Review: The Grumpy Cyclist

I am so glad I started this website. It has certainly broadened my horizons when it comes to food (and forced me to go out more to sample new food). So recently I tried The Grumpy Cyclist, a small cafe in TTDI. I think one of the main reasons why I never liked going to TTDI is because of the lack of parking. But I was lucky enough to get one this time. Though it was around lunch time, I didn't really feel like having a heavy meal so I went with apple cinnamon pancakes and Matt had his usual big breakfast (something he orders at most cafes). The pancakes were really fluffy and served in quite a generous portion for RM12. And Matt actually really liked his big breakfast, saying it was not as g

Review: Marvellous Egg Co. (in collaboration with

So, between my full-time job as a financial journalist, running a food page, helping out in a charity organisation and keeping fit, I've got my hands pretty tied. This means I don't always have time to go out and try new food to review. Thankfully, Malaysia has recently been blessed with a service like, which is an errand-running service. They do anything from picking up your dry cleaning to buying your groceries and even sending your car for a wash, if you want. All you have to do is log on to their website and post up a job for a GoGetter to pick up and you can consider your errand done. Today, they delivered egg rolls from Marvellous Egg Co., a small establishment that opened up

Review: The Complete Hammam Experience

Whenever I walk past Hammam, I always get a very Middle Eastern vibe from it. I knew right off the bat it was a Middle Eastern bath of sorts because I was familiar with the word "hammam" from Anita Amirrezvani's book The Blood of Flowers which is set in 17th century Iran and emphasised the luxury of taking a bath back then. I had always felt intimidated by the imposing facade and guessed that prices for the spa would be a tad out of my budget range. Though their normal packages are a bit steep for a young'un such as myself, their recent CNY promotion (happening until March 5) is priced at a reasonable RM260 for two hours of hammam, gommage and a 60 minute massage. I have been known to apprec

Review: Le Bread Days, SS2

Been wanting to try this place for a while now. It really reminds me of The Bread Shop in Bukit Damansara. They have pastries, paninis, croissants and buns. They also serve hot and iced drinks. Just had breakfast here recently and I must say I enjoyed it very much. The ambience is quite homely and peaceful. The waitstaff are very friendly and service is relatively good. Prices are also decent, most things are priced around RM10. I would recommend the paninis that are freshly made with love and care. You can be sure you will have a satisfying meal here. Le Bread Days No 68 Jln SS2/72 (Next to New Paris restaurant behind SS2 Mall) #LeBreadDays #Jalanss272

Review: Porto Romano, Mont Kiara

It's always good to treat yourself to a meal sometimes. Porto Romano is a great place to do that! The portions are sufficient, prices are reasonable (some may say steep, but for the quality and quantity, it's worth every penny) and service is on point. I haven't found many risotto dishes in Malaysia I particularly enjoy but I can say Porto Romano makes a mean beef pastrami risotto. Of course, one must have pasta in an Italian establishment and indeed, pasta is fresh and chock full of taste here. Porto Romano Mont Kiara K-1, Mont Kiara Banyan, 28 Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur #PortoRomano #MontKiaraBanyan #KualaLumpur

Review: Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul

I've always wondered about the spelling of cendol... I always spell it that way - cendol. But perhaps chendul is the more accurate spelling... This small dessert place in the food court of Publika draws in quite a diverse crowd - from locals of all races and foreigners too. Don't be fooled by the name of this place. They serve more than just cendol. They also serve plenty of Penang favourites like Assam laksa, rojak and popiah too! Even their cendol comes with special flavours like white coffee, cempedak and durian. UG Floor Food Court Publika Shopping Centre Solaris Dutamas #PenangRoadFamousTeochewChendul #cendol #chendol #JapaneseinPublika #SolarisDutamas

Review: The Social, Publika

I've heard people call this place "The Social 88". I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I'm pretty sure the two "8"s are in fact, a butterfly... Like "The Social Butterfly". That makes more sense than 88... Either way, I don't have much to say about this place other than the food is rather average (especially because of its exorbitant prices). Most of the food came tasteless but props to the chefs for presentation, I suppose. It was a big group dinner so we tried all the sharing platters, some pasta dishes, some meat dishes and even local dishes. But the overall sentiment is that the food is quite average. I've mostly come to The Social to have drinks, so I think the next time I come back

