INTI - A Global Culinary Experience

When it comes to food and food reviews, it is important for a foodie like me to get to know the food that I'm eating, to understand its history and to hear the chef's story. There's nothing better than hearing the passion of an artist ring true through his work and chefs are definitely artists in the kitchen. So when INTI's culinary school invited FVSW to watch their executive chef, chef Eliezer Lopez from Mexico, go head to head with a visiting guest chef Christopher Koetke from USA, I was excited to see what our local schools are teaching our future chefs. Both chefs demonstrated highly skilled cooking through dishes chosen from each of their locales. They also demonstrate patience and pas


Jia Yuan, previously of a different establishment has broken away to do his own thing in Jaya One. The Melbourne-trained chef opened a cosy nook in Jaya One and has decided to call it Fest. The interior is very basic and comfortable with just a hint of a hipster vibe. Look at all the desserts I cannot have ~~~~ Since we dropped by for an early dinner, we decided against coffee but instead went for less caffeinated drinks like locally made Tapping Tapir sodas. The food menu is currently limited to only a handful of dishes due to the fact that Fest does not have a proper kitchen. They serve both savoury and sweet waffles that are great for lunch or tea but a tad too light for dinner fare. But

Healthy Juices at Juice Works

Ever since I started working out again and watching my intake, I have been on the hunt for healthy alternatives to all of my usual snacks and midday treats. With the recent scorching heat and fast-changing weather, my immune system has also been hit. And since I am not the type to binge on vitamins, I prefer taking my vitamins through food and drink. Also since I am not a huge vegetable and fruit eater, I tend to lean towards ordering juices when I am out to replace my usual sweet drinks like milkshakes or iced lemon tea. Juices come with all the nutrients that I need without much effort on my part to consume them. So when I found out that Juice Works will be introducing brand new healthy ve

Croutons by Gourmet Seductions, Seri Kembangan

While I normally try not to venture beyond the comfort zone of the larger Damansara area, I made an exception for Croutons. It was so worth it. The cafe itself is really modern with a clean interior and quirky decorative pieces scattered throughout. It gives off a casual vibe but it's still chic enough that its somewhat sophisticated menu will not be out of place. We started off our tasting session with a couple of soups - potato & leek (RM9.90) and wild mushrooms (RM11.90), and a Caesar salad (RM15.90). As for drinks, we ordered a vanilla milkshake as well as a honey lemon tea. No points for guessing which drink is mine. Then chef prepared specials for us - which differ from day to day. Tod

Charlie's Cafe, Taman Desa

Good food for a good cause - that is what all food and beverage establishments in Malaysia should strive for. And that is exactly what Charlie's Cafe brings to the industry here. Patrons of the cafe can pay RM5 for a receipt to be stuck on the cafe's pay-it-forward wall. Anyone can walk in and peel off a receipt to redeem a meal. The person redeeming the meal can then choose from Charlie's Cafe's menu of noodle or rice dishes. They also get a choice of drink from milo, coffee or tea. This initiative started in July 2015 and has received overwhelming response since. The pay-it-forward wall at Charlie's Cafe now has what looks to be about 1000 receipts. This pay-it-forward system has never bee

Donkey & Crow Irish Pub, TREC KL

What's an entertainment centre without some form of an English pub, right? Donkey & Crow is exactly what TREC KL needs to fill this niche. I've personally never been to Ireland, but I have visited England and Scotland. Having stepped into a few pubs myself in the UK, it's quite typical to find the usual chicken tikka masala (because Indian food is what you must eat when you're drinking), fish and chips (because it's a staple food for the English) and finger food. Donkey & Crow have that on their expansive menu but they have also incorporated a lot of Ireland into the menu, which is impressive considering the crowd here will mostly come in for the drinks and food is secondary on their priorit

Non Entrèe Desserts by Wongtohgoh, Singapore

I'm a firm believer that location of a food place is irrelevant to its success. Having great, outstanding food and a unique selling point is the key to achieving that golden balance in the F&B industry. People like to try food that is different, food that cannot be found elsewhere. They would be willing to travel to far and unknown places just to satisfy their curiosity. It is clear that Non Entrèe manages to pique the public's interest and inspire many to travel to a little street near Farrer Park in Singapore just to sample their distinctive desserts. The facade is a bright yellow welcome to passers-by, with repainted vintage rattan chairs and a small coffee table to match. It's a great ch