) #travelwithwifi

Travel Recommends is a WiFi router and overseas pre-paid SIM card for travellers who cannot bear a second without connectivity (much like myself). If you simply have to Snapchat your day and post enviable gastronomic pictures while travelling, then #travelwithwifi is your hashtag motto. Travel Recommends currently offers the lowest rate in town from as low as RM9/day for a truly unlimited WiFi experience. It also offers a free 2-way courier delivery service and allows users to connect to multiple devices at one time (so you don't have to fight with your parents for WiFi at places with limited access). Travel Recommends is giving away RM 500 Cash and Free Unlimited WiFi for your next trip in

Popupdiningkl x F&N Sarsi

Many of us grew up with Sarsi as our childhood favourite soft drink. It was often found at family gatherings during CNY and the like. In an effort to get us reminiscing about our past love for the drink, F&N has been running its #sarsibestwith campaign. Contestants would post up photos of the food they believed paired best with the fizzy drink. One of the winners created a Nasi Lemak burger: rice as the patties and the rest of the ingredients inside it. To reward her, F&N organised a sit down 5-course dinner with popupdiningkl's innovative team of young chefs. They created a special degustation menu based on the winning entry. Of course, the choice drink for the evening was Sarsi. It was a w

Malaysia to Fiji now more accessible!

Good news for avid travellers who have set their sights on visiting Fiji from Malaysia. Now, with Fiji Airways and Jetstar partnering up to bring you across the globe seamlessly, you can hop on a flight from KLIA and fly to Fiji with a single ticket. The commercial agreement between the Fijian flag carrier and the Jetstar Group of branded airlines will connect Fiji Airways’ newly launched Singapore to Nadi route, with more than 21 destinations on Jetstar’s network from Singapore, including Malaysia. Fiji Airways commenced twice-weekly direct flights to Singapore on 5 April 2016, creating the first ever direct flights between Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. Fiji Airways and Jetstar cust

World Burger Tour: Hard Rock Cafe KL

Sample 8 of the world’s 160 finest burgers By Matt Liew Hard Rock Cafe KL was kind enough to invite us down for a little sneak peek of what to expect at this year’s World Burger Tour. Showcasing international Local Legendary™ Burgers –from the Big Little Italy Burger, inspired by New York’s finest, to the Korean Kimchi Burger, which draws its inspiration from Busan, South Korea, – the World Burger Tour will feature as limited-time menu, available June 1st – July 31st, 2016. Throughout June and July, Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur will feature the following World Burger Tour offerings: Big Little Italy Burger (New York, United States) – a Certified Angus Beef patty topped with melted Mozzarella

Holiday Inn Glenmarie Ramadan Buffet 2016

Hotel buffets hardly inspire foodies to wax lyrical about its offerings. Food cooked en masse is usually compromising on an establishment's standards, especially during special seasons like the month of Ramadan, when kitchens are the busiest and it is more short-handed than on normal days. But Holiday Inn Glenmarie has stepped up its game with a four-variant rotational menu this upcoming Ramadan month at its Kites restaurant - a feat that is both admirable and ambitious. We got to try the preview of the Ramadan buffet and we were not disappointed. This year's theme is international for Holiday Inn. As Hari Raya and the month of ramadan is practised worldwide, they wanted to bring the tastes

Mantra, Bangsar Village II

Mantra is poised to be the newest and hottest place to be, any night of the week. The rooftop bar at Bangsar Village 2 affords breathtaking views of the KL City skyline and attracts an equally glittering crowd. Indoor seating is available for those who want to escape the never-ending tropical heat, but al fresco is the way to go if you want the best view. Mantra brings in DJs to spin at their in-house deck every day of the week and the music ranges from easy lounge to light house beats. The place is already packed on week nights and is normally fully booked. So be sure to make a reservation to avoid disappointment. Mantra has done little marketing on their end but word of mouth seems to be s

