myBurgerLab x

Merdeka is just around the corner, so let the festivities begin! MyBurgerLab has concocted a trio of mini burgers just for the occasion. Aren't they just adorable? They've named it Burger Cina, Burger Melayu and Burger India. Now, before you go on a rant about racism, note that they ask us if we can taste the difference. After tasting all 3 burgers, the burgers TASTE THE SAME! For those who don't get it, there is no difference between Melayu, Cina or India. We are all Malaysians and we should be proud of that! So kudos to MyBurgerLab for coming up with this great campaign to remind us all this coming long weekend that not only do we ALL get one extra day off, we ALL are Malaysians and we sho

Amity Cafe, Desa Sri Hartamas

Amity [am-i-tee] Noun Friendship; a peaceful harmony. It is that friendship and peaceful harmony that brought six friends to come together and create Amity. Barely two weeks old, this establishment is fast becoming one of my favourite hang out spots. It is nestled in the still-quiet area of Galeria (by Glomac) Hartamas, just next to the police station. The lot used to be inhabited by Bad by Wood and Steel, for those who are familiar with it. But as you can see, Amity has revamped the look and turned it into a bright and vibrant space. It's also got a really cool cereal bar! Probably the first of its kind in Malaysia (outside hotels). Pick from Cheerios, Fitnesse, Choco Chex, Honey Stars and

Made-in Kefir (MiK), Ben's Independent Grocer

Well, if you're an avid foodie like I am, I'm sure you've experienced indigestion (probably from overeating) at some point. Ever since I found out about kombucha (fermented tea), my indigestion woes have been solved. But sometimes kombucha can get a bit too much for my tastebuds. It can get a little sharp at the back of my throat (if overbrewed or if the flavour disagrees with my tastebuds). Enter kefir. Specifically Made-in Kefir, Mabel Cheah and Wan Chuin's brainchild. It is packed with a tasty punch (dense with natural flavours) and works even more effectively than any kombucha I've bought off shelves. What more, Mabel's MiK kefir blends come in creative options like strawberry & juniper,

Chequers, TTDI x

I'm a little late to the game, but I've been subscribing to for a while now. Just saw their app recently and got myself a coupon for Chequers at TTDI. I managed to snag a 25% off deal just by sharing a post on Facebook and Twitter. I started off with a chocolate mint milkshake (RM13.90). Very milky, generous portion, simple presentation. Though their specialty is waffles, I wasn't in the mood for that. But had to try their waffle fries (because I have a weakness for fries). Since I was, however, in the mood for pasta (I am always in the mood for pasta), I tried out the carbonara and have to admit it was decent enough that I would order it again the next time I pay a visit to Cheq