A Malaysian Foodie's Guide to Taiwan

Taiwan is well-known for its night markets and iconic street food. After spending 12 full days on the island, I can totally understand why foodies would go crazy here. I told myself I wouldn't eat a lot - that was a massive lie. Here are all of the night markets I visited in Taiwan and what I ate: 1. Qidu Night Market This night market is just a small road with about 20 stalls. It's located in Qidu District, around Keelung area in Taipei. If you're planning on visiting Jiufen, Keelung and surrounding areas, Qidu is a good central spot to stay in. It's about a 5-minute walk away from the Qidu Train Station. Since nightfall is around 5:30pm during the later months of the year, the night market

Calories, Desa Sri Hartamas

On a very hazy Saturday afternoon, we decided to hit up Calories in Desa Sri Hartamas to pile on the calories for brunch. I love the design of the place. It's so clean and yet colourful. They even have a boutique upstairs catering to the Muslimah fashionistas. We started off the meal with a milo dinosaur (RM7). And a hot hazelnut latte (RM12) - which were both run off the mill. I had an eggs benedict with beef bacon (RM18). Matt had the waffle sandwich (RM15) - beef bacon, cheese and rocket. We also ordered a side of calamari rings (RM15) to share. The food is great and affordable, with all dishes priced below RM20. And definitely worth the calories! #Calories #DesaSriHartamas #brunch #Musl

5 Reasons to Have a Pizza Party!

So, the end of the year is coming. Really, that summer bod is no longer relevant. The end of the year is rolling around and I know, we don't have winter in Malaysia, but it's okay if we gain a little holiday weight... Right? Little mousey-poo says: YES. She's got the right idea about year-end noms. So anyway, just for fun (and that year-end giving spirit), I've decided to compile 5 reasons why you should have a pizza party and not give a toot about weight gain this quarter. (We can diet next year, amiright?) Reason #1 - Halloween If you're going to dress up and get your freak on, you might as well do it with a bunch of your closest friends that you can goof off with. Throw a bunch of foodie

Must-Visit Cafes When In Melaka

I took a short day-trip to Melaka just over lunch and tea time. By the time I had scarfed down my chicken rice balls, I was a little too full to go cafe-hopping, but I tried anyway. I only stuck around the Jonker Walk area but managed to find two absolute gems. The first is Backlane Coffee. Tucked behind a few retail shops in a newly-renovated building on one end of Jonker Street was this little hipster cafe. Backlane Coffee Trust that all your photos will come out beautifully when the whole place is lit with natural lighting. We ordered a really cute owl shaped coffee cube - a specialty at this cafe. Douse with as much milk as you please and it's ready for consumption. They make lovely maca

Thai Cup, Publika

When I was still living in Singapore, I always enjoyed heading down to Little Thailand (or better known as Golden Mile Complex) to have authentic Thai food cooked by Thai people. But when I moved back to Kuala Lumpur, I frequented many chains and grew tired of the same altered recipes. Recently, however, upon a good friend's recommendation, I found myself at Thai Cup in Publika. The staff were Thai, the food tasted pretty close to the real thing and the prices were reasonable. It's got a really cool interior but remains true to its Thai roots with little trinkets from the homeland. Like this little sign for example... I truly enjoyed their pineapple fried rice. The portion is a little large

Epic Fit Meals, Damansara Perdana

This is the place to go if you're looking for a healthy meal. The staff are friendly and the food does the trick for when you're trying to be healthy. They even have their own cold pressed juices for you to enjoy. I had the Beefy Buffy wrap. It was a little odd to have rice in my wrap, but it served as a heartier meal overall. If that isn't enough to fill you up, add on an epic side of mashed sweet potatoes. If you're going to carb-load, it might as well be clean carbs. Or if you really have to, top it off with some wedges and baked fish. All their meals are affordable and generally below the RM20 mark. Epic Fit Meals does delivery in selected areas too. Epic Fit Meals Co E105, Block E, Ea

The Spicy Korean Noodle Challenge

So my crazy little sister came home one day raving about this Korean noodle challenge and how she and a colleague tried it and spent their entire lunch hour crying. I was like, what kind of instant noodle can even be *that* spicy?! So I told her to bring some home and I would try it. I mean, I can take pretty spicy food. I deal with banana leaf rice & curry, habaneros, Thai food with plenty of chili and spices, this shouldn't have been that big a problem. (I have friends delivering their second child and here I am trying to burn a hole in my intestines) It is RM20 for 5 packets. For those who aren't really great with math, that's RM4 for one bowl of noodles that will probably not be worth yo

S.Wine @ Tropicana City Mall

Swine at Tropicana City Mall boasts a classy interior and exterior alike. The interior is adorned with kitschy furniture and leafy trees to give it a very outdoorsy feel. The natural sunlight floods the restaurant, adding to the ambience. A pink wall of porkiness is a tasteful addition to the already beautiful restaurant. The menu is delightful fused between Western and Asian with a tendency towards Thai-inspired dishes. A motto to live by: We started off with a couple of standard drinks - 3 layer tea and elderflower soda water. Iced 3 layer tea (RM10); elderflower soda (RM10) We were then served Mr Crackles - a "piggy bag" full of sinfully fried pork skin. Not an everyday indulgence. We wer

Fifth Palate, Kota Damansara

I love trying new brunch places, especially if the menu deviates from the usual brunch stuff like big breakfasts, poached eggs and pancakes. I heard about Fifth Palate through a friend and really wanted to try it. But the first time I tried heading over, they were closed. Thankfully, when I decided to go again on a Friday afternoon, they were open and it wasn't too crowded yet. One of the things I was most excited about trying was their homemade wheatgrass yogurt. I often look forward to Moo Cow's wheatgrass flavour of the season, but it comes far and few between. So now, I can have wheatgrass yogurt whenever I want! Of course, they have traditional drinks to start off with like a latte, whi

A Malaysian Foodie's Guide to London

London, baby!!! I was excited to go back to London after two years since my maiden visit there. Of course, the currency had dipped to 5.8 to the pound. That's no where as bad as it is now but I was worried about what I could afford to eat there for two weeks. This foodie guide is in no way a budget guide. I splurged on food and didn't shop much. One must make sacrifices in the name of good food! Borough Market So, my first stop was Borough Market. I had heard great things about this place. Everyone who knew I was visiting London insisted that I make at least one trip to Borough Market to try their fresh offerings. The duck confit wrap (£4.50) came highly recommended by friends and was easily