16 Things to do with Fruit and Vegetables (so you don't neglect them in your diet)

Make it a point to shop only once weekly so that fruits and vegetables remain fresh Keep fruits easily reachable, either on the kitchen countertop arranged nicely in a bowl or in a basket, or the top shelf of your fridge. Put an apple or two into your lunch box daily. For children’s lunch boxes, take the time to cut them into slices or arrange them in a cute way (like the Japanese people do - or just check out Pinterest) so that it looks fun and attractive for them to eat. Almost every dish can include fruits and vegetables – as finely chopped or shredded toppings, as ingredients, or garnishings. For breakfast, top up your cereal or muesli with bananas, peaches, apples or berries Instead of

Ekkamai, Batai Village & Publika

I'm ever so grateful to The Social Group for bringing another Thai establishment to my neighbourhood of Bukit Damansara. We've had Sri Ayutthaya for way too long; it's good to have an alternative when we don't feel like braving the Sprint jam to get to Happy Mansion's Frame Thai or MyElephant. Ekkamai is the latest addition to Batai Village's growing F&B outlets. With Ben's and Yellow Brick Road neighbouring Ekkamai, it fills a void for Asian cuisine that is sorely needed. And Ekkamai is also available at Publika - along the same row as The Social (where Estilo used to be - I will miss the lamb burgers). The interior is gorgeous and classy. Though the Batai outlet seems a lot more spacious,

Paloma Cruises, Halong Bay Vietnam

Before I took off to Vietnam - at least 6 months before - I spoke to a number of my friends who had recently visited Halong Bay on their opinions about which junk cruise to pick. I was under the impression that the junk cruise would be anchored not too far from the pier. I was wondering how those who easily suffered from motion sickness would be able to stay on the cruise boat overnight. I was told to just go there and pick a junk cruise to join but I am quite the safe traveller (mostly because I have a very specific budget in mind) and I chose to browse AirBnb for my choice of cruise. I found Paloma Cruise on AirBnb with rave reviews and decided that it would have to be my choice (despite a

AirAsia Promo: 50% off flights!

Better book quickly because the promo ends tomorrow!! (bye, off to book my next holiday now!) Booking Period: 16 May 2016, 12pm – 18 May 2016, 2pm (GMT +8) Travel Period: 1 August 2016 – 30 November 2016 Travel Notes - Advanced booking required. - Fares are not available during peak period. - Fares are available on selected fare classes only. - Up to 50% off when you book your returning flight with us (applicable to base fare only). - 30% off your connecting flight when you book your returning flight with us. #AirAsia #50offflights

Traveller vs the World: Save/Splurge Vietnam Edition

When I was planning my trip to Hanoi, I was overwhelmed by the differing opinions from friends who have previously travelled there. Some said to just wing it and others suggested splurging on certain things. First, here's the quick breakdown of my trip: Day 1 - Depart from KLIA2 at 0630 and arrive in Hanoi at 0855. Explore Hanoi Old Quarter before taking the overnight train to Sapa Valley (Lao Cai). Day 2-3 - Trekking in Sapa Valley and then taking the overnight train back to Hanoi. Day 4 - Arrive in Hanoi (early morning 4am) and wait for bus transfer to Halong Bay (7:30am). Halong Bay cruise, spend one night on the boat. Day 5 - Depart from Halong Bay back to Hanoi. Stay overnight in Han

5 Foods You Must Eat When In Vietnam

1. Pho - duh! You can't say you've been to Vietnam and experienced its food if you haven't tried pho. Pronounced like fur, pho is a classic Vietnamese soup noodle dish. You can have it either with chicken or beef but the beef is a popular pick. Beef pho is the bomb! It's packed full of fresh herbs and even though the soup base is clear, it's got plenty of taste. There's a strong cilantro taste because the herb is used generously in this dish (as well as many other Vietnamese dishes). I had my first and only "commercial" bowl at the top of the Fansipan mountain range at their cafe. It was VND65,000 (roughly RM9) and since it was a freezing 1 degree Celsius up there, it was such a treat to dig

