A Roman Holiday: of Vespas and over-qualified tour guides

When visiting Rome, you know you are in for a historical adventure as you traverse the Roman ruins. Yes, it gets extremely crowded with tourists, but the Colosseum and the ruins are not to be missed. But skip the unnecessary queues by booking a tour online before your travels. We chose Through Eternity tours as it came highly recommended by friends. We took the in-depth tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. As promised on the website, we skipped all queues and were guided by a professional tour guide who actually has a Masters in archaeology and was part of the excavation crew for some of the sites. Talk about more than we bargained for! I believe our tour guide was what real

Switzerland in 5 days

I recently travelled to Switzerland for a short five-day holiday and experienced the most stunning natural sites. Autumn really is the best time to go. The temperature is cool and the leaves turning is something everyone should see at least once in their lives. I started my trip in Zermatt, moved on to Interlaken, Lucerne and then Zurich. Since I was on a shoestring budget, I stayed mostly at AirBnb sites and walked as much as possible. We got a customised Swiss pass for about RM800 to travel from Milan to Zermatt, around Switzerland, then out into Belgium and finally landing in Amsterdam. Something to note about the Swiss pass when I went in 2014 is that we needed it to be shipped to a phys