Fresca Mexican Kitchen, The Gardens Mall

Whether you're here to enjoy a drink with friends or indulge in the Tex-Mex cuisine, Fresca's casual setting will welcome you with open arms. No Mexican meal should be without nachos and a sinful cheese dip. The calamari fritos are a must-try if you're a fan of the seafood. Not to mention, the aioli is just heavenly! These prawns taste as fresh as they look and are meant to be eaten in a wrap but they were too good on their own to pass on. Fresca's beef tacos pack a meaty punch and even though they're listed as one of the "small plates", it is quite filling. (We also had lovely beef tenderloin fajitas... Which I forgot to take pics of because they were so good, we just dived into it without

Ruyi & Lyn, Bangsar Shopping Centre

The perfect setting for birthdays and special occasions, Ruyi & Lyn's modern twist on fusion fare is a quick favourite for the Gen-Y crowd looking to impress their friends. It's classy, the food lives up to the high standards that is carried across the Oriental Restaurant Group and of course, it's got the Instagram factor. Guests are treated to pickled radish and tomatoes for starters. The menu lights up like a Kindle e-book reader in the dim setting of Ruyi & Lyn. You walked in past a dark corridor on a red carpet... So I'm sure the dim setting was deliberate and gives an air of mystery to the place. But each table is lit with an individual spotlight to ensure no plate is left unphotographe

Raisin' the Roof, Bukit Damansara

Vegetarian or vegan food is always off-putting to huge carnivorous eaters (like a certain co-founder of this website). But personally, I believe if it's done well, any cuisine can taste good. And Raisin' the Roof's tag line: "making nutritious delicious", cannot be more accurate. They take the simplest and freshest ingredients and turn it into a delicious combination, perfect for a healthy lunch. They've also got plenty of healthy take away snacks. My first experience with Raisin' The Roof was taking away a lunch set for a vegan friend. Such lovely presentation. And the food was very fresh. We later on tried the same dish in the restaurant. Look at all those beautiful colours. The pistachio

The Owls Cafe, Bukit Jalil

Now, I normally don't drive such a long distance just to have coffee and waffles but I've heard rave reviews about the place and I was delivering some goods over to the area anywayyyy so I decided to drop in to The Owls Cafe to give it a try. I am a super huge fan of owls, so naturally this place called out to me and I loved all the decor from the wall murals to the little owl paraphernalia scattered around the shop. WHAT?! How cute is this amiright?! I swear I would have this painted in my house if I could. THAT FAT ONE ON THE LEFT. IT'S SO FLOOFIE I COULD DIE. Okay but onto the real stuff, The Owls Cafe has a great selection of cakes available and they've got pretty unique flavours as you

5 Absolute Travel Essentials for a Foodie

So I'm about to head off to Bangkok and though it's just a two hour flight away from Kuala Lumpur, I've learnt enough from my flights to Barcelona, New York and London to know what I need for my travels to have the ultimate foodie experience. 1. A 3 metre long charging cable for my iPhone This will set you back a good RM109 if you get it from an Apple retailer in Malaysia but it's worth every cent. Don't worry about looking for a spot near the charging points. You can be standing up to 3 metres away charging your devices with this baby. What's more important than keeping your phone and iPad charged to take great foodie pics with, right? 2. Sign up for a Premier Miles card Access to the premi