Taste of Mexico, seasonal menu at Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur

Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur is keeping things fresh by introducing a seasonal Mexican menu to complement their all-American fare for the month of May. Come June we will be treated to another seasonal menu. So, Mexican food fans, be quick to try this or you will be disappointed to have missed a great menu. While it is not always a great idea to start the meal off with a cocktail, these Mexican-inspired cocktails are a pleasant precursor to indulge in before the actual meal. The Diablo, Amigo and Troublemaker are three seasonal cocktails, priced at RM45 each, to give your tummy a good kick - like a whack on the piñata. Each cocktail has a base alcohol - the Mezcal, an agave plant based alcohol

Timbre @ The Row, Jalan Doraisamy

Having spent my university years in Singapore, I am familiar with the name Timbre, which is synonymous with good live music and great drinks. It's also got a surprisingly extensive food menu to make this place the perfect spot to drop by after work for a bite, and stay for the live music and drinks. Start by ordering from an iPad - because shouting your order to the waiter over the live music is just plain rude. Drinks first, of course. Pick from a myriad of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (like soft drinks and juices). We went with a Timbre classic mojito (RM26), which is green beauty that looks as stunning as it tastes. And a lychee mojito (RM26) because that's Matt's absolute favourite

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Desserts, One Utama

When I was living in Singapore, I often frequented Hong Kong food places - they were simply everywhere and had pretty great food at affordable prices. Hong Kong Sheng Kee Desserts is a chain from Singapore, a little piece of my second home had come to my first. And the name of the shop is a bit misleading. You'll be getting far more than desserts at this restaurant. In fact, you'll be treated to dimsum breakfast dishes, typical Chinese lunch fare like noodles and rice as well as the promised desserts. We started off with a pretty awesome dimsum dish with a twist - a snowy char siu bun (RM6.90). It's best eaten hot and fresh from the over. The powdery milk coat over the soft bun makes it the

Tsubohachi Snow Crab Seasonal Menu, Publika

On my first visit to Tsubohachi, we were fed a lot of the dishes from their grand menu - something that is already spectacular on its own. There's truly something for everyone on that menu. But when they introduced this seasonal snow crab menu, I knew it would be the stuff dreams are made of. Firstly, I'm not a huge seafood eater. But I do eat prawns and crabs and my main gripe about crab is that it takes forever to get the meat out of the shell. And for some reason, I always get cut while eating crabs. But snow crabs are so soft and the meat is so tender and easy to pry out of the shell. My tastebuds are now spoilt by the magic of snow crabs from Hokkaido. We started off with a refreshing s

Bali & Spice, Da Men Mall USJ

Matt calls this the hipster version of Ole Ole Bali because of all the indie songs playing over the radio and my sheer excitement at recognising all the songs. But I beg to differ. I thought Bali & Spice was a really classy joint with great Balinese cuisine. It was our first visit to Da:Men mall and we were both pleasantly surprised to see how modern and upscale the mall is, considering the upcoming neighbourhood. This is the pisang bakar (RM13) - warm, grilled caramelised bananas served with icy cold vanilla ice cream, sweet candied coconut shavings and peanut toppings. There were no peanuts in our dish because I am allergic, but it worked well without the peanuts. The bananas were not too

Kirin Ichiban x Torii Malaysia, TTDI

Torii is Malaysia's answer to a classy watering hole and access to some of the best yakitori in town. I've tried Torii but only once and at the Batai branch. I was not very impressed by the service there, so when I was offered the opportunity to try Torii in TTDI, I knew I had to give the place a second chance. I am so glad I did because it totally turned my opinion of the brand around. Perhaps it was because when I tried Batai, it was still so new and they were trying to get their footing but I always believe that the maiden branch of a food establishment will always be better. It was my first time trying Kirin beer, since I am not a huge beer drinker. I was pleasantly surprised to find tha