Huckleberry, Bukit Damansara

It is not often that I can claim I've found a gem in food places. But after a hearty, healthy meal at Huckleberry tonight, I can indeed declare that I have found a rare gem of a place in this newly opened bakery/cafe. Not only is everything either homemade or artisanal or organic and fresh, it is also reasonably affordable considering its location. Tucked away in a corner of Bukit Damansara (near Mollydookers) is what I anticipate to be KL's next (die die) must-visit cafes. You can be sure that you will feel warm and welcome in this ambitious establishment. They even have an Instagram worthy table! Whether you're dining in pairs or groups or even solo, Huckleberry has strategic placements of

Review: Kamikaze Ramen, One Mont Kiara

I love ramen and trying new ramen places always gets me excited. So, when I saw this ramen place on the way to Sushi Zanmai in 1MK, I decided to try it. I love chicken karaage! And gyoza!! The broth was porky and the portions generous for the price (north of RM22). I like spicy broths and this is just nice! Not too spicy and still tasty... Two thumbs up. But the noodles can be a bit hard. Otherwise, everything else gets my stamp of approval. Definitely affordable. However, I still prefer Ippudo's ramen. Kamikaze, 1st Floor, One Mont Kiara #Kamikaze #OneMontKiara #ramen #porkbroth

Review: Nepalese-Himalayan Restaurant, Plaza Damas

I have never tried Nepalese food before but after having lunch at the Nepalese-Himalayan restaurant in Plaza Damas, I questioned why I took so long to try it. These cute little dumplings, served with Nepalese chilli sauce and pumpkin paste was really great and came in both vegetarian and chicken options. Look at how appetising the food looks at this restaurant! This pumpkin paste goes so well with plain rice. It has a natural sweet taste with subtle nuances of Indian spices. Check out this potato dish. Everything we ordered was perfect. Especially the fried soy beans below. They gave a great crunch to the meal. But one of my favourite dishes was the pan fried chicken. Though I am not a huge