Review: Blue Cow Cafe, Plaza Damas

This is one of my usual brunch spots with the family and friends. It's one of those places that serve comfort food - pancakes, hand-made sausages, bacon, roast pork belly, milkshakes, pasta, etc. It's affordable and food is consistently good. Even their coffee is pretty good. I would recommend having their handmade sausages - Italian and pork are the best. Blue Cow Cafe N-1-4 Plaza Damas Sri Hartamas #BlueCowCafe #PlazaDamas

Review: Mad About Coco, Publika

This is my second time at the popular desserts place. Chocolate lovers out there, this is your temple! Its interior is so pretty and pink. Definitely a place for girls to indulge in their most chocolatey desires. You can enjoy the hot chocolate here and pick between white, milk or dark and with or without marshmallow. There's also a mint/rose/rum/caramel/lychee/gingerbread/Nutella/banana/coconut hot chocolate options. Or if you're feeling particularly indulgent - a Valrhona hot chocolate option. Otherwise, there's always Mad About Coco's three full pages of dessert options ranging from Churros to Belgian waffles to crepes and even dessert pizzas. Though the desserts were very well prepared a

Review: Uncle Jang, Solaris Mont Kiara

First time trying out this place with the family. It is definitely a place you want to patronise in a big group to enjoy more of their food. Depending on how many people are eating, you can order small to large portions of the Dak Galbi which consist of mostly cabbage, chicken, Korean rice cakes, sweet potato and homemade Dak Galbi sauce. You also order add-ons, or sari, like ramen or mushroom or cheese to go with the Dak Galbi. The guys will come over and cook the Dak Galbi for you but you're also given aprons to wear in case the food flies around. The end result looks like the picture above. Then you eat it with the fresh lettuce leaves that they serve, kimchi and some sautéed onions. Uncl

Review: Hadramawt, The Curve

Hadramawt, pronounced had-rah-moot, serves Yemeni cuisine and is one of the few restaurants that do in Kuala Lumpur. Big meat eaters or big eaters in general will love this place. Like most Middle Eastern restaurants, Hadramawt serves large portions at reasonable prices (mostly less than RM30). Overall, the meats are well-marinated and very tender. The rice is is seasoned to perfection. I love the hummus and other dips as well as the bread that comes with it. I mean, you get a whole huge basket of bread of only RM5! That's what I call value for money. Moreover, I have to say that I prefer the food over here to the Ampang branch. But heads up, service can be quite abrupt and curt. This is som

Review: Cititel Cafe, Midvalley Megamall

This is a promise I am making to myself and the followers on my blog now - it doesn't matter if the food was sponsored or not, I will give an honest review. But disclaimer: food is a very subjective matter and my tastebuds and opinions may not reflect that of the general public's. I recently had my Chinese New Year dinner at Cititel Cafe and it was a buffet spread. There were about 20 or so dishes - mostly Chinese, probably because it is CNY, and beef stew, lamb chops and deep fried breaded chicken. They also offered us teppanyaki beef and chicken as well as prawn mee in the outdoor section. Though much of the buffet did not tickle my fancy, I must admit the dessert spread was quite extensiv

Review: Podgy & The Banker

The popular breakfast haunt has been around for quite a while now and I have visited the cafe a couple of times before. Today, I had a quick breakfast there with my dad. It reminded me that it is a place of simple fare and very friendly waitstaff. I had the poached eggs with spinach and bread while my dad ordered the omelette. Overall, it is an affordable breakfast joint. But be warned that the portions tend to come small, even for Malaysian standards. Podgy & The Banker 2, Jalan Sri Hartamas 8, Sri Hartamas Kuala Lumpur #PodgyTheBanker #brunch #JalanSriHartamas8 #KualaLumpur

