Proof, Signature Suites, Sri Hartamas

This Aussie inspired rooftop cafe is Proof that great things happen when you have passionate chefs running a kitchen. Not only is the cafe brightly lit from natural sunlight, it is also very well-decorated with little pieces like this coffee brewing contraption above strewn around the cafe. Beans are sourced from Australia to give that authentic Melbourne cafe taste. Jia Yuan, one of the partners and chefs of the place, explains that Malaysians tend to like their coffee very "kao". But the type of coffee that is served in Australia is perfect with some milk and little to no sugar as it spoils the taste of the coffee. Good coffee, he says, is balanced. Their iced latte is a reasonable RM10. N

Review: Ante (new brunch menu)

When people ask me which restaurant I like to frequent the most I tend to reply, "Ante". Since its opening three years ago, Ante has changed its menu many times and each time, for the better. And as someone who has seen the menu grow into what it is today, I can only applaud the genius behind the increasingly creative menu. Though most of its dishes now differ from the maiden menu, they have kept the best sellers like the carbonara (but still continuously improving the dish itself). This is what I call true dedication and passion and I believe this is what makes the establishment so successful. Onto the review... We started off brunch with a very appetising pumpkin soup, which can be very co

Review: Aether Cafe, TTDI

Ever since I started my fitness journey, I've been searching for healthier options for dining out. So glad I stumbled across Aether Cafe, which is meat-free. Not only do they have great tea flavours like blueberry rooibos (RM10), they also have amazing Thai iced tea (RM12). While they serve great homemade sandwiches like the egg & potato (RM13.90) or spinach & cheese (RM12.90), the portion is a little small. They also serve pastas but they weren't available when I visited the cafe. But if you like waffles and cake, this cafe is the place to go. I loved the red velvet waffles with banana and vanilla ice cream topped with crushed pistachios. The Nutella crepe cake was not too sweet but just n

Must-visit cafes when you're in Kota Kinabalu

Recently visited KK for the first time and found some absolute foodie gems! Biru Biru Cafe It isn't hard to fall instantly in love with this place. It is unpretentious, has just the right mix of vintage authenticity and the people are incredibly friendly (much like the whole of East Malaysia!). It has all the trappings of a hipster cafe but you will likely see more backpackers here than hipsters as it is also part of a backpackers' hostel. Expect world class coffee and fresh, homemade coolers for prices starting at RM6.90 (can I just move to KK please!). The menu may seem western at first glance but read the descriptions and you'll find a blend of Asian ingredients. This beef taco (RM16.90)

Review: Cubs & Cups, Desa Sri Hartamas

Heard about this place on my friend's social media pages quite a bit but only decided to drop in over lunch recently. So glad I did. Nothing makes me happier than good food and cute little puppies!! There are many pet friendly places in town but this is the only one where I've actually seen pets get the priority. Hehe. They serve great pastas and pizzas from RM20 onwards. The pesto was a little bland for my liking but with a bit of salt and pepper, it brought out more taste. But the pizza (topped with bacon and pepperoni) is a meat lover's dream. A must-have at the cafe is their waffles. A little pricey at over RM20, one may be hesitant to order it, but it is very much worth it. #CubsCups #D

Review: Crack Pork, Kota Damansara

If you know me personally, you'll know I get super excited every time I find a good pork place in Malaysia. Crack Pork has been around for a while now but the traffic at Kota Damansara was a hindrance for me to head over there. But I am glad I braved through the jam and had lunch there. I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves... Siu yuk sandwich (RM13), porchetta (100g - RM13) and steamed pork buns (RM12). Coffee (RM10). Crack Pork by Garam Haram 59G, Jalan PJU 5/21, The Strand, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya. #CrackPork #TheStrand #KotaDamansara #GaramHaram #porkchetta

Review: Wicked Pancake Parlour, Bukit Damansara

I love pancakes. There's just something about these fluffy, airy pounds of flour that excites my tastebuds. Been meaning to try Wicked Pancake Parlour for a while now but I've been putting it off to accommodate my "diet". So I decided to actually roll out of bed on a Sunday afternoon to try this Oz-themed pancake parlour. (I wish they would play the Wicked soundtrack, that would be awesome!) "We are led by those who help us most to grow..." From the Wicked soundtrack. Grow fat, in this case. Teehee. They also serve great floats! Check out my Happy Go Lucky (RM15) float which was a slightly gassy rendition of the traditional sirap bandung. Otherwise, opt for a conventional Classic Root Beer F