2OX, Jalan Doraisamy

Two Ox or 2OX is a gorgeous French bistro along the newly revamped Jalan Doraisamy. If not for our scorching hot weather, you'd feel as though you've been transported to a different country and city altogether when walking along the sidewalk of Jalan Doraisamy. 2OX, opened by the same mastermind behind Maison Francaise, offers beautiful brunch menus inspired by the different regions in France. The brunch menu changes from week to week with a total rotation of 8 regions out of France's 26 regions. But French chef Theirry promises to keep things fresh and exciting by introducing various dishes from the selected regions each week. Over last weekend, I tried a carefully crafted selection of dish

Plan B's Kitchen Takeover

I think every restaurant/cafe should take a leaf out of Benjamin Yong's book and follow suit in changing up their menus from time to time to keep things fresh. Plan b's kitchen takeover is just the thing to keep The Big Group's regulars coming back for more. In the first of its kind, TBG is introducing a menu that will last the whole of March til mid April to challenge its patrons' palates. This was the tasting menu we were treated to during the media review night. Dishes are unlike any you'd have seen elsewhere. Hats off to the talented chefs at The Big Group for successfully crafting this attention-grabbing menu. I am also in full admiration for Plan B Bangsar Village's team of staff who w

Goodness Greens by La Juiceria, Taman Tun Dr Ismail

When people talk about eating clean and healthy, it doesn't mean the food has to be all green and boring. Goodness Green is a living testament that eating clean can be fun and non-repetitive. In this gorgeous cafe, you build your own salad bowls with a really wide selection of ingredients and sometimes it can be quite overwhelming to pick which you want in your salad because they all look so good! The shop is strategically located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail and for its price point, it is still on the affordable side of things. Choose to make a petite salad for only RM14.90 or a medium sized salad for RM18.90 and a grand sized salad for RM23.90. The difference is in how many toppings you get to c

A Mamak To Rival Malaysia's

Sitting pretty at the corner of Springleaf Road in Singapore is a mamak called Springleaf Prata Place. Patrons have flocked to this corner lot since a post on the prata burger went viral. So I decided to head down to my birth city for a good adventure and this was the first stop. Here, creations whipped up by the ingenious cooks include dishes like eggs benedict prata, also known as the prata blaster (S$5). While I didn't have the opportunity to try that particular concoction, I did however, manage to get into my belly the murtaburger and the umami 50. The umami 50 is a perfect combination of prata, chicken luncheon meat (because halal lah!), chicken floss, cheese and Japanese mayonnaise. It

Foo Foo Fine Desserts, Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Nestled on the second floor along the busy street of Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi is Foo Foo Fine Desserts. It is the perfect place to catch a brief respite from the rush of things, especially when you’ve had a tough week and all you want to do is unwind with a gastronomic experience. Dessert lovers will find refuge easily in the newly opened establishment. It is open from 3pm on weekdays and 2pm on weekends, making it the go-to place after a hearty Sunday brunch. Sit by the window to people (and car) watch while you enjoy beautifully plated desserts otherwise only found in fancy restaurants. Pick from the wide range of desserts that include classics like the bombe Alaska (RM25) and profiteroles

14 Steak Places in KL to try this March 14th

March 14th is coming again! May all the guys in the world rejoice. Exactly a month after Valentine's Day, after these men have spent copious amounts of money to please their ever-demanding girlfriends, it is now time for them to be pampered, so to speak. So, here are 9 places I would recommend you ladies to bring your man friends to this March 14th: Prime at Le Meridien Steaks here will set you back north of RM200 per cut, but today's not a day to scrimp on your man. Today is his day and after that little blue Tiffany box that was probably delivered to you with much love (having burnt a month's paycheck), it's time to be generous and go all out for your man. Mandarin Grill at Mandarin Orie

The Forum @ Signature Suites, Sri Hartamas

Looking for a great brunch place to head to on the weekends? Your best bet is to make a trip down to The Forum @ Signature Suites Residences in Sri Hartamas. This bright and airy establishment is the perfect location for a birthday celebration as it is really spacious and also has a mezzanine floor. The founders have a strong background in culinary, having been trained in Melbourne. As such, each dish served here is a gastronomic delight and they've carried over the Australian coffee culture without compromising any quality. Coffee here is great and anyone who has ever lived in Melbourne would agree that it is similar to the brew Down Under. Their big breakfast is a hearty meal fit for a Kin

Brûlée Brasserie, Casa Tropicana

So I've tried Ruyi & Lyn's Nasi Lemak sushi, my friends rave about Nasi Lemak ice cream but Nasi Lemak pizza? That's a new one for me. According to Seng Loh, the founder of Brûlée Brasserie, a cosy little pizza parlour tucked away in a quiet nook of Casa Tropicana, his Nasi Lemak pizza (RM11) is a talking point of most customers. My dining partners and I agreed that it was a rather polarising dish - you would either love it or hate it. Myself? I loved every bite of it. Call me weird, but I enjoyed the sambal base on the sweet thin crust, sprinkled with some unmistakable santan rice, peanuts, cucumber and then melted cheese. The only thing missing from this otherwise 'authentic' dish was the

Ante @ One Utama

Before I go off waxing lyrical about the place, be forewarned that this post might be a tad biased. Ever since Ante opened its doors in 2012, I have seen many variations of its menu and even named it my favorite restaurant of all time. So, when I found out that Ante would be opening its second branch in One Utama, I was jittery with excitement to visit it. Ante's maiden branch in Publika is the type of place you'd bring your date to get them in the mood for romance, while Ante at One Utama is bright, airy and cheerful - perfect for Sunday brunch with the family. When I first entered the shop, the turquoise and wood facade gave me a sense of familiarity and comfort. It highly complemented the

Sangkaya @ Jalan Alor

Sangkaya is Malaysia's answer to Thailand's famous coconut ice cream. The name Sangkaya is inspired by Sang Rida Kaya, the name of the founder’s wife. John Isaac, the founder of Sangkaya, pays tribute to her unique Thai name in his company’s moniker. Sangkaya has recently opened a shoplot at Jalan Alor, off the hustle and bustle of Changkat Bukit Bintang. Party-goers and night owls will be glad to note that this establishment stays open till 2am, satisfying any midnight cravings for the coconut desserts. Coconut milk ice cream is their signature dish and is served in husks sourced from Thailand (from RM3.10 for cone). Their other ice cream flavours include coconut green tea and cha yen (wh