Review: Lola's Cafe, Kovan Singapore

This is another popular brunch spot that the best friend brought me to while I was in Singapore. This is another place that serves truffle fries, but they also serve nacho cheese fries! What a treat! They also serve the best honey glazed chicken wings and sausages & mashed potatoes. They also serve chai lattes. This is possibly the best cafe I've found in Singapore to date! 5 Simon Road Kovan Singapore Open 10AM - 11:30PM #LolasCafe #KovanSingapore #trufflefries #Simonroad

Review: The Assembly Ground, Singapore

I recently developed a strong liking for truffle fries but few Malaysian restaurants serve the dish. So, the only time I get to have any is in Singapore. My best friend in Singapore is quite the foodie like I am and he takes me to good food places. One of the recent ones he took me to is The Assembly Ground. We ordered a salad, truffle fries, popcorn chicken, a pizza, beef stew and a couple of cakes (milk tea and citrus). I enjoyed the meal thoroughly but we definitely over-ordered. Will be back again for a visit soon! #01-21 2 Handy Road The Cathay Singapore #TheAssemblyGround #HandyRoad #TheCathay

Review: Porcupine Place, Setiawalk Puchong

When I was first told about this place, the location turned me off. But I decided to make a trip to Puchong one day just to have lunch there and I don't regret it at all. I'm one for trying new non-halal joints just because it is quite difficult to find many around. I am glad this didn't disappoint. We started off with some drinks and pork meatballs. Now, while these dishes may come off very fine-diningesque, it's a very casual restaurant and prices are reasonable. The meatballs were well seasoned and of course, presented with flair. I had the smoked duck pesto. This pesto is the not the traditional kind, the chefs at Porcupine Place have given their rendition an a Asian twist. Matt ordered

Review: Naughty Nuri's

The highly anticipated restaurant from Bali made its way to Hartamas and despite having been open for quite a while now, it still commands a strong crowd. I only recently tried it with a couple of friends so we could order more dishes. We had their signature rack of pork ribs, a non-halal mee goreng, a bacon and mango salad and some bacon and cheese croquettes. The pork ribs were both tasty and tender and worth every cent! The mee goreng, on the other hand, not so much. The bacon and mango salad, ordered off the tapas list was very refreshing and appetising, while the bacon and cheese croquettes seemed to lack both ingredients. Overall I would go back for the well-marinated ribs but probably

Review: Inside Scoop

If it's any of the many artisanal ice cream brands popping up in the Klang Valley you should try, it has to be Inside Scoop at Bangsar/Damansara Jaya. Ranging from Guinness to Bandung to Valrhona chocolate flavours, Inside Scoop offer flavours for any kind of tastebuds. It is also one of the creamiest artisanal ice creams I have tried in Malaysia. The decor of Inside Scoop is also very fun and playful, which makes it a good spot for families. Personally, my favourites are Bandung and Varlrhona chocolate if it is to be eaten alone. The milk chocolate chip and milo flavours go very well with their crispy buttermilk waffles made fresh on the spot. No. 9, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru No. 57, Ja

Travel: Penang, Malaysia

Penang is one of those places on my go-to list whenever I need a brief respite from the routine life. It's beautiful in its natural state, much of its history and culture is preserved and there is plenty of good food available around the island. I can't say I am a big fan of its traffic, but after visiting Jakarta and Bandung, I would take Penang traffic any day. True to my foodie roots, I went on a hunt for the best cafe food I could find in 2 days. I wasn't disappointed. I was very lucky to get to stay at Lone Pine Resort at Batu Ferringhi. It is so serene and the views are absolutely picturesque from the bedrooms. Of course, a must-have in Penang is the famous Char Kuey Teow. Honestly, it

Travel: Ipoh, Malaysia

Sometimes I am required to travel for my full-time job as a writer with a local newspaper. Sometimes I get to write really fun stories like food or travel reviews... Which spurred a full-blown passion for writing such reviews and hence, this website. One assignment required me to hunt down some hipster cafes outside the Klang Valley. This meant a day trip to Ipoh. Ipoh itself is a rather quiet town. It was never really known as a tourist destination as much as it is just a stopover town on the way from Kuala Lumpur to Penang. But recently, to encourage tourism and to give the locals some hipster joints to patronise, a few hipster cafes have opened up. The famous Ben's chain now has a Plan B