Tsubohachi Izakaya @ Publika

Izakayas aren't really new to the Malaysian market but few really appreciate them. Japanese Izakaya culture is an entertainment form where people head to one of these watering holes to enjoy a drink (or two or three) after work with friends and colleagues. Food is not really prominent in the menu, which is primarily made up of alcoholic drinks. At Izakayas, you'll find such a wide array of sakes and other alcoholic beverages that you might be overwhelmed with the choices. But a simple recommendation from the waitstaff will be sure to get you started on your Izakaya experience. When Tsubohachi in Publika opened up, a few friends and I made a trip there to give it a try. Its interior is so cla

Rocku, One Utama

Merry Christmas, Foodies! What's everyone having for Christmas brunch? I went all out and decided to try Rocku's second branch in Malaysia - in One Utama. A scrumptious meat buffet (omg yes pls!) for the whole family with live music accompanying the meal. Fellowship with friends is more fun when you're cooking! And the best part is that this particular chain of Japanese BBQ buffet won't leave you smelling like you've just spent the whole day in a kitchen. The technology behind the grill ensures that you'll never have a smoky smell post-meal. The vacuum is quick to suck up the smoke so it never even leaves the grill. You order from a little sheet and the fresh meats and seafood will be brough

DahMakan.com Food Delivery Service

I've never quite liked food delivery services... I think it had something to do with getting catered food delivered every night when I was a kid living in Singapore. The dishes repeated itself over and over agin and it had that same generic taste. And even then I was already quite the fussy foodie, knowing what I liked and what I didn't. What I liked was mom's home cooked meals on Sundays and what I didn't came in tiffin carriers on the weekdays. So it has been a while since I actually considered using food delivery services that isn't fast food. But when I saw DahMakan.com's website and menu choices, I knew I had to give it a try. I mean, chestnut stuffed chicken?! I couldn't pass up on tha

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 2015 Christmas Menu

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Especially with Chef Johnny Loh's Christmas journey of joy making its way onto the menu at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Malaysia. The holiday classic drinks are back and better than ever! I loved the red velvet hot cocoa. ❤️ The dessert table at the tasting session showcased classic European Christmas desserts like the Yule log. Chef Johnny even gave us a presentation on how to make gingerbread cookies. Remember, guys, it's all in the batter. ;) We got to decorate our own gingerbread men. Here's the one I made of Matt. Thanks, CBTL for inviting us to your Christmas menu tasting. Don't forget to place your orders 3 days in advance to enjoy the scr