Closer Kitchen & Espresso Bar, Mutiara Damansara

Firstly, a few awesome things about this place to note - free parking, great ambience & natural lighting and the food is pretty good. It is located at Menara TSR, just next to Proton in Mutiara Damansara (near Tesco). The interior has got a very industrial chic vibe. For those working nearby, they have lunch specials! We had a Truly, Madly, Deeply, Broccoli salad (RM16), which was sinfully yummy for a salad! The chicken chop (RM20) was good too. Some fries (RM8) to complement the meal. I had a grill chicken pesto (RM26) which wasn't overpowering and the poached egg was a nice touch. A definite favourite for the day was the chai latte (RM13). And dessert was recommended by the person taking o

Slappy Cakes, Publika

It's apparently the perfect opportunity for women and men alike to make phallic-shaped pancakes in public without being judged. As I walked into the cafe/diner like establishment, I saw at least 3 people attempting to draw foot long schlongs. Ironically, the appeal of the pancake art place is targeted towards kids. It's a family-friendly place that encourages creativity amongst children. Each table has its own grill and you can order the flavours of pancake batter as you wish off their menu. Matt started off easy with a messy pancake. He was probably going for abstract in this masterpiece. #SlappyCakes #Publika #pancakes #DIYpancakes #KualaLumpur

Cielo Dolci by Whimsical Gelateria, Publika

It isn't my first time seeing this place, obviously. But it's always been so crowded that I never bothered coming until this Deepavali. I've walked past and tried a number of flavours before but my favourite is their matcha Earl Grey. They managed to capture the Earl Grey essence so well in the flavouring. It is also one of the creamier gelatos that I've tried in Malaysia. They also have a really cute interior, making it an easy favourite for them Instagrammers. Since it was tea time and just the two of us, we decided to give their waffles (RM18.50) a try. I wanted a scoop of Matcha Earl Grey and Matt went with the Coconut Gula Melaka. The waffle batter had a very buttery taste. The waffles

Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe, Sunway Pyramid

It is a dream of mine to visit every single Hello Kitty cafe in the world. So when this one opened up right in my city, I knew I had to drop by to try it one day. I waited till the hype died down to try it out (also because I was traveling when it opened). Honestly, with this kind of exterior, I expected it to be an overkill of pink and Hello Kitty everything inside. But surprisingly, it was done so tastefully and I would label this very classy or chic rather than tacky. I definitely prefer the interior over the one I visited in Taipei or Bangkok. Even the music playing was quite soothing and not the same annoying Hello Kitty song being played over and over again. It seems like whoever set u

The Han Room, The Gardens Mall

In conjunction with the Gastro Go campaign happening at The Gardens Mall right now, The Han Room's Chef Justin Hor served up a storm at a private luncheon for media. The Han Room was previously located on the Ground Floor of The Gardens Mall but it has recently relocated to the Third Floor. I loved the interior. Very classy but still staying true to its oriental roots. I got my own placard! The Gastro Go campaign dining notes, happening from now till 15th Nov. Our menu for the day. This wasn't on the menu but it was some iced lettuce leaves from Hokkaido cooked in a citrusy sauce. This cute little "mushroom" is actually a bao. The chef sprinkled some cocoa powder on top of it to give it a mu

The Tiger Bites Malaysia Street Food Festival

I had a great time at the Tiger Bites Street Food Festival yesterday with the bestie. She was so nice to invite me. We took an Uber to Avenue K just after 6, just in time to catch the sunset and a gorgeous double rainbow. The set up was very old school chic. They gave us coupons for beer cocktails and free beer or Radler. It felt as though we were in an outdoor food court. We managed to get quite a good variety of food to our tables and into our stomachs before the rain started. The stalls commanded long lines but the chefs at work expertly served up our meals so we didn't have to wait too long. We were even serenaded at each of our tables by local singer Jenn. The queue for this was insane

MyBurgerLab's Burger Addict Party

If you were one of the lucky 50 who managed to snag a ticket online for this exclusive Burger Addict Party, then you would have made your way down to Seapark on a Saturday morning, armed with an empty stomach and the enthusiasm to dig into their famous charcoal burgers! We got there at 11:30AM and the staff members were already hustling to prepare the burgers. MyBurgerLab has revamped their menu (which used to be hand-written on chalkboards on the wall) into this clean and chic menu design hanging above the kitchen window. Their "note" wall seems to have grown substantially too. So the Burger Addict Party had a pretty cool ordering system. Once we were seated, one of the Geeks explained to u

Haru, Damansara Heights

I wanted to try Stoked, a new restaurant that opened up in Medan Damansara. But they were closed for a private function and told me to call before coming next time. I wasn't too bothered by that because Medan Damansara is just such a wonderful oasis of food in the midst of Damansara Heights. I've never actually seen Haru before, probably because it is located upstairs (from La Risata). The restaurant comes with two private rooms for special occasions. It is a very classy setup inside and since there were few patrons that evening, it was a very peaceful dinner. We started off with a California maki. I must say, I don't eat roe very often but this is the freshest roe I have ever tasted. I orde